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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi outpaced in Phillip Island

The forthcoming Valencia MotoGP test can’t come soon enough for Valentino Rossi after his penultimate appearance for Ducati in Australia yesterday proved to be another humbling experience. The Italian will be back on a factory Yamaha YZR-M1 at the Valencia test where he will begin the journey of trying to prove that at 33 he is still fast enough to fight...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (29 October 2012 07:50)

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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

Nostro of the third reich

Has all those hours locked in that German loft reading Mein Kampt made you think you rule the world?

Foolish statements made by Adolf Nostro in the last few years whilst  insulting others beliefs.

Dovi is shit and Spies is an alien who would hammer the little Italian and Rossi, Hows that one worked out?

Stoner was entering i period of dominance remeniscent off the Doohan era Because Casey was miles better than Lorenzo. How has that worked out?

No doubt the bitter old fart with convieniently forget all this, and hand out the insults whilst offering fuck all else.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3619

Bultoboy says:

I'll pin my colours to the mast and say we will see a noticeable improvement by Rossi once he gets back on the Yamaha, and a noticeable drop in Dovi once he throws his leg over the Ducati at the first test.

Don't think you need a crystal ball to forecast that... Rossi should be on the podium at least, every race, unless Marquez is a revelation.

Acanada, you do as you accuse others as you're always keen to get a dig at Stoner

Of course your man wont be there as he has thrown in the towel as he doesn't have the mental strength to carry on.Shame he could't win back to back titles,unlike a true great who has done it on more than one occasion.

Your favourite gambit of his mental strength again. Can you imagine the pressure of his last race at PI, the expectations of the home crowd, knowing others would be longing for him to screw up. Fastest in every session with some incredible riding and lap times and a runaway win. Seemed to handle it quiite well it seemed.

Winning back to back titles isn't a sign of anything other than a rider got more points than anyone else again. A title can be won emphatically by winning nearly every race, by playing safe and accumulating points, by benefitting from others misfortune and even when you don't win a single race. So what if some happen to be back to back. A title isn't necessarily the sign of the best rider. Can't understand the fuss about back to back.

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Jul 06

Posts: 2050

buelligan272 says:

Rossi on podium eh?

Covering your back now bulto! Are you getting worried that the problem really is the bike more than the rider.I seem to think some of your previous posts said otherwise about the time you and your gang were ranting on about Rossi never riding a works Yam or Honda again.
Your partner in crime nostro does not think he can podium,seems to think he will be a mid packer.
Not like you 2 to disagree or have you had a fall out?

As for back 2 back titles it is well known it is one of the hardest things 2 achieve. Thought you would have known that winning a title yourself!!

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Dec 09

Posts: 2494

supermario says:


that reply dosen't even make sense in relation to my remarks.

Tell you what, lets have a little wager. If as you say Rossi's poor results are entirely his own fault, then it surely follows that he'll score the same or fewer points next year on the Yam than he has this year on the Duc. If this is the case, you win.

If however Rossi scores more points on The Yam next year, as I think most reasonable and intelligent people would agree with, then you lose.

Loser deletes their profile and fks off.

So howbout it tough guy? you got the balls for it? or are you as spineless as I remember, nostrocoward?

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Apr 11

Posts: 3619

Bultoboy says:

As for back 2 back titles it is well known it is one of the hardest things 2 achieve.

Is it?  Explain why.

Find me one comment where I've said Rossi wouldn't be near the front on the Yam.

As for covering my back, this is an internet forum, I'm not campaigning for president

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Oct 12

Posts: 294

Looks like someone's taking a knife to a gunfight - and it isn't Soup's.

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May 12

Posts: 1007

cornbowl says:


Oi, rent boy, you've got a fkn cheek haven't you, sticking your neck out after all the shite you wrote about Stoner 'not fit to be on the grid, should be banned' etc., made yourself look a right pratt didn't you. Have you got your forecast for Valencia, or should he be banned.

Now you're back on here, sticking your neck out about Rossi, it's a good job this time, you're telling it correctly, but be careful of your new girlfriend, he'll have you out sheepshagging with him, Soup's, 'ewe know ewe like it, but he is awful'

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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

Chump central

No matter how many times you say it CCB these are your words not mine. My words will appear under my profile, not yours.

Now for cock nr.2 the cartoon janitor. Do I expect Rossi to do better on the Yamaha. Probably. By much? No.

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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

your a liar

Nostro and everybody knows it, man up and tell the truth, we all call it wrong sometimes.

You probably believed it at the time, but now its turned out not to be so you go into denial

Sad bitter old knowfuck all

You know , ive said things about stoner etc in the past , i believed them to be true. But they upped their game ,showed me to be wrong.  I took it on the chin , held my hand up and offered my congratulations.

Its a strange thing Nostro its called learning ,some of us can, but an old dog cant learn new tricks can you.

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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

The worst part about it

Nostro is, you know your spouting utter bollocks, why as a person who has a vast knowledge of the biking world do you feel its neccessary to slander Rossi constantly.

Stoner went backwards for three years on the Ducati, thats a fact 6, 4, 3  if he'd stayed want next? 0, it was on the cards before he signed with Honda and rode with a win or bust approach.

If Stoner is the god you claim and theres nothing wrong with the Ducati why was this happening.

Rossi beat him in 2010 dispite his shoulder injury, broken leg missing four rounds yet still beat Stoner to third with a win under this belt.

The Ducati experience has been a nightmare for two  aliens in the last four years, it just you cant except that, as you'l have to admit Stoner was struggling ,and that will knock the shit out of your Rossi hate fest

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