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MCN  says:

POLL: Why did you buy an adventure bike… really?

This year's Milan show has seen the release of a wide selection of adventure bikes, either updated or all-new models, from BMW, KTM, Aprilia, and Ducati among others. No doubt some of these bikes do huge distances every year, exploring the world on every surface imaginable. But just as many of them never venture anywhere more dangerous than the M25! So we...

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  • Posted 3 years ago (13 November 2012 16:55)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:


Well go and take a test ride. Thats the good thing about Triumph dealers as they seem to have almost every bike in the range for testing. I was told after I sold the Blackbird that you can fit VFR 800 handlebars that give a higher, comfier seating position. But I only got 38-40 mpg, not good enough. I get mid 50's from the Tiger, much better. If I had the money and space for  a couple of classic bikes too, it would be a Benelli 750-6 like the one I bought new in 78, coz my engineering skills are better now, unbelievable problems but when it was OK, it was fantastic. Also, a Yamaha 750 Seca which I thought was a unique, underestimated bike, but I bet you can't get the spares now to make it standard.

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Nov 12

Posts: 1

KTMD says:

does everything

versatility.  does everything I need it to, almost.

pack it full of gear and head off, rack up big miles in comfort, easy 2 up, not worry about road surface as much when out in the twisties, hit a trail if the desire takes you, make a lot of noise.

lots of road presence and a very good view when commuting in the city, gets lots of attention, (not a GS), light and flickable.

only sacrifice is its note quite as much fun or as fast when out with your mates in the twisties, but its marginal, it still puts a massive grin on my face.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:


Many people have told me to "take a test ride" on a Triumph and I have not so far, done so but, Do you know what? I reckon I might just go and do it. You have a very good way of posting comments on here and I applaud you for being so "Laid back" when others try to "Goad" you into an argument. The Benelli six was Amazing in my book but a little bit before my time TBH, The Secca was another story though, I loved that Bike and could have easily bought one as the XJ650 was so good, but I actually went for a V Four Honda instead..... Whoops!

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:


Thanks for the compliment and I understand your point about a few knobs on this site but I suppose we all have an opinion. You just have to have thick skin and give as good as you get. Still not keen on your avatar though, something not involving bodily fluids would be nice. And as for a V four Honda, does 'rattle rattle, wheres that special oil and cam chain tensioner' ring any bells?

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Jun 08

Posts: 137

Ridefree says:

Best bikes

For me they are the best compromise for Road / Touring / Trail.

Some UK roads are appalling, went to Sheffield last Sat, and in Walkely there are truthfully roads that are more pot hole than road.

For trail I mean unsurfaced tracks (not race tracks!),

For touring they're very good, and when you get to your destination, the're good for back road or mountain pass riding.

For off road trail riding the're too heavy, covered in plastic, and too pwerful - so that's why trials bikes were invented. Off road adventure bikes mean trails and tracks with reasonable surfaces that are not tarmaced. Not many in the UK, but they are there, usually marked as roads unsuitable for traffic - like Sheffield!

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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

A few people get it

I've had the big GS for 7 years and more recently a Guzzi Stelvio NTX.  They're an SUV on 2 wheels.  You can go anywhere on these things.  Not as fast around the track as an RR or an MX course like a KX, but it WILL get around more comfortably and with all my gear for a couple weeks.  Try that on those other bikes.


Back in September, I loaded up with a bunch of camping gear, lots of clothes, laptop and various supplies needed to survive down to 20 deg F temps in Labrador, Canada.  Did 4200 miles from Houston, TX to St. Johns, NF in 7 days and still had time to sight see along the way.  Left during a Hurricane in the Gulf and went through a 2nd hurricane that bombarded Nova Scotia.  Big bike handed the severe weather just fine as well as a bunch of dirt roads in the Avalon Peninsula.  Did between 80-100 mph throughout Newfoundland and Nova Scotia just because I could 900 miles of heavily beat up potholed and dirt and rock road followed at 60-80 mph.  Then back home for a total of 8600 miles in 17 days.  Took a bunch of dirt/gravel/logging roads here and there throughout Labrador just to see where they went. 


Now, I have a Z1000SX as well with Givi hard cases.  I could have done most of that trip.  I'd have had to leave out about 1200 miles of off-road.  Not quite as adventurous.

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Aug 02

Posts: 1557

superbol says:

Adventure bike boys make me laugh

Not all of them ,  and after a ride I call in Abergavenny and  see them drinking coffee and chatting with fellow BMW riders innocent enough I thought . But a few times my route out on my bike I`ve come across a few GS riders and hard to believe I have reconized them and there "adventure" have consisted of travelling from the village they live all kitted out  and calling in Abergavenny tea/coffee and home .Good on them if thats what makes em happy it makes BMW happy selling them bikes but its a bit silly shelling out £14 k plus expensive kit just for a short ride dont it ?

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Jul 10

Posts: 272

piroflip says:

Most Adventure bikes...........

..................are ridden to the local biking haunt ten miles from where their owners live for the purpose of posing.

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Apr 04

Posts: 89

sj_edinburgh says:

I've owned all sorts of bikes: thumpers, trailbikes, adventure bikes, sportsbikes, sports tourers, "naked" roadbikes and on occasion (holidays mainly), I've hired scooters. All fun in their own way. I wish MCN would stop bringing up Boorman/MacGregor every time adventure bikes are mentioned - these bikes were around long before their TV programs!

I don't feel a strong need to defend adventure bikes (I don't own one at the moment), but they are great for our potholed roads, are the obvious choice for taller riders and make great commuters.


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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:


So, adventure bike riders are posers? So what are all the Fireblade/GSXR/ZX/YZF owners when they go out with leathers with the hump (that always makes me laugh, like it makes a difference on public roads!) knee scrapers (great for protecting your knees when you slide off on diesel, cow shit etc) and tyres that won't get warmed up on public roads but are there to look like you just blew off Rossi.? And there are lots of them who, if they want to go any distance, put their bikes in the back of a van and ride them when they get there, totally defeating the idea of touring. Read X2's previous comment. Thats real riding, not just a quick squirt to your nearest bike meet. Forget ultimate speed and try some real distance riding, then you will see why people buy adventure bikes.

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