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Steve Farrell  says:

Speed awareness course could mean higher insurance costs

Taking a speed awareness course could lead to increased insurance premiums. Admiral is raising premiums of people who attend the courses, which are offered instead of a fine and licence penalty points. The insurance group says people who attend the course pose a higher risk.Avoiding extra insurance costs has been a key attraction of the courses, which are typically more...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (19 November 2012 16:46)

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Sep 09

Posts: 885

Rogerborg says:

Battle of the marketeers

While I'm actually in favour of any post test training, ACPO Plc are just miffed because the income from their neat little "partnerships" is being challenged.

MCN, if you want to do some real journalism, how about investigating how much of the money from "speed awareness" courses (why not careless or inconsiderate as well?) makes it back into Force budgets, or the pockets of ACPO ranks' brothers-in-law.

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Sep 11

Posts: 13

speed (awareness) kills

If people who go on speed awareness courses are statistically more likely to make a claim, what does that tell you? Are the courses no good? Or are factors other than speed quite important?

Nobody is forcing anyone to break the speed limit. You break the law and get caught, there are consequences. We all know this and go faster anyway. We assess that risk because we are adults.

Insurance companies are all swindlers who charge as much as possible and pay out as little as possible. We all know this, but we have to have insurance by law. We complain about this because we haven't grown up.

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Sep 11

Posts: 19

likesitfast says:

Just don't use this company

It's as simple as that. There should be no need to declare your attendance of an awareness course as it's not a conviction and none of their business. It's similar to Aviva not insuring pillions etc. There are insurance companies out there that DO want your money and one's that don't! There's no need to complain about it. Boycott them and they'll soon notice the drop off in policies.

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Feb 10

Posts: 379


Admiral certainly not admirable

This smacks of GREED.......What's the point of going on these courses when,the insurance will STILL UP your premiums,even without  points added to your licence???

Okay,you save yourself the £60 fine but think,you're still scuppered as the insurance is then penalising you still for your stupidity.

Best thing to do is keep a cool head and don't speed...Yes,we all have one moment of madness but with some,well...

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Jul 11

Posts: 27

fevs says:

I think we

should be informed which insurance firms are using this 'database' to incorporate increased premium charges and act accordingly. (ie. boycote these moth** f***ing c**k su**ers!)

We need to know who is accessing/using this information!!?

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Mar 10

Posts: 118

MudDoctor says:

Look at it this way,

If someone else is unfortunate enough to get caught breaking the speed limit, they are seen, rightly or wrongly, as an increased risk to the insurance companies. Whether they take the points or a speed awareness course is irrelevant. I would prefer that the insurance companies boost the premiums individually rather than all of us collectively.

Our insurance premiums are rising because of our Blame/Claim culture that has developed in recent years. The insurance companies are using a blanket premium approach to this, increasing what all of us pay. At least in this particular case they are targeting the guilty parties.

I would rather see more focus on the practice of hugely inflated costs for vehicle hire, in which, it is alleged, the insurance companies appear to be working hand in glove with certain agencies to maximise profits.

I would also like to see a similar approach taken to the excessive fees that are implemented when you change your bike haflway though the year. The banks were taken to task over unreasonable costs, and had to reign them in, so surely the same standards should apply to the insurance companies. It does not cost £45 to change a detail on a computer.

The government needs to investigate the insurance industry carefully, especially vehicle insurance. We all have the choice about life, house, health insurance, but we are mandated by law to take out vehicle insurance, and it is that element that needs serious regulating.

At the end of the day, if you don't like what your insurance company is doing, take your business elsewhere.

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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Get Out Of Jail Free...

The problem is that the ACPO and the Police Forces are running these Speed Awareness Courses and using the "no points and no insurance hike" carrot to tempt speeders into accepting the course, rather than points and a fine.

These riders and drivers are still a worse insurance risk which is why their premiums are loaded. Setting a rate for insurance, the premium, is about risk assessment and a Speed Awareness Course is not a get out of jail free card.

I think a much worse scam by the Insurers is the so-called "No Claims Bonus". Have one of these and make a claim, you might keep the bonus but they still go ahead and raise your base premium, so you end up paying more anyway. Even for a No Fault claim. The idea that you can have "x" claims in "y" years and not pay an increase is complete rubbish. This is what the regulators need to take a look at. A total con.

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Aug 02

Posts: 176

sack1 says:

I say.. with your wallet! If you have choices and there are other insurers willing to do business without resorting to these tactics then move your business to them. Money talks and insurers are like any other firm, they aren't in it for their health.

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Mar 08

Posts: 10

robodene says:

Speed awareness courses

Some time ago it was that MCN reported that our wonderful Chief Police Officers (ACPOers) were, allegedly, the directors of that little subsidiary "assessing" miscreants for the courses. " worries there then...", MCN said.   Funny, I too thought police were for dealing with/catching alleged criminals. Seems some must have quite different ideas. Scooping sticky fingers into the gravy train, or what?

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Feb 12

Posts: 238

Titosfuneral says:

Traffic school

When I lived in the states I attended traffic school a couple of times to get out of a point. When you go to one of these, you realise how valuable they are. Now me, I was there as a Brit who'd done his US license within the last few years. However most of the people there had been driving for many years and had frankly forgotten the rules of the road. People were genuinely arguing that bikes could be shunted out of the car-sharing lanes or that when you change lane you shouldn't indicate so that people don't know you're about to do it or even opening doors to stop motorcycles filtering was a good thing to do. These course are invaluable because how many people actually ever go back and relearn the rules of the road 20 or 30 years after they've passed their test. Oh, and all of my ticket in the states were for speeding on lonely country or desert roads with no-one but a copper behind a rise for miles around. (Come over the rise and by the time you've seen the copper, you're done. That said, there were incredibly polite guys who always marked the speed down a bit for me being polite to them. I never got the screaming lecture I had when I was 17 and done for speeding in my home town in Scotland)

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