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Apr 08

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Derbyshire Riders Beware....nut job!

Hi Guys

Extreme caution: Dark coloured Jaguar registration LB04 (don't remember rest): this guy intentionally tried to take me out near the Sir William Hotel (Grindelford). A fast agressive swerve of more than half way across my 'overtaking' side in his attempt!. He didn't manage it though!

Unfortunately the Sir William Hotel's CCTV does not cover the road (to Hathersage)...I rang them to check...pity. Otherwise he would be off the road for a long time.

Anyhow be careful dudes.....gut feel is he's done it before and will do so again!!.



PS: have a '12 ZX10R with scorpion exhaust system......phew :biggrin:

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  • Posted 2 years ago (27 November 2012 16:24)

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Mar 10

Posts: 653

bazablue says:


well people there are enough of us out there driving our cars so when you witness these things give the biker a bit of matter what went on before that jag carved the kid up to stop him and if id have been there on bike or in car that driver would have had me to deal with as well and my partner if she was there....and a prosecution if necessary and that goes for ANY two wheels....,

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Mar 12

Posts: 1286

How did a thread about some nutter

Turn into bickering about different cars?


I don't understand what anybody would want with a modern Jaguar, they are not the car of yesteryear eg MK2 3.8s or Etype.

As for Audi cars, they are now driven by the inconsiderate pr*cks that used to drive BMW's but don't anymore because the BMW is now seen as the car of choice for the coloured drug dealer.

And we all know what BMW is an abreviation of now?


And, Volvo drivers are renowned for killing more bikers than all other car makes put together, fact!

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:


I drive a ..Volvo, a torslanda (made in sweden) ph 1 V70 (audi diesel lump)..missus put petrol in her august and drove it home! wasnt far but managed to drain it all and purge the fuel lines, fired up straight away!..phew..needed full set of tyres of mot and rear suspension wanted £ were £300 including the special tool from sweden..oh and i drive the clio (missus' car)..yuk..I am considerate to other drivers and bikers..alwasy pull to the left if i can to let bikes go, my pet hates..tailgaters...recently its young chavettes in their c1's that hack me off..

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Dec 11

Posts: 108

83mpg says:

Tosser car drivers

How interesting reading the views on different cars etc. I drive many thousands of miles every year, and until recently was a long distance lorry driver. In my experience (which is significant) BMW drivers are the most aggressive and most likely to break the law by a country mile. White van drivers the most likely to be on the phone while driving, and Jaguar drivers the least likely to be committing motoring offences. Of course, there are those who don't conform, but like I say I have many years and hundreds of thousands of miles of experience. As for Jags being unreliable, methinks some people are too influenced by past press. The modern Jag is regularly voted the best in class, and in the 45,000 miles I have put on the clock of my XJ8 is has not let me down once.

Cheekymonkey, I congratulate you on breaking the mould of typical Beemer drivers.


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Oct 11

Posts: 3059

roseyeric says:


You got there before me.

Audi drivers are the new BMW drivers.

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Mar 12

Posts: 1286

The Sir William

Dangerous bend

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