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MCN  says:

Poll: Should the UK government introduce compulsory breathalysers?

Law changes in France will soon introduce on-the-spot fines of €11 (£8.90) for motorists found to not be carrying single-use breathalysers. Riders and drivers will be expected to use the tests to make sure that they're under the legal limit. The move has brought outrage in France and derision in the UK, but withadvocates both sides of the Channel hailing it...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (22 October 2012 17:26)

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

The Pleece already have a lot of powers where breath testing is concerned, it's drugged up and tired motorists who cause more problems. Both are more difficult to detect, but not impossible if the gummint have the will to make it happen.

Don't hold your collective breath on that one........

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:

Drugged up

Don't talk about me like that!

Seriously though, I saw a driver enjoying a joint whilst sat at the lights. I wanted to get off and break his face before he broke someone else's.

Who can drive stoned? Okay, who can drive safely whilst stoned. I've never been stoned on weed but I've seen what it does to my friends and you'd not get behind the wheel... there were also bloody passengers in the car!

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Jul 08

Posts: 165

Carlosoul says:

In this...

day and age of human rights what if someone doesnt drink alcohol then it would be discrimination surely, if I remember correctly Sikhs do not have to wear crash helmets due to their beliefs....................ok im clutching at straws but I think im close to something here, hang in there

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Oct 11

Posts: 2787

Piglet2010 says:


I have a breathalyzer, but do not use it if I have not been drinking recently (duh). The really dangerous people are too soused to remember to use one anyhow.

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:


You buy a one shot breathalyser, put it under your seat or in your glovebox and all is right with the world. The law is satisfied, the device maker gets richer and the politician who pushed it through gets a large backhander.

Meanwhile the nutters that drink 6+ pints of lager get behind the wheel and do the same as they have always done.

Nice :(


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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Takes My Breath Away

Yet another rule made by the people who justify their jobs by making up rules.

Implementing the laws we already have properly and making the penalty for drink-driving severe enough to be a deterrent is all it needs. When they have effective policing, prosecution and penalties using the current laws and still find them inadequate, that is the time to consider new legislation.

This is nearly as bad as putting black boxes in vehicles, just in case anyone is tempted to speed. Anyway, what if I'm teetotal? Can I sue the legislators for defamation?

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:

Well a speed camera won't know if you are carrying a breathalyser or not and as theres no police on the roads these days so a problem probably won't arise!!!

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Aug 02

Posts: 79

davetrousers says:

Slight problem

The slight problem with the French law is that you must carry 2 breathalysers.  So when you've had just a few beers the night before, you use one in the morning to check you're OK.  You then go out, a gendarme pulls you over and fines you for only carrying one breathalyser!

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Nov 11

Posts: 202

jimbo8098 says:


It would be handy to have one so you could check you were under the limit (or over as the case may be) but it would lead to the law becoming a target for drinkers. Then the non drinkers like myself would be carrying something around we would never use. I've never touched alcohol in my life so far and I'm 18. Seems silly.

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Apr 07

Posts: 157

AFKAN says:


Golly, if this gets any worse we're all going to need top boxes for all the compulsory shit we'll have to lug around with us all the time...

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