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Marc Abbott  says:

New Drift HD camera to film your ride

The new Drift HD Ghost camera is now available in the UK, and is designed to let you capture every moment of your ride – whether that’s freestyle motocross, a track day or Alpine tour – in glorious high definition. Features of the new camera include a two-inch LCD screen, claimed three-hour battery life, the ability to take photos while...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (08 November 2012 13:32)

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Jul 11

Posts: 47

DrWorm says:


Can't fault the GoPro HD cams if you ask me. Whenever you see Top Gear, Fifth Gear, Bear Grylls and almost any action sports film they all use GoPro cams.  I've had mine a year and the range of fittings you get is awesome, I can attach it virtually anywhere. Not to mention it was no where near £300 in a Amazon sale.  Sure it doesn't have a screen to view but then again it doesn't have a screen to break when your one-wheeled-private-road-shenanigans go wrong.

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Nov 12

Posts: 2

ErnestoR1 says:

Drift Ghost

I agree with DrWorm, the GoPro is a good piece of kit. I have one, but man, I CANNOT mount it on my head. It just looks very very ODD on my nice ARAI helmet (in car, no problem). I love the remote control with the lighting system, could def attach to my yoke or tank. Time to ebay my GoPro and get a Ghost. :)

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Jun 08

Posts: 573

BIKER6F says:


would you believe it, with a very quick look on EBay, available for £149.95 and not for the above mentioned price of £299.99, there is no fooking way on earth this product is worth nearly £300 , and anyone with half a brain cell would see a price of any product, then go find it elsewhere and find it cheaper

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Aug 02

Posts: 178

sack1 says:

GoPro is the.. the standard bearer, it's name was out before consumers as the HD sports/motor sports recording took off. But that doesn't mean other brands and models should be discarded. As mentioned, the size and design of the GoPro either isn't an issue or can be depending on what one is doing. I find the bullet style cameras more to my liking as they stand out less while on my motorcycle or helmet. I can't think where a smaller camera wouldn't be better as long as other important areas are covered. I fly RC helicopters and usually use a small "dice" cam able to record 720p video. Its limiting factor is its lens. My bet is that we'll see more miniaturization in these cameras and even from GoPro as the technology progresses.

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Oct 05

Posts: 135

romford4 says:


Anyone got any reccommendations for a decent cam that can easily be secured to my helmet?

Want a helmet cam as opposed to a yoke or tank mounted jobbie so that it captures exactly what I am seeing.  Nothing too large either - probably something like a bullet-cam.  Needs a decent secure helmet mount - are they easily available?

Just want to cover my arse insurance wise when some plonker knocks me off my bike one day.

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Aug 09

Posts: 180

busaman195 says:

no way

with the cost of biking always on the up how can this company justify a price like this for a thanks.

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Aug 10

Posts: 66

muddybus says:


The Replay XD 1080 is the best discrete cam, and instead of paying £300 for the Drift Ghost, I'd rather spend £306 and get the Contour +2. You can get a wired remote control for the Replay XD, making it the best option, but it still comes in at around £270.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

So now we're just running adverts as stories?

It's not a review, you're adding nothing except what a marketdroid told you to print.

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Jan 09

Posts: 28

markinnormy says:

What do people expect

You're getting the web site for free. It's only to be expected that they will run adverts dressed up as reports. This isn't the bbc. I subscribe to MCN, which is full of adverts and sometimes I even buy stuff from them. As for the drift., buy the hd720 for £120 instead. I use one every day (mounted to the side of my helmet) and it works a treat.

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Jun 11

Posts: 568

ratchetman says:


I bought a cam corder on ebay the size of a torch with handle bar,crashbar or dash mounts for a tenner. Really good picture with sound got to be a bargain. I also have a Kodak flip cam thats really good plus waterproof to 3m and shock proof only paid 40 quid for that  

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