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MCN  says:

You Ask/You Answer: Cheap winter riding kit

I can't afford super-expensive winter riding kit, but my cheap all-weather gear leaves me soaked to my pants if I ride for more than 30 minutes in the rain. I can't afford new kit, so what works for less than £50? Are oversuits more effective than waterproofing my kit regularly? Any tips would be great. Your answer could help. The best...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (28 November 2012 09:35)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8486

snev says:


I too was being serious and have dressed in bin liners on a few occasions including an overnight trip back from France dressed in deck shoes and Jeans with a Barry Sheen light weight jacket, in sub zero temps with freezing fog and occasional snow. Bin liners and string made all the difference at 4am.

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Sep 12

Posts: 212

domster says:

Cheapo Waterproofs

Thick rubberised stuff from a workwear shop.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2701

Piglet2010 says:


My Aerostich Roadcrafter Light is great in the cold and rain, and has even done duty on a hot day at the track. With the quality and durability, the $950 (with pad set, back protector, and shipping) is a bargain.

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Dec 10

Posts: 12046

preunit says:

"I can't afford new kit, so what works for less than £50?"


"the $950 is a bargain" 

Bargain? quite possibly, cheap? definitley not.

£50 = $950 ???????

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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

Not for under £50

You won't get good stuff for under £50. The best you can probably do is wear some peter storm water proofs (e.g. the horrible plastic walking stuff) over the top of your other leaking stuff for that. Layering is good particularly if the zips aren't in the same places on adjacent layers as it reduces the wind aided ingress of rain.

If you have about  $60 per piece have a look on ebay for some hardly worn gortex gear - don't bother with anything else because it will leak... Atthis price you won't get Rukka but at least it will be of a reasonable standard. Try and get a large overlap between your trousers and jacket... (I have trouser with bib and brace and they are very good, goretex boots (lovely) and cheap motorcycle mittens (reduces the seams so its easier to make warm and waterproof). However total cost even second hand would be nearly £300...

My experience with waterproofing has been dismal. Stuff that relies on waterpoofing agents to be waterproof doesn't stay waterproof at 70mph in driving rain not least because they are often finished with poor closures that don't work in the real world. My no name Gortex jacket is still going after 80K miles and 5 winters whilst the expensive textile |(but not gortex) florescent jacket I bought always leaked...

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Mar 10

Posts: 1042

bmwgs says:


you can wear waterproofs over your summer bike gear. ]

in the cold weather i wear snowboard jacket and trousers over my textile bike gear on long riders and it keeps me warm and they keep water out up to a point.

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Jan 10

Posts: 3

motomvk says:

Waterproof oversuit

I bought a HG waterproof one piece suit to go over my textiles and it works well, think it was 35 quid but that MAY have been an offer, i cant remember

either way you can pick one piece rain suits up for less than 50 quid and they are pretty affective at keeping you warm and dry

on my 40 mile commute in rain i end up with damp patches on my forearms and thighs where it has just started to go through, which is good enough in my opinion

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Jul 11

Posts: 27

fevs says:

Look at Rev'it gear

as their rain over pants are 20 smackers and extremely effective! A rain over jacket can be had for a little more which will do the job. Nip into town and pick up some cheap long johns and a thermal top for 10 - 15 quid and it should make a big difference!

Ride safe


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Jan 11

Posts: 5

Mike74 says:

Try Buffalo

I had a 3/4 length Buffalo jacket that worked in all weather and a 20 quid pair of over trousers that kept every thing out. the jacket only leaked when it got filthy so a good wash sorted that out. I used to do 160 miles every day on the M25 rain or shine. Gortex boots were the only thing I could fined that kept my feet dry. I think for 50 quid plastic over kit is the way to go


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Mar 03

Posts: 76

salopian says:

binbags :)

Back when I was a real biker commuting 37 miles each way on a ratty nsr125 in all weathers I once forgot my waterproof trousers. It was chucking it down so I had a quick look around the house and all I could find was bin bags and gaffer tape. Ah ha I thought this'll be genius. I split a bag for each leg and taped them down the seams. I stood there considering the problem of how to keep the top of my legs, groin and ass area dry when in a flash of insperation I cut 2 holes in one bag and pulled them on like a pair of grundies. Once joined to the binbags around my legs with the tape I was ready to ride. My smugness turned very rapidly to extreme discomfort because all the rain seemed to pool in an area with leaky seems and my groin area was as wet as if I'd sat in the bath. After this Cold, wet and near hypothermia inducing journey I won't be putting them into mass production any time soon.

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