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MCN  says:

Poll: What is most likely to make you speed less often?

Recently the Department of Transport are introducing more and more speed awareness courses as an alternative to the traditional points and a fine for drivers caught over the limit. But the effectiveness of the awareness courses over a finanicla penalty has yet to be measured. Maybe you've been on a course already, or have raked up points and or a fine in...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (28 November 2012 09:21)

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Sep 09

Posts: 406


Only having too many points on the license slows us down, nothing else.


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Aug 09

Posts: 2725

MarcusMarsh says:


Perhaps if the Government's approach to speeding (and road safety in general) was somewhat less cynical then so would ours be.   

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Dec 05

Posts: 24

bob9t9 says:


Then they will think it's a deterrent and keep doing them. 62% clicking on points (which we all know is the real answer) and anyone official whose looking on their free work internet instead of working will go "Mmmm, better start giving out points again.".

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Oct 11

Posts: 197

SundayRoast says:


Having just completed a SA course, I initially thought that there was going to be a lot of conflict around a lot of the statements detailed below.

In reality this did not happen and it was very eye opening (and harrowing), to see some of the damage that can be done to riders and pedestrians with just a few miles an hour over the limit.

I personnaly have driven much slower in the built up (30mph) areas, post course and I do not see this changing. I think if more drivers and riders did the course without the penalty overhead, speed (and associated accidents and injuries), would drop across the board.

Unfortunately, high speed morons will always be morons whether they are fined or trained.

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Nov 10

Posts: 266

Homer40 says:

Please Everyone..... as suggested below, all click on Course and NOT POINTS and FINE as when printed in MCN this will justify having day light robbery vans.

C'mon everyone use some common sense, MCN don't ask such stupid questions and then print them.


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Nov 10

Posts: 266

Homer40 says:


.....I probably would speed less if we did not have really stupid people on here like sundayroast who has to be employed by the speed awareness people.

This is because, My wife has just completed one of these courses, 35mph in a 30mph limit, in a car not bike, and she said it was a complete waste of time, the only thing they were really interested in was getting you to pay the £85 asap.

How can it be road safety when if you pay you get let off the points? this makes the case even stronger that it is about raising cash if nothing else does.

SundaySpud reckons that if you speed then we are morons, well mate welcome to the biggest load of morons on one website, wake up a smell the coffee, Speed on its own is NOT the cause of accidents, it's talking on your phone or generally not looking where the fuck your going. As i have said before, if speed was the main factor, then how come most of europe is not dead then? they have Autobahns with no speed limits, your arguement out of the window!



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Sep 10

Posts: 1324

SatNavSteve says:

What will stop me speeding? Having to tow a trailer full of sacks of cement! Don't take the course, it puts money into the speed camera fund. If your license can stand the points of course.

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Nov 08

Posts: 122

rcraven says:


Sorry Homer but most countries in Europe do have a speed limit and i believe that only two have a recomendation about   exceeding  it, Germany and Italy. tho i stand to be corrected.  most speed limits are equal to 75 mph.. Their KSI's are worse than ours.

When it comes to deaths and KSi's on bikes it looks that inappropriate speed is the problem. Too fast entering corners/ bends  [ not nec. exceeding the NSL speeds limit of a country road but just to fast,]. The other problem is inappropriate overtaking and that usually unvolves overtaking using speed in excess of the speed limit, usually ends up in head on or a loss of control due to avoiding  oncoming other vehicles.

There are good courses and bad ones, not all are the same. 

One insurer Admiral is now putting up premiums for anyone who has been on a course asto them  its tantamount to a confession of guilt for speeding.  [ one has to agree that one committed the offence to get off with a course rather than a fine and points.  Thats not arguable ita private matter and up to the insurers so one has to notify them by law. otherwise ones insurance will or may become invalid.

Maybe that threat will calm people down.  Speeding in general is just neglegence or apathy and complacency and needs a wake up call.

By 2014 all residential streets will probably be 20 mph and arterial roads may stay at 30 or be reduced to 30  .As most accidents happen in towns and within 5 miles of home, tho not usually fatal they are more common and arecosting the health service and insurances a lot of monies.  Maybe with a 20 mph limit there will be more time to see a motorcycle approaching and avoid it.

Lets all ride 125s or Enfields shall we.

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Nov 10

Posts: 266

Homer40 says:


.......Most N roads in Europe have 80mph as long as its fine and not raining, In France they have dual speed limits one when the weather is bad and one for sunny days, I think (if my memory is correct) 80KPH when Raining and 110KPH when not.

As for Insurance compaines, it simple really if Admiral want to do this then simply don't go with them, when trade drops off they will soon alter their policy.

You can't blame speed on it's own for riders/drivers who loose control of their ride/drive on bends, as you say most will not be over the limit but still come off anyway due to other reasons, but everybody, especially the dogooders want to blame speed all the time.

If you want Zero accidents or injuries, dont ride or drive simple, it is a risk whenever we go out but a calculated one, we are not stupid and most of us don't want to crash or damged ourselves.

My main argument is with this topic is:

If you travel down the road at 35mph in a 30mph limit you are speeding and breaking the law, therefore in my opinion everybody who rides or drives speeds....

So what is the differrence (other than the speed itself) to going on the motorway at 85mph or as some have done over 100mph.

People come on websites with hollier than thou attitudes slagging off mainly bikers for speeding but happily jump in the car tomorrow and go 35-40mph in a 30mph limit.

As for informing your insurance company of a speed awareness course if your not convicted of anything you have nothing to inform them of. Insurance companies ask for "convictions or claims in the last five years pending or already done" they don't ask for speed awareness courses.

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Nov 10

Posts: 266

Homer40 says:


.....forgot to mention 125's or Enfields.....fine if thats what floats your boat but mine is a bitt larger than that and goes slightly quicker.

I have toured in France and Spain and one thing is a dead cert, they can drive cars better over there than we do over here, come off the feery at Portsmouth or Poole and it's not long until you realise your back in blighty, the driving standards over here are shite.

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