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Steve Farrell  says:

New motorway tax considered

Using motorways would cost more in road tax under plans being considered by the Government. According to newspaper reports, ministers are considering a two-tier system with those who agree not to use trunk roads paying less. The idea is part of review of road funding as the Treasury faces a budget shortfall caused people switching to smaller cars which are taxed...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (29 October 2012 11:34)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1336

SatNavSteve says:

I agree with others here, and have said it for years that they should scrap road tax and put more tax on fuel. Apart from needing less staff at DVLA, the  more you ride/drive, the more you pay for the wear and tear on the roads. That might sound unfair for bikes as you would be paying the same extra tax as a car driver but I've just done a quick rough calculation. If they put 10p on a litre and abolished road tax and you own a big bike doing 45mpg, you would be able to cover around 7500 miles in a year before you equalled what you used to pay in tax. And how many people do that many miles a year on their bikes? Sorry if that sounds unfair to people who do more miles but you can't please all the people all the time! Another bonus is that if you own more than one bike, you would only be paying the same as owning one as you only ride one at a time!

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Oct 10

Posts: 19

Fragpig says:

To those who say put the extra duty on fuel

If you live in a rural county like Lincolnshire, the average wage is lower and work places are more spread out, you have to travel further to get to work, go to the shops etc, extra duty on fuel, could mean 100's of £'s extra to those on low wages who have to travel. The answer is no more extra tax, fuel is mostly tax anyway, all the cash is not spent on the roads, they are grooming us for more tax's. The discussion shouldn't be where is more tax going to come from, but what can they spend the money on more wisely, and not going on a spending spree with out money.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1336

SatNavSteve says:


I see your point, but what you are suggesting is sensible use of our money by honest politicians with the electorate in mind, and theres more chance of Nelson getting his eye back than that happening! I don't think we will have any say in the final outcome. Its already scandalous that me and the wife pay £152 a year for road tax for 2 bikes when there are people driving round in cars who pay no tax but create more wear and tear on the roads and add to congestion far more than I ever will with my bike. Oh, and don't think that because you live in a rural location that you are hard done by with travelling because it happens everywhere. I worked in central Lancs and there was a guy I worked with who lived in Coniston and travelled 75 miles to work each way every day, and others who came 60 miles from Chester.!! There was even one guy who lived in Devon and came up north and had a mega-cheap B&B for 4 nights in Blackpool, then went home again! Every week!

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Jul 10

Posts: 272

piroflip says:

Why not just........... all of our bikes/cars with a chip that reports straight to the police station and ban us if we go 1mph over the limit. That's the direction that we're heading for and you STILL all vote Lib/Lab/Con don't you.

Open your eyes guys.


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Feb 09

Posts: 84

brevav2 says:

Another Indirect Taxation Scam

Well, Well,  Yet another 'scam' to fleece the governments cash cows, opps, err, i mean the road user,

No doubt yet another 'Database' to snoop on the road user, and remove funds from their bank accounts and into the coffers of the Treasury,

Why do you people keep voting for the  Lib/Lab Con!  these people dont give a monkeys about you and i, their only concern is lining their own pockets and having a seat on the 'Gravy Train',  oh and of course generating as much fustration and anger as possible via their 'Roads Policy'  eg  cutting speed limits, camera's, traffic calming, unmarked  police cars, 4 way traffic lights to cause massive tailbacks in towns and cities, and constant hikes in taxes, its not in their interest to have cheap, reliable public transport due to the massive drop in revenue this would entail, prahaps they hope that the majority will take to the A+B roads instead of using the motorways, and thus bring the nation to a standstill, anything is possible with this lot!


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Nov 12

Posts: 1

markyrich says:

Tax roundabout

Not suprised at this.  Basically the government are trying to recover money that they have lost through their own poor decision making.  They tax vehicles so highly, so people buy cars on which they can pay less tax, so the government simply levy another tax on them somewhere else.  If they didn't tax us so highly (and unfairly) in the first place then we wouldn't be looking for ways to pay less.  In addition, the taxpayer will be losing out because of the wasted money spent by the government on doing this feasability study... so they'll probably need to get that money from another tax.  They've gotten themselves into a an endless loop.  If these guys came from private school education I'll be making sure my kids don't go to one!

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