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Steve Farrell  says:

Viewers wrongly told ‘running off on bends’ is most common bike crash as BBC muddles data

A BBC road safety documentary wrongly claimed ‘running off on bends’ was the most common motorcycle accident, based on an apparent misunderstanding of data. BBC2’s How Safe Are Britain’s Roads? claimed: ‘Two-thirds of motorcycle deaths happen on rural roads. Running off on bends is the most common type of accident.’ Questioned about the claim, a BBC publicist pointed to the number...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (02 November 2012 14:23)

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Jan 10

Posts: 431

rlf3 says:

So what?

The general point was spot on which is that PTW users are the highest risk of death or injury and that their behaviour on the road is a major contributory factor.


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Apr 11

Posts: 17

snapple says:

Not Wrong?

What I mean is, they probably said exactly what they wanted to say... let's face it, in the last two days we've seen two convictions or Bikers doing 144 and 152 respectively, so whilst that is fresh in peoples minds they also tell the general public that we usually kill ourselves because we ride to quickly and beyond our skills levels around bends and country lanes... It's all in the name of keeping our names in the gutter.. this will never change, all the adverts and "think Bike" stickers and motorway signs won't change this, the only thing we can do is "make progress" when we can and ride like you're invisible to everyone when in traffic.. Education for 90% of car drivers is the answer, but that will never happen as it costs money, and what are a few hundred less bikers every year? Sorry to rant but this cuntry's attitude to the biking community is disgusting, and I'm actually tempted to keep mine for the track at the moment as I'm tired of nearly getting wiped out at least once a week, usually by some tart on the phone or wrinkly who decided they need to turn right without any warning..

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Jul 10

Posts: 272

piroflip says:

You believe what you......... or hear on the BBC? You ARE gullible.

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Sep 12

Posts: 124

Rotop says:

Complain - request an apology on the news

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Jun 09

Posts: 251

sprintst955 says:

Poor old beeb

They are preoccupied at the moment with jimmy saville.too busy looking in closets to get programmes right...

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May 12

Posts: 1007

cornbowl says:

Biased BBC again

I take it the BBC chose that male presenter, as a typical car driver. He was without doubt, a total pratt, even whilst on camera, it seemed quite funny to him, regarding the question of tyres, and pressures, and his general driving behaviour, so just add a couple or three kids in the back, his wife ringing him on the mobile, with her shopping list, and that pratt would be the 'grim reaper' for anyone on two wheels, in the vacinity. Can't wait for part two!!!!!! 

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:


tyres never get to being near illegal. I don't understand how hard it is to occasionally check the pressures and the state of a few tyres.

My Dad played a blinder when I told him off about his tyres - "I've got ABS!" - we all know that all that means is his tyres will lose grip faster so the ABS will kick in quicker, keep having to disengage the brakes due to repeatedly losing grip and result in even longer stopping distances. He should know that, he's not thick. Oh and he kept complaining that the traction control kept kicking in when he set off even slowly. Yeh, because your tyres are fucking knackered! AGH!

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Aug 02

Posts: 120

Robell says:

Like so much TV (and newspaper) journalism these days.

The facts aren't as important as a good story. If it makes for good entertainment, why worry about inaccuracies, especially in a case like this, where the majority of viewers will be car drivers.

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Nov 03

Posts: 471

kl595 says:

Like the programme was a revelation. Usual BBC stuff. Have a safety expert to point out the bleedin obvious while assuming car drivers are the most important road users and make out all bikers to be useless, adrenalin rush seeking straight line junkies that can't go around corners and who are responsible for all their own accidents.

My only conclusion from the programme was that the roads are unsafe because there are too many people using them and that is because there are too many people on this tiny island.

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Sep 09

Posts: 406


Biased Bigotted Crap

Didnt watching the program fortunately.

But as others have said the BBC must be busy "investigating" the managements cover up of Pedo's. Dont expect anything but a pack of politically funded lies from the BBC, nothing new. I hope they disband the whole shitpile and sell it off in small lots.

The BBC is just state propoganda and indoctrination. A British Pravda.

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