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MCN  says:

You Ask/You Answer: Cheap winter riding kit

I can't afford super-expensive winter riding kit, but my cheap all-weather gear leaves me soaked to my pants if I ride for more than 30 minutes in the rain. I can't afford new kit, so what works for less than £50? Are oversuits more effective than waterproofing my kit regularly? Any tips would be great. Your answer could help. The best...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (28 November 2012 09:35)

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Nov 11

Posts: 202

jimbo8098 says:


You can get an oversuit for about £20 on fleabay. I bought my jacket without armour on ebay for £20 and put in my other jackets armour , bought a set of overtrousers for £20 from halfords and I'm bone dry in the heaviest of showers. You can but an oversuit for around £20 but because mine is the actual bike jacket , it costs more.

Just wear a jumper underneath.

As for boots? I still don't know the secret to them.

Keeping your hands dry really depends on the glovebut I just put the heated grips on with a glove liner and they stay bone dry or , even if they don't such as in a heavy shower , the heat keeps them from freezing.

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Aug 09

Posts: 2725

MarcusMarsh says:

Budget kit

If you want budget kit that works stay away from a motocycle clothing shop.  The best waterproofs I ever had were a cheap set of Millets own-brand waterproofs made for for walkers.  They lasted for years, folded up small and never leaked.  But a set large enough to go over your usual riding kit and you'll be sorted.     

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Dec 05

Posts: 24

bob9t9 says:

Garden centres

I agree with MarcusMarsh. Also, garden centres do rubberised clothing that keeps all the rain out. no thermal or crash protection so you still need to wear your bike stuff underneath.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8491

snev says:

Take up Surfing...

then you can wear a Wetsuit and divide the costs between Two Hobbies

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Oct 10

Posts: 189

zoobaz says:

Hein Geriche

I've had a Hein Geriche overjacket + overtrousers for years which I wore every day through the winter with no issues at all.

both the jacket + trousers cost less than £50, they're unlined but at least I know the leathers I'm wearing underneath them will protect me - I wouldn't want to trust my skin to some cheap rubbish!

I really wouldn't wear anything else - for the money it's sopt on.




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Feb 09

Posts: 4777

philehidiot says:

I wear

Goretex proshell stuff which is brilliant but very steep. If you can save up for it, it's worth it. 

I used to use cheap stuff and I know exactly what you mean. Really if it's advertised as waterproof and it's still within warranty I'd take it back. I did that quite a lot with frank thomas trousers. 

An oversuit with a breathable jacket is a good idea. Get one that's too tight though and it'll quickly get sweaty in there. Also, practice getting it on and off or it'll annoy you greatly if you're in a hurry, for example if you commute and rarely leave yourself enough time to get ready. Like me.

Don't just wear an oversuit on its own. You lose out on armour and abrasion protection from the jacket as well as carrying capacity (pockets, etc) and insulation if it's really cold.

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May 05

Posts: 36

bikerred says:

Johnsons of Leeds army surplus,

Gore tex trousers Bib & Brace £20-25

Gor tex jacket £25.00

buy big enough to cover your normal gear, water does not get through.

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Feb 10

Posts: 394


Sticky backed plastic tape.......

Bin bags,fit em' round ya boots,gloves and get someone to help you to fashion an overcoat from them and not forgetting the trousers of course.

P.S.......You have 2 be wearing some form of clothing underneath,otherwise you'll freeze to death:shock: Oh and use strong bin bags not the crap that tears easily.

Two quid should cover it and glue seams together,securing with staples,if you're careful coat and trousers should last two or three times.

No i'm not joking:tongue:.......Come on MCN, i dare ya to try it out,get someone to fashion a coat and trouser suit out of bin bags and put it to the test.



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Jan 11

Posts: 8491

snev says:


This is a serious question that deserves a serious answer... "Seriously". Having once been caught in a hell of a storm with no "serious Kit", I managed to "fashion" a "Serious" suit of "serious" weather resistance, using only Bin Bags and String... Seriously! I aint talking Rubbish.

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Feb 10

Posts: 394


Dusty bin

SNEV: I am being serious. Needs must and all that,make do and mend.

If people think this is me being funny then let MCN try this out.


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