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May 09

Posts: 218

Tabasco says:

Ride magazine

I think it's pretty shit how some petrol stations not only ask us to remove our lids but to leave your wallet behind the counter while you fill up??? This is just shit. Good on the guy for riding off to fill somewhere else.

I think this was the editor.!/RiDEMagazine/posts/10151101847421751

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  • Posted 2 years ago (20 November 2012 20:28)

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Jan 10

Posts: 3511

Beelady says:

I ignore the signs,

and I've never had a problem. If it did happen I would go in and complain, beore taking my custom elsewhere.

Our local petrol station has just closed for a re-fit. There's a big sign saying a new Shell service station will be open in the new year. We shall see what happens then.

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Aug 02

Posts: 1002

ANichol says:


up the chain. Just 'cos the local manager has a prejudice/problem with bikers stealinhg petrol doesn't mean that upper management will support action they take that harrasses genuine customers; especially if you threaten any sort of protest/boycott. This tactic has worked in the past for supermarket stations too.

But...without wanting to reopen that debate....take the lid off first - at the very least it is impolite to wear it whilst paying; and the staff there who do face the potential of being robbed and on the receiving end of physical violence should not have to hope that you're intentions are fine despite your hidden identity. And, yes, I would say the same thing about people wearing hoodies/caps and face scalves. And just becuase them and burkah wearers may get away with it, isn't an excuse for bikers to do the same (IMO).

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Aug 02

Posts: 29375

Kamchat says:

I've said it before ...

.. the best way to assure kiosk attendants that you bear them no harm is to remove helmet and all items of clothing before going to pay for fuel.

There is nothing more reassuring for a nervous kiosk attendant than the sight of a totally naked customer striding towards them. :hmmm:




Warning (males): -  If you are the sort of person who gets excited by the smell of petrol fumes this may not work quite as well - sporting an erection as you bear down on forecourt staff could inhibit the sense of wellbeing you are trying to instill



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Aug 02

Posts: 1002

ANichol says:


it is also posible that your own sense of wellbeing may encounter a reduction if you find said forcourt staff (male, same weight in stones as they are years old) sporting a similar stiffie

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Dec 10

Posts: 12022

preunit says:

That sir can only be resolved

by a "cock off"

Cock Off
Coigned by Bubba the Love Sponge: When two males that cannot settle an argument or dispute in any other civilized fashion resort to measuring their genitals to determine a winner. The standard form is to lay your junk on a table about yea high while your opponent does the same from the opposite side. The match is immediately forfeit if you attempt to touch your opponent while he is in this position.


and all cause you wanted to brim your tank :biggrin:

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Mar 10

Posts: 1040

bmwgs says:


i will fill up my bike then take off my helmet before going in to the shop as i allways sit on my bike seat ever time i fill up. i would NEVER leave my money with the monkey in the shop. 


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