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Steve Farrell  says:

Last-minute changes to bike test rules

Wranglings over what motorcycles can be used under new bike test rules are continuing with only weeks to go before the January introduction date. In August the Driving Standards Agency said the test for an unrestricted category ‘A’ motorcycle licence would have to be taken on bikes of at least 67bhp under plans. But now the DSA has said that...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (19 November 2012 16:58)

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Aug 10

Posts: 57

sar02 says:

Its not the bhp of bikes that are used for taking tests to be concerned about its the weight of the machine, if the bike is to heavy it makes the kind of manoevering learners have to do very difficult. The bhp only comes into effect when you open the throttle, to much and you do wheelies, to little and pedestrians walk faster.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8442

snev says:


Surely it's about time A Law was passed that Outlawed DUMBASS FUCKWITS.

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May 09

Posts: 269

JustBe says:


What I don't get is speed nor BHP kills... The funny thing is getting my ZX6R I haven't crashed it once, the thing is so stable and has the power where I want it. My old 125 used to get blown around everywhere by the wind, you'd have to be redlining to to be going like 60 and you'd have cars speeding right up your arse, it was more unsafe. People need to start on like 500cc bikes like the GPZ or something, get rid of 125s altogether. Just because the engines are bigger doesn't mean you'll kill yourself, someone is more likely to crash on a 125 than they are 1000cc. Trying to red line a 125 to even get to the speed limit is far more dangerous than riding a bigger engined bike at the speed limit which is really built for stability at speed.

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

it's astonishing that these un-elected morons can be so intrusive into our daily lives, amazing that the car laws aren't changed in a similar manner... a complete joke.

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Oct 11

Posts: 5


I really do not understand why motorcyclists have to be restricted based on the age a rider. As i am 18 i am restricted till aged 20 to ride a 33bhp motorcycle where as there a teenagers younger than me driving cars that are more powerful than my motorcycle, i find teenage drivers to be far more dangerous than a biker because of the size of the car and the fact that in an accident who is most likely going to be seriously injured or killed, the rider, regardless of the power of their bike or moped. In my own opinion i can understand how a CBT can restrict younger riders to a less powerful machine to learn. but once you've passed your full motorcycle test, unless you're old enough to take Direct Access, why should we be restricted. Again this is only my opinion, what do you guys think?

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Feb 09

Posts: 4771

philehidiot says:


why the hell should the elected government of this supposedly sovereign nation have to go to the EU like Oliver with his empty bowl "please, sir"... If they want to do something then they should just do it. The reason for limiting power for age is that deaths are way higher in 17-20 year olds and that power is linked to higher accidents. There's a huge leap in KSI crashes with bikes above 500cc so when you combine the two the risk is multiplied. It's unfortunately true and I had to go through pretty much the same crap. I was pulling my hair out at 18 months of my 2 years. Cars are for even worse. The EU is considering black boxes that record where you go, your speed, your driving style (risky or not) and possibly includes a camera being mandatory for cars. I think they're considering limiting with age just like motorcycles. Unelected wank shafts who not only don't care about democracy, they actively seek to work around it. They, just like the Soviet 'elite', think they know how we should best live our lives. Hopefully it'll all be broken up sensibly and sanely rather than being taken out when the Euro collapses.

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Jun 12

Posts: 14

jahtlR says:


Another example of a group of overpaid idiots in charge of something they have absolutely no understanding or experience of!

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Jan 11

Posts: 8442

snev says:


I reckon us "vets" should be exempt from the "Fuckwits" that pretend to Know better than "US".... cuz we, really do Know Better TBH. Without trying to tempt the Devil himself... I have managed to survive about 35 years of un- trained un-preached and "Over Paid "FUCKWITS" thanks.

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Nov 12

Posts: 6

birchie1 says:

I thought the new law was that under 24's were to be restricted to 46.6 bhp?

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Mar 11

Posts: 464

johnlad1 says:

the rules are daft

a restriction for people that are just learning is a good thing no mater there age ive met some 40 year olds who woke up one morning a decided to buy a bike and do a direct acess test that have farless concern for other road users and far less skill than many young riders but i think it should be a reasonable restriction and you should be able to do a direct acess at a younger age say 19 but it should be a longer more difficult test  restriction wise you should be on a 125 until you pass your test and when youve passed your test if its not direct access you should be restricted for a year to 33bhp then another year to say under 80 then unlimited but thats just my thoughts at 6 am

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