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MCN  says:

Poll: Should the UK government introduce compulsory breathalysers?

Law changes in France will soon introduce on-the-spot fines of €11 (£8.90) for motorists found to not be carrying single-use breathalysers. Riders and drivers will be expected to use the tests to make sure that they're under the legal limit. The move has brought outrage in France and derision in the UK, but withadvocates both sides of the Channel hailing it...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (22 October 2012 17:26)

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Feb 09

Posts: 4758

philehidiot says:


Who don't care who are the problem are not going to mend their ways because of this. People won't use them as it'll mean they have to buy another. What WOULD be useful would be pubs being given a free supply of these or being equipped with a proper breathalyser and just getting the tubes free and the customers being able to check themselves before driving. In most cases it'll be that a family waits another 30mins to and hour whilst daddy's pint wears off but in some cases in an evening it may be a good way to say to someone who has obviously had too much "If you think you're okay to drive, check and make sure". Often they will genuinely believe that they're okay and this could change their minds. Bars having them and places like newsagents selling the little one use things will mean people will pick them up and may make the difference between things like people going out to collect a takeaway or it being delivered. I think certainly having these things around will mean that they'll sell. At the moment what I've found available is set to the Frog's national limit and therefore is of little use to me so I won't buy it. I'll certain buy one or two if they're a couple of quid. Forcing this on people will mean they'll never use it as they'll see it as yet another government enforced cost of motoring. Make them available at a decent price and you'll find people use them. Hopefully that'll mean that the only drink drivers you have to deal with are the really stupid or really drunk ones who genuinely don't care. Not the otherwise completely law abiding man who went to take a cooked dinner round to his elderly mother and didn't realise that one glass of wine put him just over the limit.

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Mar 10

Posts: 118

MudDoctor says:

This is not an attempt

to target bikers, just any road users. There's a degree of paranoia being exhibited by MCN, as usual, but if these devices can stop one drunk driver from driving, then good.

Yes, there are the persistent offenders, who will drink and drive no matter what the law says, but these are really aimed at the person who is responsible enough to ask the question in the first place. "Am I safe to drive?"

It could of course be argued that if you have had any alchohol at all, then play safe and don't drive, but we all know that that is not the case most times. It could also be argued that £5 is a small price to pay to save your licence. Let's not forget that there are moves to reduce the current limit in line with most of Europe, and indeed Scotland are already pushing ahead with this if approved by the Holyrood parliament.

So,  those that thought that one pint was OK for driving might want to reconsider. It well known that there are all  sorts of variables that can affect your blood alchohol levels, such as sex, height, weight, age etc. We are not all the same.

If this can prevent another SMIDSY, then all well and good. The only caveat should be that it's a revenue neutral device, and not profit a friend of the Prime Minister, such as has happened in France. The politician who introduced the legislation in France was a buddy of Sarkozy, and has partial control of one of the only two manufacturers licenced to manufacture the breathalysers.


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Sep 07

Posts: 2821

James600zx says:


The French accident statistics were said to have a significant drink-driving problem. Their limit is also lower than ours which increases the likelihood that drivers could still be over the limit next morning. In that context perhaps this move is understandable and useful in raising awareness over there.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4758

philehidiot says:


They're a bunch of piss heads.

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Sep 09

Posts: 887

Rogerborg says:

Sure, why not.

Let's also make it a no-excuses offence to not have the original of your license, V5C, insurance, reflective stickers on your helmet, reflective vest, spare glasses if you wear contacts, warning triangle, fire extinguisher, ban filtering, ban bikes over 8 years from towns, limit bikes to 100bhp and let Plod impose cash fines on the spot or seize your bike for anything that they accuse you of, without recourse to a judicial process.

If you're looking for ideas for adding new driving offences, please leave France well out of it.

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Jul 11

Posts: 47

DrWorm says:

Spot on!

Rogerborg has this spot on, no more to add.


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Jul 10

Posts: 272

piroflip says:

Who are the................

....................43 idiots here who want a police state?

And before anybody asks, no, I wouldn't be happy if a member of my family was killed by a drunk driver/biker but this is the ever thickening thin end of the loony, PC, wedge.


The safety nutters won't be happy until all of our bikes are fitted with chips that send a signal to the police when we go 1 mph over the speed limit or jump an amber light.


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Sep 10

Posts: 70

RICHARD545 says:

what for?

Does the current system not work? change for changes sake i say !!

Well said Rogerborg, but surely your original birth certificate and proof of mothers maiden name would be beneficial too, no ??

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Jan 04

Posts: 1

shiggsy says:

Bit of a non-starter seeing as the police can arrest you for accessing your car if you are over the limit.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4758

philehidiot says:


I wonder if they can have me for adjusting my chain whilst drunk?

I'm in charge of a vehicle...

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