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Steve Farrell  says:

Ban for 144mph speeder

A motorcyclist who rode at 144mph on an A-road has been banned from driving for six months. Gary Dobson was caught speeding on his BMW S100RR on the A63 at South Milford, North Yorkshire, on October 7. The 40-year-old from Halifax was fined £500 by Selby magistrates after pleading guilty by post at an earlier hearing.

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  • Posted 2 years ago (09 November 2012 17:09)

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Mar 08

Posts: 72

sallison30 says:

144 isn't really that fast and the bloke was almost certainly riding perfectly safely with no danger to himself or anyone else. Still, lets not stand in the way of oppression. Lets also not upset "holier than thou" bikers like Tchild. It never ceases to amaze me that we call ourselves a community as bikers but so many are prepared to take an anti stance to one of our own and take sides with those who seek to harass us ie traffic. Police.

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Mar 10

Posts: 1032

bmwgs says:


and to think he could just of done his DAS and then jumped on to the bmw.

on a motorway then it would not be so bad  but a A road with a speed limt of 60 means if he hit a car both would of been killed.  the fastest i do on A road main is 70 were safe.

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Jan 09

Posts: 28

markinnormy says:

Too much testostorone

Listen to yourselves.144mph might not be fast on a track, but this is the A63 at Sherburn. The idea of being oppressed because you're not allowed to do double the speed limit. Is that really oppression? As for the comparisons with professional racers and the Bloodhound land speed record team, is that the best argument you can come up with? I'm not "holier than thou", like lots of bikers I break the speed limit on a regular basis, but not by such a ridiculous margin. When I do get caught speeding and I have been, I suck it up like a man. I might not like the rules, but I know what they are and I'm responsible for my own actions. Get your facts right, I'm not a closet cyclist, I'm an out cyclist. I own four bicycles, but then again I own two motorbikes, one of which I ride to work every day. It's funny how I don't see many BMW s1000rr's at this time of year. I can recommend cycling for bikers, that middle age paunch doesn't look good in one piece leathers. At. Least there are other people on this forum who can string a cognitive and even scientific argument together. There is still hope for our little "community"

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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Join A Club

My advice is to join a club like the NSA, Straighliners or at the very least go along to a track day. Whatever grabs you but get it out of your system and find out how fast you or your bike really are in a safer and legal environment. Remove the temptation of doing it on the public highway.

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Nov 10

Posts: 264

Homer40 says:

That exactly the problem... todays world, everyone's got an opinion and they can't accept it when they are wrong.

We all excercise our opinions believing that whatever they are, they are right, guess what, it's an opinion and it's not always right, you're entitled to it and you're entitled to believe it, but you're not entitled to force it down someones elses neck.

If bikers or drivers want to speed wherever they see fit, it's up to them, they have to live with the results should there be any.  There is no difference speeding on a motorway to speeding on an A road, its breaking the speed limit for that particular road, some of the comments below are typical shite " Fastest i go on an A road is 70 where safe?" are there any A roads with that speed limit left?

It does not matter whether you do 150mph in a 30mph or 150mph in a 70mph limit, they both are against the law, there's nothing stopping you doing it.

There are roads where i live currently that are 30mph, everyone is now thinking ah built up area, schools, shops ect ect...............Wrong, the roads in question have nothing on them apart from woodland either side and a cemetary full of already dead people, but it's 30mph (god knows why) scamera vans on it most of the time, yet most of us who use this road travel at anything from 30mph to whatever speed you feel like.

Yet, if you mentioned this to most people they would be up in arms that someone has gone faster than 30mph, the speed limits are 50 odd years old, motorcycles,cars,lorries, have all come on leaps and bounds since then, for god sake they still tell us that overall stopping distance is 315 feet at 70mph.......................BOLLOCKS you can stop much quicker than that now even in the rain.


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Feb 09

Posts: 4758

philehidiot says:


argument. It's the law and if you want to do that on public roads you take the penalty. Personally I think this was a very lenient penalty and he got away with it. Doesn't matter if it's just another bike on the road, a simple gust of wind could have caused a collision.

I'm sorry but it's straight forward - go to a track and if you can't do the time don't do the crime.

And it's not crime of the centenary which is why he got only a 6 month ban and a fine. Prison for these offences is definitely overkill but use of the roads is a privilege which you acquire when you pass your test and can be taken away if you can't follow the rules.

And yes I know we all speed but going on here whining about it is pointless and just shows an attitude which press will pick up on to paint a crap picture of us all and the cops will pick up on to re enforce their belief that they need to carry on enforcing in this manner.

Also, it's well known that NYP put their resources into mobile speed cameras rather than fixed so speed there somewhere obvious and you're likely to get caught.

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Mar 10

Posts: 118

MudDoctor says:

They don't just pick on bikes

I have no idea of the outcome of this case, but here is an unmarked police bike catching a speeding car, at 147 mph.

All of you who seem to condone the speeding biker in the article, I assume that if you had been caught at that speed (it's your right, innit?) you would plead not guilty and have your day in court, stand up like a man and justify your actions with the cogent arguments that you have laid out in your comments here.

Yes, it's a game, we all speed, but it's usually a case of the right time and place. This guy picked the wrong one, and got done. He was smart enough to plead guilty, and frankly got off lightly. Some speeders have done time for this sort of thing.

I certainly won't claim that I haven't wrung the neck of a litre sportsbike, and may even have surpassed this guy's speed, but I certainly wouldn't have moaned about it if I'd been caught. Of course, that was in the days before speed cameras and camera vans, but there was still radar, hand held radar, VASCAR and other sneaky means of catching me.  The key to not getting caught was observation. Pick your moment. It's a bit like cornering, moderate your speed to the distance that you can stop; if you're going to speed, only do it on a road that you can see to be clear of cameras and camera vans. If there's a small dip or rise in the road, you can't see if there's a van or camera hiding there, so don't do it there. Simples.

It's a bit like parking. Park on a double yellow for 5 minutes if you can see there's no wardens about. It's illegal, but you can get a way with it. Only a moron parks there when there's a warden watching you.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4758

philehidiot says:

I would

just like to add that the police get training to control a vehicle off road before being allowed to drive at excessive speed on road. Most people here will have no such training and any experience will likely be on a track - a near perfect surface.

professional racers again - off road, on track where it's much safer to do those speeds. What happens when there's a patch of oil / debris on a track in motoGP? They all come flying off at the same bloody spot and that's them going round and round repeatedly. You have one shot at getting it right and it's the taxpayer that has to pay a fortune when you get it wrong.

So if you can't understand that access to the roads isn't your right and that speeding isn't your right then try and get that wasting other people's money with air ambulance, loads of emergency vehicles and people sat in traffic missing flights, interviews, whatever isn't your right.

Most people have come off a bike and it's usually because you got it wrong. Whether it was officially someone else's fault, YOU could usually have done something about it. When you get it wrong at these speeds, it's your fault we have to pay to scrape you off the road and put you back together and on top of that there are other road users out there (in this case another motorcycle) you could easily take out.

EDIT: I bet you follow the rules at the track, otherwise you're black flagged. Same on public roads.

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May 09

Posts: 2542

ally600 says:

pay your money......take your chance

if your going to push that hard into triple figures then accept the deep shit you will be in if you get caught...............i think he got off light when some have seen jail time for just a few more no angel but also realize i need my licence for my job and no weather or road conditions would make me think 140mph is a clever idea...............does this mean 60 in a 30 is alright if you think the conditions are a track day or quarter mile track runs.............much cheaper, safer and a hell of a lot more learn more and keep your licence:wink:  

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

It was his CHOICE to do that speed, no one held a gun to his head now did they? By the same token, don't expect too much sympathy from magistrates, the vast majority have no real comprehension of bikes and riding. This sort of publicity also helps the law makers who are in the process of driving (pardon the pun) us from the roads to justify their draconian decisions. Yes, I speed, I don't pretend otherwise, but do try to do it where I stand less chance of getting caught. I'm not two faced, if I was, I wouldn't wear the one I've got....... 

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