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MCN  says:

Poll: Are you bothered by your bike's fuel consumption figures?

Is MPG important to you and do you ride accordingly, or do you only pay attention to your fuel when the light comes on? pollcomment

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  • Posted 3 years ago (06 November 2012 12:14)

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Oct 09

Posts: 13

leogreek says:

Yes, they are rubbish...

I am disappointed by my bike's economy figures but I realise that there isn't a lot I can do about it as all the circumstances I ride in contribute to poor economy (ie stop-start, short trips, London, etc)

However, I am more disappointed in what manufacturers are putting out these days. It seems that economy does not factor into any major bike manufacturer's plans.

Most bikes seem to be getting bigger rather than smaller, whereas the car industry is making smaller and smaller engines (turbocharged or not) and making them more economical and more powerful.

Also, maybe the UK isn't the target market for small economical bikes, but there isn't much out there if you want something that isn't a 250 and isn't a 600. I used to own a CB500 which was a fantastic bike both in terms of fun and in terms of economy. Honda now make the which although very economical, has a bigger engine and less power than the 500.

It seems to be the same all over, look at the transalp going from 600, 650, 700cc.

Yamaha's TDM went from 850 to 900cc.

Suzuki bandit going from 600 to 650 and 1200 to 1250.

I won't put pure performance bikes into the same category, where the goal is to actually be faster than the previous model.

It seems a shame that bike economy has not really improved since the 70s with old Honda 400s being able to match the economy of today's bikes. I think a 400-500 category would really sell well in the UK. As it stands, unless you're on a learner or 33bhp bike, there is nothing to fill the gap. In fact, the NC700 seems to be the only bike out there with approx 50 bhp and decent economy.

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May 10

Posts: 102

Bebobobob says:


the best road bikes only get 15mpg and have tiny fuel tanks, because spending lots of money and filling up every hour is what it's all about

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Mar 10

Posts: 1049

bmwgs says:


not sure that the mpg my bike gets. its a r100gs and i can get 250miles per tank so having a 24l tank is good.  i just ride my bike in a high gear to keep the revs down going in towns ect so i get better range.

keeping the bike in a low gear at high revs like some riders do will give you low fuel range

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

couldn't care less

ride it

fill it up when near empty

ride it


doing my bit for the tax collector



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Sep 10

Posts: 70

RICHARD545 says:

Should do

But i dont. Normally too busy looking out for ignorant fools in cages with unwiped windows than concentrating on my fuel consumption. Also, when i'm in a good mood i tend to go for a thrash and then all thoughts of MPG are well out of the window..

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Aug 09

Posts: 2726

MarcusMarsh says:

Fuel consumption

Although I don't totaly ignore it , it's not a major consideration.  In the early days of my riding my bike was my sole form of transport and I didn't earn much.  Therefore it had to be reliable, economical & entertaining and the bikes I grew up on were all of those things.  These days I ride for pleasure so my considerations are different.  No, I don't want a 25mpg two-stroke and I want more than a 100-mile tank range but neither do I ride my machines with MPG in mind - I ride them to enjoy them.   

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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

The answer's no - probably

I'm currently running a ZZR1400 which gives decent economy with high performance and a touring range of up to 200 miles. My previous bike was an Aprillia RSV-4 Factory and the limiting factor on that bike was the small tank size (which has been increased for the 2013 model). If it runs out of juice in 125 miles, due to either poor economy or small tank capacity, then I'm bothered.

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Sep 12

Posts: 52

Discopoo says:


That I don't have to, and anyway, nether bike can compare with my car @ 50 mpg?

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

Considering i ride a vtr and the extortionate price of fuel in this country, yes of course. I want a bike mpg wise that does decent mpg all round whether your thrashing or just riding calmly, there's nothing more annoying than bikes that suddenly wrecks its mpg as soon as you open the throttle

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Jan 04

Posts: 131

foggie996 says:

But not MPG!

Yes I am interested in my bike's consumption as I commute to London and I enjoy trying for the best consumption whilst still making swift progress.

However, I do wish that MPG would be dropped as the unit of measure as it is meaningless and obsolete. We purchase our fuel by the litre, we know our bike's fuel capacity in litres so the gallon is an out-of-date obsolete unit.

I monitor my bike and car consumption in miles per litre (MPL). This also makes it easier to convert to kilometer per litre should you so wish and brings us more in line with the rest of the world except the USA - which sounds good to me!

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