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MCN  says:

POLL: Why did you buy an adventure bike… really?

This year's Milan show has seen the release of a wide selection of adventure bikes, either updated or all-new models, from BMW, KTM, Aprilia, and Ducati among others. No doubt some of these bikes do huge distances every year, exploring the world on every surface imaginable. But just as many of them never venture anywhere more dangerous than the M25! So we...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 November 2012 16:55)

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Jan 08

Posts: 74

Victor9098 says:

Great for the commute

I live out in the country and have to commute into the city. So on the lanes around me leading up to the main roads its great. Especially after all the farms have spilled the contents of their yards onto the road after wet weather. Also once I get to the city their are nothing but those daft speed bumps around my area. I do not even have to slow down for them. Also try to get away for two weeks each year with a tent, usually just disappear touring up around Scotland or Ireland. So I like to think she gets well used, but when you see what Nick Sanders can do on a R1 then you can see that any well made bike will get you most places.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Suzuki GSX1250FA

£7,865 OTR including hard luggage and a garmin satnav with european maps and lifetime subscription.

The new BMW R1200GS will run you about £13,000 with the same equipment.

If you're actually intending to have an "adventure", then buy the Suzuki and spend the other £5K on riding it.

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Feb 10

Posts: 159

ducatigav says:

at 6.3 sports bikes are too small touring bikes too boring and if i cant fit a sports i mite as well have somthing that looks a little like a dakar bike and dosnt get up set with pot holes

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Mar 07

Posts: 1464

joeslow says:

Suzuki GSX1250FA

Rogerborg, agree with you 100%.

GSX, great bike, comfortable, well built and serious value for money.


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Oct 10

Posts: 189

zoobaz says:

agree with Spangle


I don't ride an adventure bike - though I'd quite like one for the same reasons as Spangle - I'm well over 6 feet tall and feel cramped on most other bikes. My Sprint ST 955 and ST1050s were OK, but the Tiger, KTM990 or GS would be more comfy for me. I've got quite long arms too (imagine an Orangutan in SIDI boots and you're not far off), so if I could afford one I'd def buy one of these for the practicality. if someone else who knows nothing about me wants to pidgeonhole me then fine, I'm not gonna change my riding because what someone else may or may not think!

same goes for big touring bikes really - unless you're well over 6'  it's hard to imagine how uncomfortable something like an SV1000S really is (even though they're great bikes..)



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Sep 12

Posts: 212

domster says:


I often enjoy a summer blast with my friend MOLLY SUGDEN!!! me on my st3 and her on her BUSA!!! This time of year though she prefers her cbr125rrrrr and me my tmax.

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Mar 10

Posts: 1046

bmwgs says:


well as i find sports bike give me a sore back and wrists iso i  like using trail bike / streetfightes ect .as they have a better riding postion ect. i am only 26yeras old/

the 1200gs is a big pile of crap.. it has a very high seat hight anmd the total weight of the bike is usless.

the ktm 990 is a better bike light and has a lower seat what a bike should have


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Feb 12

Posts: 254

Titosfuneral says:

they're the bikes for me

At 6'5" sports bikes are too small and whenever I ride them my head sticks out over the fairing and I feel like I'm bowling down the road head first. After 15 minutes, my knees seize up and somewhere along the line 150+ horsepower scares the proverbial out of me. I've ridden thumpers and adventure bike for a long time now, although the first "adventure" I owned was the '96 Triumph Tiger which had a frame made of elastic. I've been through South East Asia, parts of Africa and the Americas on variants of the theme (The last trip supposedly for a year - took 5 years) I like em, I'm comfortable on them and they do 5 of the list of 7 things I want a motorcycle to do. The only things they don't do that I would like are high speed sweepers and go 0-160 in some tiny time. There again, I don't have the bo****ks for knee down action so it doesn't bother me. Mostly I like 650 thumpers with big tanks (klr, the old ktm adventure) but I had and loved a 1150gs because of the lack of dive when braking. When I get old I'll get a touring bike, but for now... I'll stick with them.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:

This  topic could run and run! I agree with Rogerborg entirely, why waste money when you could be spending the difference on holidays? And Snev, I had a Blackbird 10 years ago. It was my dream bike but the reality was it was a long stretch to low bars and sadly, I swapped it. It was also crap on fuel. I looked at my riding realistically and said 'how often do I go over 100mph, especially for any length of time'? and how comfy do I want to be? And thats why I bought my Tiger 800 coz it suits me for what I do and its a damn good bike as well. I prefer long rides and touring, abroad when I can and now I'm happy. Its the least powerful bike I've had for nearly 20 years but I don't miss the power. And I'm not a slow rider. I had 150mph on the clock of my SprintST 1050 last year, but I only did it because I could! Riding is more enjoyable when the pressure to go fast is off! But its each to their own I suppose.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8645

snev says:


I know what you mean about the Blackbird, Fantastic Bike but a bit of a stretch to the bars, took me about three months to get comfy But the Busa is Better and the ZZR1400 is Fine, the BMW k1300S is the best for comfort (In My Opinion). The Blackbird is Quite Thirsty compared to the Busa Which gets 50 plus on a run. I have a real problem deciding which bike I should Buy Next, TBH and have chosen to Keep the Busa and Buy Two other Mint Older Bikes next year to add to the other Bikes that I currently own. Then again I might just go for a KTM390 and a Suzuki GSX1250FA to run in all weathers and Bring out the Busa for the longer trips. The CBR 125R is a real Hoot and the NC30 makes me Giggle, The RSV1000R is a Love Hate Bike. The X7 is in bits as is the X1. I do actually like the idea of an adventure bike and the Tiger 800 would be a great bike to own I'm Sure but not yet, Maybe when My Penis Grows!

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