My bike wouldn't start the other day at 6am on my way to work. (I did manage to force start it but it cut out) I thought it might be the oil as I'd given it a proper thrashing on the way home (80 mile journey) a few days before (hadn't used the bike since) and thought I might have blown a gasket or something. Being 6am I couldn't see a bloody thing , so i put some more oil in. Still wouldn't start, so I left it. (unfortunately I still went to work :upset:)

Today I've taken all of the oil out (far too much in now) started to think maybe there's water in the oil as so much came out. It was pretty thin running, I've never changed oil before so don't know what it's suppossed to be like but the oil coming out wasn't milky so I guess that ruled out water in the oil.

FINALLY- I undid the air cleaner drain tube and a load of what i thought was water poured out, so i plugged it back up, then I realised it was petrol! Now things start to fit together a bit: When I get home from work I always fill up the bike with petrol and I definately overfilled the tank last time (I always wondered where the overflow went as it never seems to drain out of the bottom of the bike, so now I guess it's pouring into the engine and then in to the air cleaner. I've now taken out the air filter and it's soaked in petrol...

I just read in the handbook "Never overfill the petrol tank" (whoops!) Can I have done any damage?

Should I replace the air filter or just let it dry out? anything else I need to do? can i use the oil I've drained as it's not old?

CHEERS for any help.