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Matthew Birt  says:

Pics: Valentino Rossi makes Yamaha return

Valentino Rossi has returned to Yamaha’s official factory MotoGP squad at the Valencia track today. The Italian arrived at Yamaha’s garage at the Ricardo Tormo track in the middle of the afternoon ahead of his much hyped return to a factory YZR-M1 tomorrow when the 2013 winter testing campaign gets underway in Spain. Rossi ended a disastrous two-year spell with Ducati in...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (12 November 2012 18:19)

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Apr 11

Posts: 3516

Bultoboy says:


If Stoner couldn't take being beaten he'd have retired before he even got to Motogp - you've no basis for that argument whatsoever.

No I don't call leaving one team for another quitting, don't be niaive. Rossi didn't want Lorenzo, he gave Yamaha an ultimatum, threatened to go to F1, rallying and whatever else, culminating in his Lorenzo or me stance. Yamaha re-signed Lorenzo. Rossi had an offer to stay as well. He didn't because he couldn't face Lorenzo on equal terms. He quit and went to Ducati thinking all he had to do was set up the bike properly, which he'd accused Stoner of not being able to do, in order to put it regularly back on the top step. Oh dear.. He should have stayed at Yamaha. He had the chance to go to Ducati back in 2003 and turned it down flat, that's how much he really wanted to go there.

You know full well why Stoner went sick, do you think he was puking in his helmet during races for fun - or was that fantasy too. Medically diagnosed with lactose intolerance, treated and returned and won immediately back at full fitness. What's to 'get to the bottom of'.

I couldn't care less if Rossi retires or not. I'm not one who subscribes to the notion that Motogp needs any one rider. It's a pity such an exciting rider as Stoner has gone but Motogp will go on, as it will when Rossi goes. I don't know where this notion it needs him comes from, or the one that says it will be better for him being up front 'battling'. Do you think he won't clear off at the front like anyone else if he's fast enough.

If you like the circus act that accompanies him winning, then fair enough, but I don't, I find it childish, orchestrated and self seeking, not spontaneous entertainment - and if he continues to do it at 33 he needs his arse kicking

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May 09

Posts: 269

JustBe says:


Unless two riders are in the same team at the same time you cannot compared them. Even in the year Stoner left Tech 3 made a massive stride forwards to demote Ducati to the 4th fastest bike and Honda made a stride forward to be the fastest bike on the Grid. Maybe next year Ducati make a massive stride and become the fastest bike and suddenly Hayden is winning races and people say Rossi sucks or whatever.... It's stupid Arguing about it, Rossi has won 9 championships, 7 in full sized Moto GP, I don't think he cares, he has proven he is the GOAT until someone beats his record.

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May 09

Posts: 884

CH987 says:


You seem to of forgotten Giacomo Agostini who won 15 titles, 8 in the 500cc class. How can someone be the greatest of all time, when they're not?

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Oct 10

Posts: 477

racingfan99 says:

Just to say this GOAT thing. Remember it was Colin Edwards, his factory team mate at the time who started calling Rossi that…then some of the media picked up on it. It was meant as a compliment and to be funny; that is CE’s ironic humour because it was a crap sounding title for anyone. Nothing more or less than that. VR hasn’t ever used it, and he widely accepts Ago has the most wins. But you can only race the people who line up on the same grid as you. After all would the beat combo The Beatles really have been so big if they were around at the same time as the mighty One Direction!!!!

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Oct 10

Posts: 477

racingfan99 says:

Joking apart though, gotta say there is plenty to be fascinated in this test not just VR. To see how Dovi, Marquez, Bradley & Iannone go on their first day should be interesting.

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Sep 12

Posts: 209

MrKrabs says:


Your spot on there, One direction Rock!!!

Also all this about Rossi's me or him ultimatum, I can't remember ever seeing or hearing any quotes to this effect, Sure Rossi would rather Lorenzo wasnt his team mate but I was under the impression Rossi left Yamaha because they asked him to take a pay cut due to the financial crisis, Rossi accepted then found out the money saved had been used to give Lorenzo a pay rise (which I think is resonable considering the progress Lorenzo was making), Only then did he throw his toys and join Ducati.

Still a stupid thing to do though.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3249

wosihound says:


The him or me scenario you put forward shows a lack of understanding and is based in your dislike of Rossi's status within the sport. This is underlined by the last two paragrahs of your comment.

I don't have a problem with your attitude, each to their own and all that business, but stop givin' it large if you're gonna tell porkies and be so subjective.

If Rossi was scared of competing with Lorenzo..what's he doing back at Yamaha, taking a big pay cut now?

I've outlined before, and Rossi has said as much himself, he was pissed with Yamaha for making it clear that they thought Lorenzo was the future. Rossi admits he now understands why, but at the time thought they were ungrateful considering his past efforts.

Ego, maybe..out of order, No.

They negotiated a 5 million paycut with Rossi, who at the time had just won a 4th title for them and the second in a row..

He'd backed his talent up..for the Fifth time in his career, and that was just in MotoGP.

Yamaha cited the WFC and a lack of money.

Rossi's wages at the time were being covered by the FIAT money he brought to the team. 14 million a year.

Yamaha/Jarvis..promptly gave that 5 million to Lorenzo as a pay rise to stop him moving to Ducati. Marlboro wanted him to replace Stoner, who they were pissed with because he went AWOL without a sicknote.

So..Rossi as reigning champ for the second time in two years, took a 50% reduction on wages from money he'd brought in and it was agreed would pay his wages..and gave 22 yr old Lorenzo, who'd been beaten by Rossi for two years on the same bike, a 200% pay increase.

You'd be pissed off too Pal.


Also..take a look at the drop in audience when Rossi broke his leg, both at the circiuts and TV viewing figures. They make unpalatable reading for fans like you..but facts is facts.

Rossi is a global sporting figure, not just a surly bike racer..and this is why the sport WILL suffer when he retires unless they find a way to make the show more exciting or Marquez has a personality transplant.

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Nov 03

Posts: 2235

saturn392 says:


Great post - sets it out exactly as I also see it.  Quote from Simon Crafar on Sunday - '' Casey is a great rider but he hasn't brought nearly as much to the sport as Valentino''   So Nostro, Bulto et al it's not just your so called fanboys, pantie wearers and other such insults that recognise what 46 has done for motorcycling.

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Oct 10

Posts: 477

racingfan99 says:

Wosi & Saturn
Some good posts on ere, makes a change to have a bit of common sense!

Still don’t know why so many posts keep relating to the past, rather than the present or future. Most of it is hearsay, gossip and sensationalist speculation very rare are any of the so called stories of the past and the ‘he said this or they did that’…very little confirmation or chat from the people themselves. That’s why I don’t get involved it’s just people dragging bikes down to the gutter tabloid level (MCN are just as bad for stirring it up).

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Aug 09

Posts: 2725

MarcusMarsh says:

Moto GP / Rossi

Moto GP based debates, particularly those involving VR do seem to draw a lot of strong opinion.  For me VR has provided a lot of entertainment over the years and I have enjoyed watching him race - as I have many other riders .  At the very least it is going to be interesting and hopefully entertaining to see him back on a bike that is better suited to him than the Ducati.        

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