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Guy Procter  says:

Poll: How to REALLY spice up MotoGP

Dorna has announced some concessions to the factories by scrapping CRT bikes in 2014 and ditching the idea of control rider aid software. But what do you think would REALLY spice up the spectacle, and turn MotoGP once again into a guaranteed great view? For today only, you're on the Dorna board and you've got five votes to cast in favour of...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (12 November 2012 16:44)

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Feb 09

Posts: 4781

philehidiot says:


only problem with scrapping rider aids like traction control is that it limits development of rider aids and them filtering down to mere mortals such as us where ABS and traction control are potential life / limb savers.

Of course you then have racers just leaning on the traction control around corners and it becomes not a matter of how good the rider is but how good your software engineer is. A review of the R1 described riding it fast requiring "leaning heavily on the traction control" around bends. We can't have road bikes designed to be ridden in this way - there's little skill and it's asking for disaster if the system fails and potential issues if an R1 rider hops on another bike....

It's mad to restrict the tyres - they did it in F1 and it immediately got more boring. MotoGP should look at F1 and just do the exact opposite. Having to introduce artificial things like DRS and KERS to enable any overtaking is just stupid.

Where did racing start out? It started out with a bunch of people turning up with bikes / cars that were completely different. Parts sourced anywhere and practically anything could be tried. That's what makes great racing and also leads to innovations for the road and track. If you restrict and regulate it so they all look, sound and ride practically the same you will end up with it being a parade round a track. This is the prototype class where almost anything should be open for trying. If they want to make a bike look like Big Bird then they should be allowed to try it as long as when it's in the air it's still following the track.

Also there is an issue with the TV directors when you're trying to watch a good scrap in the mid field or at the back they love to cut back to two bikes following each other near the front. There's always something happening, it's just whether it is being shown or not.

Oh and the "everyone on the same bike" option should perhaps be rephrased.... unless you want a human pyramid.

And qualifying being a break dancing competition... yes, yes, yes.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2494

supermario says:

And qualifying being a break dancing competition... yes, yes, yes.

Can you imagine it. It'd be bloody amazing! I'd pay the entry fee to the circuit just to see Pedrosa body poppin' and doing the robot

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Aug 09

Posts: 56

gavinfdavies says:

think about what benefits us...

No engine restrictions but limited fuel. Really limited (like 50mpg equivalent). Then a maximum mass for bike, say 130kg. And a generic costing structure, such that bikes can be 'priced' up, and then set a maximum 'price'.


This would select for economical but fast and light bikes, using all sorts of interesting tech, like turbo-charged direct-injection two strokes. The price limit would keep the technology down to sensible levels.

Also, maybe electric bikes could start out totally unlimited. The day when an electric bike beats a top spec petrol race bike, is the day they will truly have come of age.

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Aug 02

Posts: 735

grayzx7r says:

Obvious Really

Simple solution. NO RULES anything goes BUT must have at least 1 wheel

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Jun 12

Posts: 149

willc955 says:

More petrol, please

Get rid of these damn fuel limits!  Or at least increase them.  They're already talking about taking away another liter from the prototypes next year.  A restrictive fuel limit in any racing series using internal combustion engines is silly.  If companies want to develop fuel-efficient technology, do it in a different series.

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Sep 10

Posts: 3

tom2785 says:

Bike & Rider Total Weight

Minimum bike and rider weight. Currently the rules favor riders to be as light and small as possible, this gives a significant advantage to some of the field. Come on MCN this should have been included, if F1 has this sorted and now moto 2 why has the top class been so slow on the issue?

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Sep 06

Posts: 8579

fuzzrr says:


Have you watched an electric bike race?? Its like watching porn without tits and arse!!!

Totally souless. The day an electric bike beats and takes over from what we have now, is the day bike racing dies.

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Jun 10

Posts: 356

Lorenzo99 says:

Simple & cheap solution

    Scrap the series as it is now & go the Moto 2 route with 1000cc engines.Moto 2 is a fantastic series,very competative,lots of teams & a lot,lot cheaper than Moto GP.Prototype racing is over rated,extremly expensive & dying.

fuzzr - Tottaly agree !

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May 12

Posts: 6

johnnywyss says:

i agree 100% with Lorenzo99 as well as with tom2785. lets put pressure on Dorna that the rules change that way for 2014 for great racing show.

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Aug 09

Posts: 56

gavinfdavies says:

electric gp bikes

the only reason electric races are dull is a) lack of noise (and I must admit that is one thng i'd really miss), and b) no major manufacturer does any development. If just one of the big four dedicated a couple of years to electric superbikes, they'd be worth having, expecially considering how cheap electricity is compared to petrol.

But I never said they were better than petrol right now...

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