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System  says:

Poll: Should car drivers should get restricted driving licences?

With new rules coming into force in January, it's now going to be even more difficult to get your bike license, especially for younger riders. But, with so many bike accidents being caused by car drivers, is this really the right direction, or should we be doing more to educate car drivers? There's no limits on car licenses, allowing a 17-year old...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (10 December 2012 15:50)

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Sep 12

Posts: 63

busterrabbit says:

time on two wheels

Yes,  everyone should have to complete at least a CBT at least a year before they can get a provisonal car licence.  That way at least they will have experienced the excitement and vulnerability of being on two wheels in traffic and the importance of CONCENTRATION when they eventually get to drive a car.  Anything that actually gets drivers to concentrate on driving has to be a good thing.

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Apr 12

Posts: 1

sfarmer79 says:


As a car driver I think the whole car licence needs an overhaul. All drivers should have to pass the following elements to make the roads safer. Advanced driving lessons, lessons in a skid car to be able to drive in snow and ice, night time driving, motorway lessons, theory test and separate hazard perception tests. Far too many car licence drivers shouldn’t even be on the road because they are a hazard to themselves and others. A thorough test would cost more, but would be a hell of a lot safer, with an engine restriction too the world on the roads would be a lot better for all….

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Dec 12

Posts: 12

Rotherider says:

Lower insurance for everybody then...?

This is a good idea.  Learner drivers should be restricted 1.1 litre engines for 1-2 years while learning good roadcraft, just like the learning curve to be imposed on new motorcyclists.  It's hard to show off to your mates with no power.  Maybe it would also help to lower insurance premiums for all drivers too.  

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Jul 12

Posts: 4

I personally don't see the point in it. It would be expensive to introduce and police and I can't see it making any difference to the amount of accidents on the roads.

Simply put, a new biker could quite easily afford a 1000cc bike and the insurance without too much of a problem (well, a lot of them could) and if they did that then there is a good chance of them failing to cope with the power and crashing as a result.

With car drivers however, virtually no car drivers can afford anything other than a small engined car when they pass their test anyway, and it's not the power of the car that causes new drivers to be involved in accidents, it's lack of ability, too much speed, not enough awareness, many factors, none of which are too much power.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2755

spondonste says:

New rider rulings

The new legislation will definately make it more expensive and difficult to get on the road on a bike for new riders. It's justified by biggoted euro MP's as saving lives but there's little real evidence to proove that. The reasoning for these new rules is therefore highly questionable and appears to just be a systematic attempt to reduce new riders taking to the road.


Current accident figures shows new drivers have quite a few mishaps in their early driving careers which would often be equated to poor judgement or rash decissions. These mishaps often affect other people because cars are big heavy vehicles with a lot of energy to transfer in a collision.


Can it therefore but justifiable to use the argument of safety against new riders in making getting on the road significantly more difficult than it would be for new car drivers? Making these suggestions will show the majority of new drivers just how restrictive new rider legislation has become. If new drivers resist such proposals then how can it be justified for new riders. Maybe a backlash against these proposals for new car drivers will amend the rulings for new riders. Even if it doesn't, modern politics seems to be all about removing personal liberties in the name of big brother knowing best. Maybe that stance needs to be questioned?

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Aug 02

Posts: 120

Robell says:


"I would like to hear on what grounds those that voted "NO" base their argument"

The reason was in my original post :

"We really can't complain about more rules for ourselves, then wish more on others.

Is there evidence of accidents with youngsters in powerful cars ? If so, then do something about it, but don't legislate purely because some folk think it might be a good idea. The clowns at the DSA are more than capable of that, without suggestions from us."

In other words : If it can be demonstrated that limiting the power of youngsters cars will significantly cut accidents, fair enough. But base that decision on facts. Power/speed aren't the only cause of accidents - as bikers we know that better than most. 


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Feb 09

Posts: 84

brevav2 says:

Abolish the 'Nanny State'

We already have far to many restrictions in this country, introducing restricted driving licences for car drivers will only be the thin end of the wedge, it wont end there believe me, all the current restrictions placed on learner riders are in place purely to deter people taking up motorcycling in the first place not to save lives, the EU wants us banned, but they have to do it in such a subtle way that by the time most of us realise what is happening it will be too late,  So less restrictions are what we require not more,  Wake up before its too late!

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Dec 12

Posts: 9

wagend says:

I agree that less power in the hands of the young or inexperienced is a good thing however, with cars, the insurance companies absurd premiums are effectively forcing the young and inexperienced into lower powered machines without any legislation on licences.

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Feb 09

Posts: 236

tris123 says:


Most young drivers have to build up their no-claims before they can afford to buy/insure a high-performance car. The problem exists with people that have enough money to bypass this progression. This is only a small minority so maybe it’s not a massive problem, but it’s still a loophole that needs closing.

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Nov 05

Posts: 127

Nah get one of these! 

A bike that can't fall over!!! I am surprised its not on MCN, as it is a bike.....of sorts:)

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