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Steve Farrell  says:

Viewers wrongly told ‘running off on bends’ is most common bike crash as BBC muddles data

A BBC road safety documentary wrongly claimed ‘running off on bends’ was the most common motorcycle accident, based on an apparent misunderstanding of data. BBC2’s How Safe Are Britain’s Roads? claimed: ‘Two-thirds of motorcycle deaths happen on rural roads. Running off on bends is the most common type of accident.’ Questioned about the claim, a BBC publicist pointed to the number...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (02 November 2012 14:23)

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Oct 09

Posts: 223

ruxxy says:


We're surprised why?

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Sep 07

Posts: 2860

James600zx says:

I watched this program.

The male journalist seemed to miss the whole point, giggling when experts pointed out his own bad driving, his beaten-up car with bald and under-inflated tyres in a "What am I like!" sort of way. The ultimate conclusion was not, "Drivers, get a grip!" as you might expect, it was, "Technology will make you safer." Robot cars and Big Brother surveillance. That's alright then.

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Nov 12

Posts: 31

Bungle1078 says:

Why must we be blamed?

I see this so much now. Bikers getting blamed for accidents. We are no longer seen as the "Rebel's" of the road we are seen as the antisocial, ignorant, ill educated aresholes of the road.

Instead of blaming riders for the fault of drivers ignorance and lack of skill, why not increase the practical and useful training of drivers. (and yes i know there are twats on bikes too)

I have never owned a car i have always had bikes.(i'm 33) Recently i have been learning to drive (god its awful). But i have to say that i am being taught bad habits already! I use shoulder checks on the bike as naturaly as breathing, It helps me carry on that particular habbit. Now i do this in the car to check and get told that i do not need to worry about what is behind me!!!!!!!!!! I should not be doing my shoulder checks! what about that car that might be there or that bike?

Another mind boggeling idea is that if my indicators have flashed at least 3 times then i can pull out in front of a car as they will have seen my indicator and should be prepared to break! Ummmmm really. but apparently this is acceptible behaviour, i had to make a driver anchor up as my instructor told me to "just pull out" now if this is what people are being taught at 17 what hope is there!

I would like to see Power related bands on cars as well as bikes. I would like to see laws in place like those in NZ. Police have the power to take your licence on the road side without having to go to court. look a few up you may think "Damn thats harsh" but a short think about it will make you think otherwise.

Now i speak from experiance in the last 10 months i have had 2 crashes wrighting both bikes off. and they were all the drivers fault. Not giving way on a roundabout and slamming into my side, one pulling out whilst only looking left! i ended up about 15ft away from her car surrounded by fluid and bits from the bike. both of these i was traveling under 30!!! And she did nothing wrong! According to her i just appeared! The fuck off big 98' Blade with lights on and a 6' chap on the back was to hard to spot! 17 newly passed and totaly oblivious!



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Feb 09

Posts: 515

The collision reporting form used to collate crash and causation statistics / information is a generic national form used by all Police forces, which doesn't have the facility to add a great deal of accurate or great detail. Hence, you end up with generalised data which has little or no bearing on reality. As for the BBC, they couldn't detect a predatory paedophile in their midst, so what hope is there for them to report accurately or fairly about us? Overall, the "powers that be" are unconcerned about KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured Statistics) because they are at "acceptable levels". Acceptable to who? Bereaved families and friends? Our roads are very soon going to become very unpleasant places to be, with Policing cuts and the attitudes of this Government. I hate to sound so negative, but the writing really IS on the wall and it's not pretty. Until there is a real desire and will at high levels to improve our roads, we're all going to suffer in some way or another. Time for a beer.



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Mar 11

Posts: 66

Vortex1952 says:

where is my post?

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Dec 07

Posts: 93

britri123 says:

Nich Brown

Sorry to correct you Nich, but its not "failure to see" thats the primary cause, its failure to LOOK, a big difference. Failure to see a Motorcycle puts the onus on us to be seen. As a MAG member who is fighting compulsory Hi Vis jackets its poor to see Nich making this kind of mistake in his wording. Come on Nick, you are doing great work but dint get sloppy.

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Mar 11

Posts: 66

Vortex1952 says:

Apologies NOW

The BBC should and must apologies to the viewrs and admiti they got is very wrong....but looking at the reported with his nose picking and eating face he does not understand a thing about motorcycles; and the REAL reasons for bike acidents which we all know are: Monile phones; Texts; Lipstiks to mention few.....

By making reports like this one they want to achieve the main goal which is to BAN all motorcycles one and for all, useing manipulated data from the NHS, Insurance companies etc, that's the disgusting society we're living in today!


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Jun 07

Posts: 119

guzzivee8 says:

sorry to let facts get in the way....

But Nich is correct britri123 in as much as the "contributory factors" section of "Stats19" used to produce the DfT data does say "failed to see" (other road user NOT just motorcycles!)

So Nich isn't being "sloppy" just accurate (old fashioned concept but lets try to work with it ay)
we don't do ourselves any favors by beating up on our own!

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:


We should call into the BBC, complain about their inaccuracy and bias, and demand a retraction/correction.  Just fits in with preconceptions about bikers, oh see - they go too fast and fail to make it around corners.

By far the most common accident has got to be some mindless chump in a car pulling out, failing to look, too busy yacking on a mobile, whatever, thinking this is all a virtual-reality show.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8442

snev says:

"going off on bends"

There was so much to pick fault with on this program that even picking on that statement.... wouldn't scratch the surface. There are Drivers that ride Bikes and there are Drivers that need basic education.... ALA.... Bike style Stages of competence and awareness.

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