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MCN  says:

You ask/you answer: Cheap tips for winter riding

My new job means I am riding 25 miles each way to work and back and I have never really done this amount of winter riding before. My mate has told me about sticking some insulating tape across the top of my visor to act as a sunshade for the low sun on damp roads but are there any other cheap...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (18 December 2012 16:39)

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Jan 11

Posts: 7193

snev says:

If riding in the rain wear the best waterproof clothing, if it's cold then insulation by way of layers or heated clothing is best.If the sun is low pull your helmet down or employ a race style posture "arse up head down" if riding in Snow make sure you carry a set of Snow shoes just in case you get stuck in a drift and have to walk home. If riding on Ice then good bloody luck.

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Oct 05

Posts: 21

Big_Boomer says:


Buy some handlebar muffs if ya get cold hands. They can look ugly but will help keep yer hands warm and dry especially with heated grips. Carry a microfibre cloth and a small bottle of screencleaner with ya. Nothing worse for giving you a headache than peering through layers of dirt. I did 2 winters on my 1400GTR but now no longer have to, thank God! :-)

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Dec 12

Posts: 1

VVVslim says:

I rode all through last year too, even in the ice/snow. Best tips I have are more common sense than anything to be honest. Wear plenty of layers, at times I wear both leggings and jeans tucked into my socks (2 pairs) & boots, and then textile bottoms over the top. Also tuck your shirt into your trousers, I wear 2 shirts, a thin jacket and then the bike jacket. In snow I sometimes add a fleece to that too! Don't forget a face mask too! At the moment I'm still wearing my 'Summer' gloves but I carry my winter gloves around with me. A good idea is to also carry some latex gloves or what I use is polyurethane coated mechanic gloves, which are thin but help more than you think. I tend to use those under my summer gloves, just got more feeling with the clutch/brake compared to big puffy winter gloves. Also a cloth and screencleaner will do wonders with your visor, I use it before every ride...smells good too! Apart from the clothing there isn't much more you could do really. Just ride safe! Gentle on the throttle, much more rear braking than the front.

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Dec 12

Posts: 1

Garfs says:

Warm your hands..

Buy a naked street bike and when you pull up at the lights just reach down warm your hands on the side of the engine. Failing that, limit windchill with some handlebar mounted hand guards. Not as warm as muffs but look much better.

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Aug 02

Posts: 192


It's all about the layers. When it gets really cold I often have up to six layers on top: 

Thermal undershirt 
Body warmer 
Winter jacket 
Additional waterproof jacket 

And 5 on the legs: 
Quilted liner 
Cordura trousers 
Waterproof over trousers 

Get yourself some thermal socks too. Sealskinz are expensive but they are waterproof as well so it doesn't matter if your boots leak. 

My biggest money saver has got to be buying workman's waterproofs though. My outer jacket and waterproof trousers are both the yellow hi-viz stuff you get from tool shops. They were £25 a piece and when combined with the winter bike suit leave me 100% waterproof and very snug. Plus there is no way you won't get seen in the bad visibility in winter. 

I do get comments about looking a bit like a fireman but I'd rather that and be warm and safe than look cool and be freezing my arse off at the side of the rode with my bike in pieces.

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Sep 10

Posts: 120

daveire says:

I ride all year textile suit and neck tube ( got free with Fast Bike mag). If your bike has carbs, they might freeze. My sv650s is prone to freezing, then stalling and won't start for about half an hour. I moved the ram air hose down to the exhaust pipe so it would be sucking warmer air. It worked great last year haven't got any carb icing yet this year so haven't moved the hose yet.


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Sep 10

Posts: 1107

SatNavSteve says:

Blimey Angus, by the time you have got that lot on, got the bike out, bungeed your gear on the carrier, put earplugs in and put your lid on, you could have got to work on the bus! If anyone has less than around 3 miles to go, I'd walk it, take a camera and be ready to film a shunt on the ice and earn yourself £250 on You've been framed! Haven't we had a similar question on this subject already?

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Dec 12

Posts: 1435

Diablere says:


good thermal underwear at least £25

Womens tights £3 and bloody warmer.

just don't crash cause you'll end up having to answer a lot of questions

otherwise a bike you can stick knobbly tyres on, which can be great fun in Snow!

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Jul 09

Posts: 139

burningbush says:


Rub a cut fresh spud on the inside of your visor and gently polish...helps to stop misting...honestly!

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Dec 12

Posts: 2

Keep on riding, rider ...

Hi all - I don't have much of a budget to buy stuff so have to be really careful that what i do buy counts ... I wear layers when it gets cold, doubling-up on my socks, wearing thin silk inner gloves, Grandad's long-johns under my Draggin' jeans, couple of long-sleeved t-shirts under my leather jacket, waterproof over-trousers and hi-viz orange jacket bought for less than a fiver on eBay. And only if it's really raining do i attempt to pull on my ninja-turtle 2-finger waterproof overgloves, they're a sod to pull on. Visor misting is the bane of my life, especially when it's really wet and/or cold - trying 'Shift-It' spray at the moment, but doesn't work well under all conditions. Might try the potatoes, or maybe a thick solution of washing-up liquid (used by snorklers and divers). As for riding I just remember to ride slower and more cautiously in colder conditions (car drivers are paying even less attention than usual), don't stamp on the rear brake too hard, and if you think you're going to fall off - you will. Just check out motorcycle gymkhana on YouTube to see how hard you have to push to actually fall off 8^-))

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