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Matthew Birt  says:

No controlled electronics and no in-season engine mods in MotoGP

Honda, Yamaha and Ducati will no longer be able to introduce new or upgraded engines during the season, but will still be able to use their own traction control and anti-wheelie strategies as part of a revamp of premier class rules for 2014. After months of deliberations about reducing costs and improving the spectacle in MotoGP, a range of new technical...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (10 November 2012 18:49)

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Jun 10

Posts: 288

bluehaze60 says:

Why doesn't he just say no more development ,this is stupid, if say Honda have a massive engine advantage at the start of the season then it's game over for everyone else, not the way to go, if it's cost cutting then cut out the electronics,top teams are rumoured to be spending up 500,000 euros a season,limit the amount of people per team,et there are other ways to do this & this is not one of them

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May 10

Posts: 6

EllisSpoon says:

But if you stop development, where does new technology for road bikes, or even race bikes in lower classes? Development is needed, to improve fuel economy, traction control etc...

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Oct 12

Posts: 99

Total balls up.

Good ol' Uncle Carmelo.... Happily carrying on with his total and utter fucking up of Moto GP and god only knows what a mess he is going to make of WSB when he gets round to buggering around with that..The sooner that muppet is drummed out of Motorcycle racing the better,i only hope it isnt all completely wankered by the time he eventually does go.

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Jan 11

Posts: 661

carloslavado says:

Put down propper rules for all classes for 3 years. That would be a start. That should be Moto3 250 engines in whatever frames. Moto2 production engines without electronisch aids, R6 and Zx6r engines and 3 cilinder Triumph and Mv 675 engines in frames as crazy as you wan't it. Motogp Yamaha, Honda and Ducati should all suply 4 factory spec engines to frame builders at limited cost.. Kalex Ducati would beat the factory team easilly. Mc Laren kicks Mercedes ass every time, still they get good engines.

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Aug 11

Posts: 24

paulthew says:

What a load of bollocks.

I don't care if there is 'only' twelve bikes on the grid; I'm watching who is up the front, not who is in tenth place. Good luck to them, and all that, but I'm here to watch Rossi, Lorenzo, Pedrosa and (what a shame) Stoner battle for first.   

I want motogp to have the very best riders on the very best bikes, end of story.

That means the best factories in the wold throwing everything they have into making the most awesome race bikes possible, then getting the likes of Rossi, Doohan, Stoner, Roberts, Lorenzo, Lawson, Rainey, etc. to ride the beasts.

Eveything else is watered-down crap.

End of rant.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3300

wosihound says:


While it's good news that Val's Uncle and the Japs have the makings of an agreement that will retain factory supported machinery, I wonder about the wisdom of allowing Yamaha to lease stuff to teams.

I thought this was the main gripe that teams and Dorna had with the manufacturers.

The cost is expensive and a waste with returned equipment invariably going to the crusher plus there's too much control over teams by the supplying factory, limiting genuine competion.

Under these new proposals, will Yamaha supply teams with motors so they can run the spec ECU package and benefit from an extra 4 litres of fuel?

Surely if they allow this, which I personally have my doubts about, they could sell the units as the engine hardware is no big's their electronic software they wish to protect? That software would would be redundant as the code controlling the sipping of 20 litres will be different to 24 litres allowed for non MSMA bikes?

As a team owner, will you be be prepared to invest in chassis to accomodate a leased M1 engine that has to be given back at the years end, when you can buy an RCV replica or Aprilia powered CRT? is 20 litres and just 5 engines going to encourage other manufacturers to enter the series? BMW and Aprilia can't compete under the present 24 litre/12 engine stipulation.

To my mind, the new rules don't weaken the MSMA's stranglehold on proceedings they enforce it.

Electronics will become even more important than they are now, with associated costs increased, and the show will likely be even more processional.

I guess we'll have to wait for the full rulebook detail to be released before we can analyse with authority but..I'm sceptical about the benefits at this stage.

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Mar 09

Posts: 294

Mort77 says:

Nail in the coffin

Yep, I pretty much agree with you Wosihound. Also the ban on development through the entire season is a nail in the coffin of competition imo. Though perhaps Carmelo is (so) desperate for Dani to win the Championship that he hopes Honda will start the year with a bike head and shoulders above Yamaha, as they did at the start of this year. Cal summed up the 20 litre debacle very well when he said that all that will do is ensure the Championship is fought between Jorge and Dani for the foreseeable future as their bikes have the best electronics etc and no fuel worries (at the Japanese GP Cal ran out of fuel on the last lap and Jorge finished with a litre). It's shaping up to be a right mess...

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Feb 11

Posts: 180

davevr46 says:

24 Litres of fuel for everyone

Ohlins or Showa Suspension.

Make everyone have the same brakes.

Choice of frame made by whoever you want , but not by a factory....

Choice of prototype engine made by either yamaha , honda or ducati , no tuned crt engines.....

Screw electronic rider aids like antiwheelie and TC.

Screw Bridgestone  , let pirelli,metzler and mitchelin get involved as well if they want to , oh wait there not japanase hahhaha.

Allow 'overnight' tyres......

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:


run out of ideas and desperate has made this outcome, what a joke carmello i guess you never saw wsbk coming your way either!!!, jesus new parts and elcetronics are developed every day by factorys like honda and yamaha and ducati so why throw the crt's another lifeline, even today race proved in damp conditions they still cant compete in all fairness to the riders, 20 ltrs of fuel instead of a rev limit well that wont be an issue because they will just use a race strategy to solve that one, shame the sport i love is turning f1. damn shame.

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Aug 11

Posts: 797

acanada46 says:

I wonder what uncle caramel will do if we only have the 3 factories signing up for 2014.

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