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Matthew Birt  says:

Minimum weight limit being considered for Moto2

A minimum weight limit for the Moto2 world championship is currently under discussion in a move that could significantly reduce the disadvantage heavier riders like British star Scott Redding currently have to contend with. The entire Moto2 field were individually weighed in full riding kit including helmet during last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island. It was seen as the first...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (02 November 2012 10:04)

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Jul 12

Posts: 3190

wosihound says:


In handicapped horse racing, the jockey doesn't physically carry the weight himself. The lead weights are carried in saddle pouches and the combined weight of rider, saddle, plus lead weighting make up the penalty.

So the rider is free to move about unincumbered by extra mass/bulk.

I don't know who makes Tommy Koyama's leathers but I bet Dainese or Alpinestars wouldn't be too chuffed sewing nearly 30kgs of lead into his suit on aesthetic and safety grounds.

Half his body-weight extra?

Poor lad would look like a deep sea diver. 

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Mar 09

Posts: 5391

Nostrodamus says:

A Gelding or a Stallion

The simple fact of the matter is in this sport lighter guys do best - and by that I mean under 70kg - which is about the entire MotoGP field, I doubt Moto2 is any different. Redding is an exception. He will need to watch his diet very carefully to ensure he doesn't become a Rob McElna.You do not make a rule for the exception, that is knee jerk pointless.

Certain sports suit certain body shapes and weights. Do you want to see a scrawny 60kg weakling win the Olympic Shot Put due to a handicap system? Of course not.

Redding is a stroppy young stallion who probably still needs to find a better way to take advantage of his natural physical attributes - strength, and minimise his weaknesses - weight within the nature of his riding. Young Bradders I fear is already a castrated Gelding who's displayed precious few glimpses of the type of form required to compete with the alpha males of MotoGP.

I like your thinking BCB on one level, except Redding has a team and a sponsors budget behind him already as a package. Such a shame Mr 'I want to expand the grid' Carmelo Ezpeleta arbitrarily decided to limit each factory to a maximum of four machines in MotoGP, otherwise Scott would be there already. Ultimately racing is what this young man wants to do, and racing will prepare him better than testing - even if it is still the asthmatic 600's.

Incidently these 600 Moto2 machines were initially supposed to put out 150bhp. Yet what we've had for the past two years is a warmed over road bike 125-130hp. Time to put the engine tender out again. Surely Dorna can do better.

Lead in their leathers? WTF?! No! Dumb and dangerous.

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Feb 09

Posts: 235

tris123 says:

has to make a difference

Being a lighter/smaller rider means you’re easier on the tyres, have better acceleration, more aero dynamic & use less fuel.
In Moto 2 & 3 this must make a big difference.  Motogp also, look at Pedrosa off the start line, grease lightning & traction doesn’t seem to be a problem for him either.

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:

bcb i agree

shame it wont happen but i do agree as its only when not if that redding goes to mot gp, but with the crt rule on way out and lots of crashers on the grid for next year on crt's you could see scotty making a debut mid season. enjoy your fireworkx ppl,safe bangers!!!

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Oct 12

Posts: 294

Not like you Foggy - but yeah, a missed opportunity?

If Redding had taken the Ducati test rider job, then he would have had the opportunity to compare his lap-times against those of Rossi - and a year to match or beat them.

Not only that, but if he had excelled on the Ducati, then he may have threatened Iannone's place at some point during the season (I think that Iannone might struggle).

But instead of gaining invaluable experience and creating opportunities, Redding is (in my view) simply treading-water and wasting a year of his career by remaining in Moto2.

I also feel sure that agreement needed for his release from contactual obligations could of been reached between Marc VDS, Audi, Marlboro & Ducati - ie. a large cheque.

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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:

good idea

I think its a good idea,im fed up with midget racing,pedrosa is the size of a child.years ago i walked past roberts and thought it was a kid in leathers,

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Apr 11

Posts: 129

moany100 says:

need more

i'd like to see all the riders weights to see if scott is just to heavy likewise has marquez got a massive advantage

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:


Sprint why so rude? How the hell could you think Roberts was like a child?
Pedrosa is not a midget and I am sure if you called him one he has the strength to knock you out.ha ha.
You obviously never stood next to his size amazed me...he was child like size for sure and a lot smaller than he looked on TV.

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Mar 08

Posts: 315

vmax4steve says:

I know

that jockey's carry the extra weight in the saddles Wosi, my post may have inferred otherwise but the point I was trying to make is that HRC say that the extra 7 kilos they had to place on their RC212V upset it's handling. If that 7 kilos was carried by the rider then that wouldn't be an issue as the weight would be evenly distributed as the rider moved while riding the bike.

And I'm not asking for someone to have 30 kilos carried in their suit, no one has to be absolutely equal in weight, just find an average where the smallest rider only needs to carry about 10 kilos extra, that could be easily achievable, and it doesn't have to be carried just with the rider either. If the bike's handling isn't compromised by the extra 10 kilos then fine, if it is then find a compromise between extra weight on the bike and the rider, say 5 kilos each or a ratio of 7 to 3 or 8 to 2 or whatever it takes.

What's needed is no rider having a 20 kilos or more advantage which is the case now. And do the same for Moto3 and that will open up the whole series to bigger riders for that is where most of them come from.

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May 12

Posts: 994

cornbowl says:


a good enough racer as he is, I think he has proved that this season, people in general are much bigger now than they were 3 decades ago, it's just a few small Spaniards, that have started this off, and dishing out lead shot, lead weights, or 15kg helmets, ain't going to work.

As Bloodbubble says ' in this pc world' by the way, they've got 20% discount this week, so if any of you guys are buying, and can't work out how much you're going to save, I'm here to help you out, lol.

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