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Apr 11

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Richnotrich says:

Cars braking when you are about to pass them

I've noticed this a lot recently on single carriageway roads.

When I've seen an overtaking opportunity I pull a bit closer to (but not tailgating) the car in front ready to pull out to overtake.

Just as I'm about to pull out, the car brakes, immediately cutting the distance between me and it, meaning that I either have to commit to the pass a split second earlier than I intend, or abandon it.

Its as if they panic and slam on or they think they are helping. Either way, I wish they wouldn't do it.

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  • Posted 2 years ago (30 October 2012 09:00)

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Mar 09

Posts: 4548

smoto5 says:

Yeah Adie, you're not kidding,

somebody did that to me badly, and I was lucky to walk away after, bike was a write off :upset:

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Jun 08

Posts: 573

BIKER6F says:


the thing i do to minimize this, is to pull over more towards the centre line, but avoid accelerating and closing the gap to the car in front, do all the checks in front and behind, if the way is clear ahead, pull over into the other lane still maintaining the same speed, so that if something is coming towards you, you still have the option to pull back into your space without having to break and cause any car behind to do the same, do a final check then do the overtake as swift as possible, ,,, give the car your overtaking plenty of space, so that if they do have a final go at putting you off the move, you have somewhere to go other than into the side of them.

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Jan 10

Posts: 3252

Beelady says:

I haven't had this problem

but I agree with the stay back theory. No need to get too close and if they do pull over for me I always say thanks. Some mornings it's like the parting of the waves and it would be rude not to pass, once they've made the effort :biggrin:

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Feb 09

Posts: 4661

philehidiot says:


Exactly how it should be done safely in my opinion.

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Apr 11

Posts: 836

Richnotrich says:


What you are talking about there is the overtake without additional hazards and that is the right way to do one of those.

What I'm on about is if you have potential hazards ahead eg, restricted view, relatively short space to get the job done or waiting for an oncoming car to pass.

I must say that on the ZX12, this doesn't present much of a problem. A twist of the wrist sees me into the next county in the blink of an eye. But I imagine on smaller bikes with a lot less power such as restricted 600's etc it could be.

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Apr 10

Posts: 740

CB13 says:

I know...

exactly what you mean.Happens a lot,why I don't know it's not like there is another car in front of them braking or something coming the other way.It's as if they want to frighten you.Another thing that is getting more common is the f*ck wit that see's you coming up behind to overtake and(you can see them watching in the mirrors)moves over right to the white lines and then as you indicate to go past actually drifts out over the lines.Had a greb(shaved head,covered in tats built like a brick sh*thouse)do it a few weeks ago and on the way back from the Ponderosa the other week had some big fat f*ckwit on a Jap cruiser do it.Every time I went to pass him he pulled out into the right hand(oncoming traffic)lane to block me.In the end I thought f*ck it and went between him and the curb and pissed off.Second time I've seen him both times on the Henley in Arden to Stratford road and second time he's done it.If youre reading this you tw*t assuming you can read DON'T BE SUCH A CNUT!!!! They aren't the only ones,happens every time I go out,used to think it was accidental the drifting across because they're looking in the mirrors but now sure it's deliberate.Why do they do it?Who knows.    

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