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Matthew Birt  says:

No more CRT in MotoGP by 2014?

A grid of full-blown prototypes could contest the 2014 MotoGP world championship, ending the headache of how to slash the gulf in performance between factory bikes and production-derived CRT machinery. With only 12 factory bikes on the grid for 2012, the new CRT category allowed teams to tune production motors like Honda’s CBR1000RR and BMW’s S1000RR and run them in prototype...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (05 November 2012 14:38)

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Nov 12

Posts: 3

Carmelo says:

Full grids.

MotoGP is far too expensive at the moment - a fact that the factories have finally recognised.

In May, we contacted the factories and asked them for proposals to combat the problem of cost. The factories were told that unless they came-up with workable, low-cost alternatives, then a control ECU and a rev-limit would be imposed in 2014.

Faced with this prospect, the following proposals have been received:

Honda's suggestion is an affordable RC213V 'production' bike costing 800,000 euro's to buy (as opposed to the current lease price of 3,000,000 euro's).

Yamaha's suggestion is to supply engine/gearbox units for use in frames sourced from independent chassis suppliers. The cost of these engine/gearbox units has not been fixed.

Ducati have yet to respond.

Valencia is the deadline for all proposals to be submitted.

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Dec 11

Posts: 92

jackinthebox says:

oh no

not another new alias from the insane pc.

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Sheene Fan7


Mar 03

Posts: 250

Sheene Fan7 says:

sounds good get it done Yamaha

the grid should be all prototype

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Jan 09

Posts: 960

RawDawg says:

Spec ECU & rev limit threat

is just the way Dorna is forcing the hand of the factories to provide more bikes or engines. If they don't want to provide bikes or engines than ok, here is your rev limit and spec ECU. It's about time Dorna got some balls.

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Apr 11

Posts: 129

moany100 says:

it needs something

i love bike racing but jeez over the last four or five seasons since the tech went wild it has become savagely boring.

the tech needs curbing the spec ecu probablyis a good idea but i think tc needs to go look how good bsb has become this year.

so here's hoping for some sensible agreement to appear.

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Dec 10

Posts: 474

eddl says:

it might be enough to tempt me out of retirement.

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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

Totally agree Rawdawq

Dorna sets the rules for a competitive series, one that truly finds out who is the greatest racer in the world.

Not one where the most powerful factory can call the shots to dominate and bully the smaller teams.

For my mind, it would promote all  bikes better to the general public anyway if many makes of bike where seen going hammer and tong at it in  exciting racing. The bulk of them wouldnt have a clue about electronics etc. and would buy the bike their favorite rider was on. Much like the brits with Foggy and the Ducati.


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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:

id buy that for a dollar

yamaha making a very smart and important move there making honda sweat for sure, an m1 based motor in a modded chassis has more chance of holding up on the straights against the current factory bikes, and if some other factorys follow as im sure they will they no reason why this wont work, not sure about suzuki tho, they could get in and supply a gsvr style motor for a few teams tho ?? it was quick compared to a gsxr lump after all.

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May 12

Posts: 994

cornbowl says:


the Golden age of MotoGP is long gone, and in it's current format it's heading for disaster, but with all these rumours, and Honda still wanting control, then it's another bun fight. Nearly every Motor sport has been compromised in one way or another, touring cars and  BSB, mainly because of run away winners, and when that happens attendances go down, so it's a compromise to the sport all round.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3249

wosihound says:

Same shit, different day..

Honda plans to sell replica RCV's that'll be less than a second slower than the real thing but the project has been put on hold?

Yamaha could probably lease M1 engines and electronics packages but need to know what the rules are yesterday?

Suzuki plans a two rider factory effort but just last week only wanted to commit for a year?

The Japs' last roll of the dice before Carmelo tears down the ivory MSMA tower?

Promises, promises..too little, too late.

How is continuing the electronics arms race through limited fuel and engines going to allow other manufacturers to enter and be reasonably competitive without spending a small fortune?

After the recent Noyes/Nakamoto interview - where the Honda boss' disdain for the show was evident as he tried to shift blame for dull proceedings onto the single tyre rule, citing Tamada's wins in 2004 as an example of how things could be exciting again ffs - Ezpeleta would be a mug if he caved in to Japanese factory wishes now when he's got them on the back foot.

Run the fkers off if they won't play sensibly. 

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