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System  says:

Poll: Should car drivers should get restricted driving licences?

With new rules coming into force in January, it's now going to be even more difficult to get your bike license, especially for younger riders. But, with so many bike accidents being caused by car drivers, is this really the right direction, or should we be doing more to educate car drivers? There's no limits on car licenses, allowing a 17-year old...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (10 December 2012 15:50)

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Jan 11

Posts: 40

joshcherry93 says:


I voted no but solely because i dont believe it should be the case with bikes also. i dont think it should be a pride thing where car/bike laws should be leveled for the sake of it. I do however believe that many car drivers should be made to ride a bike (not easily implemented) in order to show them the real actions of bad driving. Plus I'd like to say that is it just the young drivers that are a problem? drunken sunday old people drivers? the agitated middle aged person doing their commute back from work at warp speed on a friday evening? dont penalise people before they've made thier mistakes. Refresher training and continual improvement is whats required, not simply a restriction before you've got behind the wheel

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Dec 12

Posts: 3


When I was at school, several 17 year olds having their car licences would turn up in cars way too hot for them to handle... Lambos, Range Rovers etc, because they were from wealthy families or were able to borrow them from Mummy or Daddy... is it right that at 17, a mate of mine can do 160mph down a motorway in a 600bhp, high performance supercar borrowed from Dad, yet I'm stuck on my 33bhp Beamer, riding sensibly & putting others at considerably less danger? As young drivers, we can be very irresponsible at times, it's a fact. Just because insurance premiums dictate most have smaller cars, there are young drivers out there with access to machines that are way beyond what they are able to handle... restriction would be a good idea for the sake of other road users.

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Sep 12

Posts: 7

barks12 says:


In my view our entire methodology towards teaching people to drive needs a complete overhaul. The instructors are too obsessed with pass rates than actually producing good drivers. All these people are doing nowadays is learning how to pass a test, not learning how to drive. We can learn a lot from Finland

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Nov 05

Posts: 130

No Because...

I also think its wrong for new motorcyclists to go through this crap!

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Aug 09

Posts: 2726

MarcusMarsh says:

Restricted licenses

There's little point.  Young drivers are already severely restricted by the cost of insurance so changing the licensing rules to cover the tiny minority that can pass their test and then afford to get into a powerful car will have no significant impact.  I would also argue that this is not the issue that the authorities should be looking at.  In my opinion, if the driving test was fit for purpose, then anyone that passes it should be capable of driving a normal car safely.  If they are not capable of doing that then the system of training and testing drivers is flawed and it is this that should be fixed.  

A system of restricted licensing suggests that we are allowing perople on the road partly-qualified or poorly prepared.  Surely it would be much better to ensure they reach a proper standard in the first place?         

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Jul 12

Posts: 10

harataiki says:


I think so. I'll copy and paste my comment from facebook : I say either return the bike license back to one theory one practical, or make it progressive for all road users from bicycles to HGV's. Limit 17-25 year olds to restricted 1 litre cars and no passengers except for a registered instructor.

Why should my Dad who has been driving for around 20 or so years be able to teach me how to drive, but after 40 years of riding a motorcycle, 38 of those riding motorcycles on the road, he is unable to teach me how to ride without me also having to undertake training from often less experienced (than him) instructors?

Why should I be limited on what bikes I can ride at 22 years old, but 17 year olds can theorectically jump into a 200mph Ferrari?

Why can't I take a pillion passenger, yet a 17 year old can drive around in a big car with multiple passengers?

Why is it easier in such a health and safety obsessed culture to do something that is more dangerous to others?

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Oct 11

Posts: 34

Typhon219 says:

driving and riding is a privelage, not a right as most people seem to think. I've voted yes because it would be a slight improvement on the current situation, and there's nothing wrong with limiting drivers in what they can drive. But this would only be a tiny improvement. Really they need to review the current test to ensure a high standard is needed to pass, and they need to make a retest mandatory for EVERYONE every 5 years or so to keep standards high.

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Apr 12

Posts: 143

69Fastback says:


Typhon, do you wear your jack-boots for riding, as well as when typing your posts? A retest for all, every five years? You would need a separate lane just for learner cars & bikes. Permission to breath Sir!

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Sep 12

Posts: 9

MankeyJohn says:

Dam law

No, if we don't

Yes, if we do. Simple

The only thing stop THEM is insurance. If you have money you can get a ducati veyron at 17... I wouldn't trust anyone under 40 with that car! I haven't looked at the stats but I would Imagine that it's normally the cars fault if a bike and car have a crash, can't see us, young drivers going to fast not looking! (No evidence to back it up)


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May 10

Posts: 427

X2Glider says:

Yes but with bike changes

As others have stated, young dumb full of cum kids can do stupid things.  Give 'em a hot car and they'll try to find it's limits.  So, yeah, I believe restricted vehicles should be in place, but only one level deep and only long enough to promote good driving habits. 


Still it could be problematic for households where the kids share the car with the parents.  I don't think mom and dad should have to suffer with a restricted car.  Perhaps some kindof  driver's license card reader in the car would automatically select the proper power level and top speed.


But the bike restriction are ridiculous.   They should only go 1 level deep as well.  Those 125 cc 11 HP bikes are dangerous because of their limitations.  Cripes!  I had a Polini pocket bike with 12 HP about 10 years ago.  250cc and maybe 25 RWHP should be the minimum.  That's still capable of motorway speeds even though acceleration is lacking. 


Geez, my first bike was a 70 HP 1982 Honda VF500F.  I'm still alive and well 25 years on.

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