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Nov 06

Posts: 1122

admin says:

You Ask/You Answer: Old or new first bike?

I'm putting myself through the new bike test in February, and will be buying a new bike shortly afterwards (I'm not a spoilt rich kid, I've benefitted from some inheritance money). I'll have to have a sub-47bhp bike, but I can't decide which route to go: should I follow my head and just get a ratty old shonker until I've...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (04 December 2012 15:42)

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Sep 09

Posts: 898

Rogerborg says:

What a convenient question

Someone has asked about the Z800e that MCE were just after doing an article about?  What's the chances?

OK, here's your free content:

Buy a new CB500.  The insurance savings alone will pay for an IAM / RoSPA course to learn how to ride it.  In 2 years, flog it, and buy a 2 year old full power Z800e.   You'll still end up paying a fair bit less overall, and won't be tempted to have the restrictor "fall out" prematurely.

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Aug 12

Posts: 2

Willanderson says:


I bought a second hand 1999 SV650s as soon as I passed my A2 earlier this year and payed pennies compared to a brand new bike. It's in pretty much perfect condition with low milage, and to me looks/feels like a brand new bike. I wont lose nearly as much money when I come to sell it and if I scratch or knock it, it it's not the end of the world! Couldn't be happier with my choice.

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Aug 02

Posts: 599

winger says:

Simple answer!! buy old why??

Two complications with bike ownership,how to ride it and what to buy, it actually takes years to work out how to do both,if you unlucky the first will kill you and the second send you bust,and the trick is avoid both!!!.

The days of the great alrounder went out of fashion when the CB750 did in the mid seventies,and hence why multi bike ownership in todays day and age is very common,work out what you intend to use the bike for and then what kind of bike you want,be picky you'd be amazed how many folk have old mint low mileage bikes tucked away at the back of the garage,after many years of biking I've ownly ever bought 4 new bikes,all the rest have been secondhand and some other mug has taken the financial kicking.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8428

snev says:


Your Tricked up Gixer Thou made 202bhp at the rear wheel? can you give us mor details?

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Apr 12

Posts: 24

momomomo says:

buy used

As a fairly inexperienced rider you'll be prone to the odd silly mistake with the braking, locking the rear on a downshift and you will drop the bike in the most stupid and unexpected manners. If you buy now the bike of your dreams you'll end up regretting every tiny scratch or dent you put on it. I am not crowing but as every other experienced rider will tell you anybody that says they have never dropped a bike is a liar. Buy a reasonable bike, ride it for a year and then buy new. Unless of course you have money to throw away... Whatever you decide to do, good luck with your test and I wish you many years of happy riding.

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Dec 11

Posts: 6

A first bike can be just about anything you are entitled to ride but I wouldn't go spending hard earned cash just to restrict a newer, more expensive bike. With time and mileage you may well end up wanting something different anyway (I certainly did). I have wasted a lot of money buying newer bikes that I didn't end up keeping and ten years into riding I've probably settled on a style of riding. Given the chance again, I would buy a known quantity, oldish but in relatively good condition. After all, you can do just about anything on any bike. Try everything on a cheap allrounder first, then you can invest more wisely than I did.

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Jun 12

Posts: 6

xXLewisXx says:

Buy used

Firstly I wouldn't choose the Z800E, with a curb weight of 226Kg, It would be an understatement to say it's heavy. Your first bike you will drop at least once, you certainly don't want to waste the money (unless you're a millionaire) I decided to look at the 500cc class, there are a lot of great bikes out there, not too heavy, cheap to buy second hand (even in good condition) and are a great bridge between a 125 and 600. I bought a 2002 Kawasaki GPZ 500, with 60 BHP, it keeps a massive grin on my face for the rest of the day after riding it. I picked up mine with 10,000 miles in mint condition for £1,000. The Suzuki GS500, Honda CBF500 and ER5 are all great starter bikes.

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Feb 10

Posts: 394


Go your own way.......

I would say that today especially in these hard times buying `NEARLYNEW', is the most sensible and practical thing to do.

The saying is let someone else take the financial hit,cos there's second hand bikes out there nigh on brand new at hundreds if not thousandS cheaper.

However,if you're set on NEW then do it as long as you will keep the bike long term i.e 3-5 years or more then you will get your money's worth.

The new Kawasaki Z 800e,not a bike i would buy per se,too much plastic but,at the end of the day.......YOUR MONEY- YOUR CHOICE.

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May 12

Posts: 68

new bike

you really want to look at a bike that has been on the market a lot of year examples like ER-6F, SV650, CB600 hornet. i bought a new bike back in april and it's my first bike i bought new because i knew i would be keeping for a lot of years before buying another i bought an 2011 ER-6F and i haven't regret'd at all brilliant machine because i read a lot reviews and articles about the bike and i have never looked back. i wouldn't go for an Z800e for my first bike because it's new on the market plus it will more heavy than a lot bikes i'd go for an ER bike.

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Jul 09

Posts: 146

burningbush says:

It depends

I can only give you my experience... my 1st bike was a nearly new Honda, I had it a year and a half and sold it for more or less what I paid for it. Years later and my latest bike is brand new. I plan to keep it for a very, very long time.In terms of your inheritance, motorbikse are NOT an investment in terms of financial return, but redeem themselves in 'pleasure' return. My guess is that after 2 years your dream bike will have changed to something else?Whatever you choose...have fun... shiny side up!

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