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Sep 07

Posts: 2877

James600zx says:

'40mph in a 60' numpties.

When is someone going to crack down on the '40mph in a 60' numpties? I think they've been persuaded that they're the safest drivers by the "Speed Kills" lobby but that's nonsense. Their incompetence causes congestion, it frustrates other drivers and encourages desperate overtakes. Of those I've seen lately most still couldn't turn the wheel fast enough to avoid dangerously straddling the centre line, many dab the brakes every time they see an oncoming car, one had no reaction at all when I could see the pheasant a mile off, poor thing, and hills didn't elicit a response so the chain of 30-odd cars behind bunched up even more as the speed reduced further. Then when we drive through built-up areas the familiarity of pavements, schools and driveways seems to reassure them and they keep going when you'd expect them to slow.

I'm all for obeying 30mph limits and I see nothing wrong with 100mph plus on a quiet dual carriageway but something should be done about these dozy drivers. Deputise riders to administer justice, perhaps! What do you think? Any more examples?

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  • Posted 3 years ago (28 October 2012 19:28)

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Jul 08

Posts: 4516

ninjachica says:

I agree

With the last couple of posts.

I go everywhere at the speed limit (or above:ph43r: ) but it's not for everyone.  Last year, I drove my dad up to hospital and he had to ask me slow down, even though I was only doing 50 in a 60 as I was scaring him (B road).  I knew he was no longer comfortable at 60, so I thought I had slowed enough for him.

Did that make him a hazzard?  I really don't think so.  He had driven to Germany earlier in the year as per every year, and still covered many miles all over the place, just not at the same speed as he used to.  He was cautious, but not unsafe.

If you are stuck behind someone travelling slower than you want to go, it is only for a short time, in the scale of things.

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:

micras et al

My instructor told me if you see a micra with a trilby in it, overtake

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Aug 11

Posts: 3820

babyrocket says:


a micra with one of those tweed blankets on the parcel shelf they are just as bad as the trilby mob

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Jan 11

Posts: 8597

aehewitt says:

Old folks frighten

the crap out of me,but the lad who lives in our village and drives one of these......   is a massive worry... Mummy and Daddy bought him it...   hes going to die soon i'm sure and the reason for this is,because he drives like a COCK...



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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:

In todays

driving and riding tests, the speed limit IS a target. If you're not at the speed limit when it's safe to do so you'll get a minor for it.

Also, if I'm trying to get to work on time and there's a prick doing a pointlessly low speed I have every right to be frustrated.

My Dad does this purely to preserve fuel. He'll happily force people behind to miss traffic lights, etc and it pisses me right off. This kind of driving is selfish and a lot of people adopt it for their mpg. It destroys other people's and means traffic flow is destroyed. If you leave a stupidly large gap, it's great for smooth driving but it means that the 6 cars that could be in that gap miss a set of lights further back thus, in rush hour, pushing the traffic jam even further back.

Yes I absolutely agree that there are some 60mph limits where inexperienced, cautious and / or unfamiliar drivers will go slowly and I respect that on those roads whilst looking for my opportunity to get past. However, there are long straight roads when this happens and it's totally unnecessary and the people who are going this slowly should be pulled and a roadside eye test, breath test, or a vehicle examination, among other things should be done.

The key to not wasting fuel is in not stopping, driving smoothly, etc. For it to benefit everyone then people have to all drive progressively and as they're not stopping as much or for as long then everyone will stop wasting fuel in jams created or worsened by MPG freaks.

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Jan 11

Posts: 267

cairnsie13 says:

Totally agree with above post

I dont mind much on twisty roads where I can understand people wont be confident but sometimes there just no reason. However the point raised about the driving test is true you will fail your test if you do not do the speed limit. If its the case that its not a target then why fail your test for it and then after your test is it acceptable in safe conditions not to do so because your not confident enough and im talking straight wide roads not twisty a roads. I do not tailgate drivers or drive agressively arround them for my own safety i generally infact leave a larger gap as they brake randomly and have a poor standard of driving. 

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Jan 08

Posts: 618

Steveyman says:


The speed limit is not a target.

I know where you are coming from though, as part of training the examiners do want you to be at the speed limit if safe to do so, but this is to demonstrate that the driver is competent at driving at the speed limit and if not they might fail the test. Motorways aren't part of the test so if you can't drive at 60mph then you certainly wouldn't be safe on a motorway.

60 mph on the motorway is acceptable, some types of vehicles have speed restrictions and so we have to use the overtaking lanes to make progress.

As for other classes of roads, the speed limit is a maximum and NOT a target. You drive at a safe speed for the conditions for the particular circumstances.

What happens when you get stuck behind, cyclists, horse and cart, tractors, learners or dustbin wagon and there is a long tail back, moan because they are not travelling at the speed limit?

It is a public road available for all kinds of vehicles and road users, yes it is a bummer but we just have to patient and accept it.

There are far more things to be concerned about such as why so many drivers / riders get killed every year.




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Mar 10

Posts: 1049

bmwgs says:


when i am on my bike on main roads i will sit at 60mph all the time were safe to get better mpg.

plus when i was doing my IAM i was told to do the speed limt on every road so over tank evey thing in the way.

plus when you ride on dual carrage ways at 70mph you need to watch out for slow drivers moving in to the fast lane

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Aug 10

Posts: 330

gaz1982 says:

some intresting points made

for both sides of the coin. I totally agree with phil on this.

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Apr 08

Posts: 9808

old(ish)git says:

you moderates....

have a point about the 'steady eddies'.....but I followed a pair of Senior citizens down the slip road onto the ring road in Town today (in the car) except he 'bottled' it when he saw a wagon 500 metres up the road,so I pulled onto the nearest lane before/behind him.When he saw I hadn't been totalled he decided to join the carraigeway,just in front of me then carried on across the other 2 I say t****s.:biggrin:

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