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MCN  says:

Poll: Would you buy winter tyres?

In this week's MCN, we look at the debate around riding all through the winter, and talk to people who ride 365 in much worse weather than the UK. One of the people we talk to is a Swedish bike journalist who rides every day of the year, using two types of specialist winter tyres when things get too slippy. Would you...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (27 November 2012 15:00)

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Dec 11

Posts: 5

Zoiks says:


Over banding is where a repair is made to the road surface and the joint is covered with a tar like material that offers less grip and holds moisture more than the surrounding tarmac. If you type overbanding into google you will see what it is. Google images will provide you with some nice pictures that are worth a thousand words.

Not quite sure what your point is about 003s being more popular than 023s. Other than there is no need for the apostrophe as you are meaning plural rather than possessive. You might find this link useful; . The point was that there is a lot of snobbery around tyre choice and sports oriented tyres (regardless of statistical ‘normalisation’, which is not relevant here) sell in big numbers but may not be the best choice for all of the riders who use them.

Of course, you are correct about tungsten carbide studs. You could even stick nails through your tyres and they would give some grip on ice. However, there is a significant question about the legality of using studded tyres in the UK. Although the law does not explicitly state that they are illegal, they are thought to contravene several road vehicle regulations, and if collared by the plod, at best you are going to get 3 points on your licence per tyre. Therefore, they are neither practical nor relevant for the UK (which is what this poll is about).

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Oct 11

Posts: 2640

Piglet2010 says:

@ Zoiks

Over-banding seems to be a UK specific term. I never heard it before, and I have been involved with plenty of pavement construction/re-construction. Two nations separated by a common language, eh?

Tire popularity - I thought it was obvious. If there are 200 motorcyclists in Country X that all ride 10K miles per year, and 100 of them buy the BT-003 that lasts 2000 miles five times per year, and 100 of them buy the BT-023 that lasts 10,000 miles once per year, the tires are an equally popular choice among riders, even though the BT-003 outsells the BT-023 5:1.

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Nov 12

Posts: 31

Bungle1078 says:

Many wont ride in winter......

Well i ride my bikes in all weathers. Rain, snow, hail, wind even the latest floods( i went through 4 of them! Not ideal but it was an experiance, especialy watching cars turn around or getting stuck as i bimble on through). Its not just because i have to, as its how i get to work but because i love riding.

Fair play to those fair weather riders, but i love riding full stop. Yes you have to use different skils and style to ride in the winter. But i see it as no more or less dangerouse than the summer.

Its just different dangers, in the summer you go faster and sweat the winter weight off your ever growing arse. In the winter you cope with grip issues and the cold.

Yes there is ooddles of grip on the new tyres in most weathers, but if i could have a winter tyre for cold, wet diesel soaked roads i would be a happy bunny!

Untill that hover bike is invented you would be an edgit not to!


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Feb 05

Posts: 223

Bob_1 says:

Is It Worth It ?

I'm not sure we have enough snowy or icy days in the UK to make it worthwhile, certainly not in the far South West where I live. I have purchased another set of wheels with winter tyres for my wife's car, these went on last week and make it more sure-footed when the temperature falls below seven degrees celcius. My own car is four wheel drive, so we have far safer and more comfortable alternatives to riding the bike when the weather's bad, including the obvious - stay at home.

Another equally valid reason why I wouldn't choose to ride in icy or snowy conditions, even with winter tyres, is because of the damage done to the bike by the salt and other chemicals used on our roads.

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Feb 09

Posts: 235

tris123 says:

leave it in the garage

If the roads are icy it’s not worth the risk regardless of the tyres, it’s not necessarily you it’s the other idiots that might crash into you.
I was stupid enough to try riding to work after a load of snow and went flying, main roads were okish but the side roads were death traps.

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