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Sep 07

Posts: 2821

James600zx says:

'40mph in a 60' numpties.

When is someone going to crack down on the '40mph in a 60' numpties? I think they've been persuaded that they're the safest drivers by the "Speed Kills" lobby but that's nonsense. Their incompetence causes congestion, it frustrates other drivers and encourages desperate overtakes. Of those I've seen lately most still couldn't turn the wheel fast enough to avoid dangerously straddling the centre line, many dab the brakes every time they see an oncoming car, one had no reaction at all when I could see the pheasant a mile off, poor thing, and hills didn't elicit a response so the chain of 30-odd cars behind bunched up even more as the speed reduced further. Then when we drive through built-up areas the familiarity of pavements, schools and driveways seems to reassure them and they keep going when you'd expect them to slow.

I'm all for obeying 30mph limits and I see nothing wrong with 100mph plus on a quiet dual carriageway but something should be done about these dozy drivers. Deputise riders to administer justice, perhaps! What do you think? Any more examples?

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  • Posted 2 years ago (28 October 2012 19:28)

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Jan 04

Posts: 853

fogie says:


Totally agree James. Also beware of the crowd who drive with one indicator permanently flashing...... maybe it was on when they bought the car.... :mad:

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Apr 06

Posts: 2673

parapanfan says:

I agree too.

Those of us who like to 'make progress' on A roads are often criticised for it, but we don't cause other drivers to to travel atany speed they're not comfortable with.

Those dawdling arseholes force their will on the traffic stuck behind them, I've been stuck at 25-30 mph on perfectly clear, but winding, A and B roads where anyone with any level of competence could maintain a steady 60-70 without any dramas.

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Aug 10

Posts: 321

gaz1982 says:

I totally agree

I have it most nights on my way home from work, and mornings for that matter. Totally oblivious to the cars bunched up behind. They just sit at 40 and the only direction they seem to be able to look is forwards. The worst ones are in the mornings. They will sit 10 foot behind a bus for miles. Instead of dropping back to get a better picture of the road. That then leads to the 40 in a 60 situation. Annoys the hell out of me too.

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Aug 11

Posts: 3732

babyrocket says:

and usually

nissan micras driven by the blue rinse mob.fookin scary

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Sep 11

Posts: 1103

entus says:

Some people

need re-educating or, a good slap! I use my bike to go to work but if the weather's rough I tend to be a soft arse and use the car. Last winter there was a woman in front of me whose tactic for dealing with snow was to drive at 10mph under the speed limit of the road she was on. The roads had been gritted, there was a bit of slush but conditions didn't change from a 40 zone to a 30 zone and she still dropped 10mph off her speed. Totally irrational!

Gaz, the tailgaters are the worst. Like you say, they'll sit behind a bus or HGV and when it pulls to the side of the road for whatever reason they follow it. What the F**K is that all about? Knobheads!
We need a good, sturdily mounted machine gun turret mounted to the front (and rear) of our vehicles to sort these pricks out.

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Mar 09

Posts: 8929

jaffa90 says:

speed limit

I agree but the speed limit is the maximum and not minimum,also you can fail a test for not making progress but still legal when passed.:blink::wacko:

My biggest gripe is drivers not driving on the left hand side of the road.

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Apr 08

Posts: 9696

old(ish)git says:

I bet....

they get good m.p.g. though.....

the t****.

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Jan 11

Posts: 267

cairnsie13 says:

Totally agree

I seem to perminently be stuck behind a honda jazz in my car.

 Its not just in 60 zones I seem to be regualarly doing 10-15mph under the speed limit in 30's 40's zones and the people in front drive terribly, not indicating, drifting over the centre line, randomly speeding up and slowing and breaking when a cars coming the otherway where theres enough room to get a bus through. 

But what pisses me off most of all is when you finally get to a duel carragway section to overtake they exceed the speedlimit by 10mph to make it hard for you and the rest of the tailback of traffic to overtake them without speeding quite a bit.

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Jan 08

Posts: 616

Steveyman says:


To a point I agree, it is a pain in the butt.

But mostly disagree for various reasons.

Not all drivers or riders are as confident as others and will drive or ride slower, and the more experinced drivers should not push anyone above their own confidence limits. There could be various reasons for them driving slower than the limits.

But I do admire a 70 old granny that passed her test donkey's years ago when cars were a lot slower and there were fewer cars on the road. And for them to venture out on today's roads, to me they deserve some respect.

You may say, they should be retrained up to todays standards.

For example, I personally am not as competent with computers and the latest mobile phones, a six year old kid could get better use out of them than me, but if a youngster said to me, you should go back to school and learn technology to keep up with the technology I would quite simply tell them to F off !!!

The roads are more to blame than road users, most of the roads we drive on were laid years ago, and simply cannot cope with the current demands. We could do with better roads to cope with todays requirements. I don't like tractors dumping tractors on the road but they can still get away with doing it, horses is another one and so are drivers travelling at 20mph less than the speed limit.

My wife is one of those who drives slower than the speed limits, she isn't the most confident driver but she is a safe driver and has been for over twenty years, but in twenty years time she will no doubt be one of those people you are talking about.

Younger drivers think they are the best drivers in the world, but havent a clue of the experience some of the older drivers have. slower and wiser?


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Aug 02

Posts: 206

currypasty says:

the posted speed limit

be it 30-40-50-60 or 70 is a maximum limit NOT a minimum speed to be aimed for. If someone of whatever age they be feels comfortable doing 40 in a 60 limit then that is fine. they are hurting no one. The idiots who get hot and bothered and feel they need to try and push those slower driver out of the way are the idiots. Think about it.

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