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Steve Farrell  says:

Motorcyclist caught speeding at 152mph

A motorcyclist caught speeding at 152mph has been found guilty of dangerous driving. Stephen Tull, 37, admitted more than doubling the 70mph speed limit on the A27 in Binsted, Sussex, on October 16 last year. He also admitted riding with no MoT. Tull, from Liphook, Hampshire, was banned from driving for 12 months by magistrates in Worthing today. He was ordered to pay £620 costs...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (29 October 2012 14:40)

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Nov 07

Posts: 182

bird1050 says:


serves him right for geting caught, dickhead.

The problem i have is when some scroaty boy racer in a car gets caught at 120 plus no publicity, but if its a bike then its all over the news.



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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:

went out on my Bike the other (35 years) went over the speed limit a couple of (thousands and Thousands of times)|Killed millions of people and crashed due to inexperience... every time..... NOT.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:

Who was it

who said "who here hasn't gone over 140?" Well me.

I've never broken 100mph and I never intend to.

Outright speed isn't what it's about for me and there are a lot of people just like that. Not saying I pootle everywhere. What I am saying is that those of us who do not do extreme speeds on the public road (and yes, in the setting of public roads these speeds are extreme) get a bad name and people trying to kill us because of the actions of the previous moron. And yes, by denying us space and tailgaiting us they are putting our lives at risk for some kind of revenge.

The law is the law (regardless of safety) and you agree to abide by it by using the public roads. If you want to go those kinds of speeds then go to the track. Simple as that. Doing 150mph+ gives us all a bad name and make people see a bike and go "what stupid thing is he going to do next?" We then get drivers behaving erratically around us and we wonder why.

That video is bullshit and the accurate reading was 139mph. He was not aiming at a viable area of the motorcycle when 152 came up. The tyre is always deforming, twisting and rebounding and due to the issues with Doppler can not provide an accurate reading as the original frequencies will be destroyed and morphed into completely unpredictable frequencies transmitted back to the receiver. These deformations in wavelengths will not relate to the speed of the vehicle but are a mixture of scatter thrown from the variable surface of the tyre and also the microscopic, high speed variations in the shape of the tyre. You could have harmonics coming back easily double and triple the real speed. Flat backs of cars which don't vibrate much are fine. Bikes are questionable is their viability as targets for Doppler based stuff.

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Oct 12

Posts: 9


The man's a who wants to take the record from him ?

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Dec 08

Posts: 31

petexjr says:

Community service

Not condoning this but I wonder how many hours you get for burglary? Did he actually harm anyone? I reckon the fine and six month ban would have been enough. I got my Z1100A3 up to 147 on the clock in the eighties, on the M6 and there was a big black Mercedes flashing his lights behind me. I let him pass and slowed down a bit, I'm sure neither of us thought of ourselves as criminals.

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Sep 10

Posts: 70

RICHARD545 says:


Can't condone the speeding, even though i do, and he looked in control for what you could see on the video, but riding without MOT ?? Does that not make the insurance void too??

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Nov 12

Posts: 13

Jessh33 says:

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Mar 10

Posts: 8

rider1000 says:


All you lot saying must obey the law, you know the rules. You know what you signed up for. Did you sign up for all the new 50mph limits? The whole of Oxfordshire is now pretty well all 50mph. Apparently this is not to reduce casualties but to reduce costs as there are less maintenance required for 50 limits compared to national speed limits. So actually over time they will probably kill more bikers due to pot holes not being repaired as frequently. I respect all reasonable laws but not those that are stupid and unreasonable.

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Jul 11

Posts: 27

Cypher6 says:


As per usual Biker earning a bad name for themselves... Although had this of been a footballer in a ferrari i doubt much would happen. The guy looks to be in control, and to be honest doesn't look as if he was passing any of the other cars/vans that quickly. It sure as hell doesn't look like 150+... As per usual the British double standard justice system will blow this all out of proportion. He receives and ban and fine yet others who drug/drink drive get little more than a slapped wrist. Or the local chav that decks a granny and gets nothing but a ASBO and a hug...

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Apr 09

Posts: 46

deaks25 says:

What A Prat!

Now I'm sorry, some of the comments I've seen are ridiculous, I can't believe people think the guy has been hard done by! I'm sure there are plenty who'll think I'm a wimp or something for being so angry about this, but I am.

All stories like this do is enforce the reputation of bikers in the minds of other road users - that we're all irresponsible, speed-addicted idiots. I use my bike for commuting & quite a long way through winter as I can't afford to run a car anymore & as the roads conditions get more & more difficult, I know I'm going to need other road users to pay attention & look out for me & other bikes & all this prat does is make them wonder why the hell they should.

Frankly, this is the sort of irresponsible moron that I want as far away from a motorbike as possible. Yes, I speed on plenty of occasions & I'm not a perfect rider by any stretch of the imagination &, as has been commented, the guy looks in perfect control but at the end of the day bikers are as vulnerable as it gets & when I'm talking about being responsible & safe on a bike to new & potential bikers, I get stories like this thrown back at me from genuine anti-bikers & all I've got to respond with is "We're not all like that."

When the UK adopts the EU 100bhp limit for all new bikes, we'll be able to thank these sort of people because it'll be incidents & stories like this that will persuade law makers.

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