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MCN  says:

The rules: See and be seen

No one has to worry more about seeing high-speed objects than a fighter pilot. Closing speeds with other aircraft can be well over 1000mph. Any miscalculation, even for a fraction of a second, can be fatal. Group Captain John Sullivan is a Royal Air Force pilot with over 4000 hours’ flight experience, including in the 1991 Gulf War. Much of his...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (20 December 2012 10:58)

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Jul 11

Posts: 27

fevs says:

A Good Olde.....

Hi-Vis jacket or sleeveless over jacket would go a long way.... and a hi-vis helmet if you were so inclined!


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Jan 12

Posts: 57

Preadator says:

I'm in the wrong job

What i have just read above is exactly what  i have been doing since i passed my test at the age of 17, i didnt realise that i was a natural born fighter pilot, i thought it was just common sense and a strong sense of self preservation that i have.

Got to agree with Piglet2010, a few anti twat missiles wouldn't go amiss.

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Oct 05

Posts: 22

arbg92 says:

A decent article, but most of us (probably from experience) realise that the skills for drivers these days seem very lacking. With most drivers these days been in too much of a rush to exit junctions and working on the idea that the road will be clear. Driving is no longer a skill...most drivers just point and go.

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Jan 04

Posts: 157

venturer says:

yes you can see trees moving in the wind

looking twice, i did my cay test about 10 years after my bike test and the instructor always used to get on at me saying, "you don't need to look twice, it shows you've not looked correctly the first time", the instructor wasn't a driver. 

i've noticed at high speed (say over 130mph), even if you know it's windy, you can't see trees moving in the wind.

anyways excellent stuff from Group Captain John Sullivan



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Jan 11

Posts: 304

TomRR says:

eyes wide shut

Great article , and it dose draw parallels with Motorcycling, I believe we learn from experience, how many times have cars pulled out ( sorry mate didn’t see you)   I ride defensively its ,, I feel the only way to ride ,,, I talk to myself , almost like doing checklist, sounds crazy, I mumble things like  white care turning,, sharp bend,, buss pulling in ,,, parked car ,,,etc  it’s now a habit, I also try to make eye contact, mainly at junctions, the closer I get with no eye contact the jittier I get, slowdown ride wide etc.. 

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Nov 07

Posts: 11

Luddy says:

Some good comments on here for a change. I use all the methods described in the previous comments and also two more. The first is my "sixth sense", meaning that although I can see all the evidence that another road user has seen me and is acting accordingly, if I FEEL that something is not quite right I react straight away as though the vehicle has already begun to move. Which brings me to my second point; the horn! Don`t forget how effective this can be to bring another driver to full attention. I`ll always use my horn even if I think another driver MAY move into a collision course with me. Sometimes gets me dirty looks but what the hell?

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Jan 11

Posts: 115

luckyskua says:

Humour aside

WTF does this have to do with us. "You are blind" - complete crap, "Peripheral vision sucks" - tell me something I don't know, "Focus" - trust me, when I am about to have a head on I know all about it, "You cannot scan" - I don't, I will look at one point of the road then 2secs later look further ahead etc. Then he starts on about what I have to do at a junction. "Assume something is there" - we are only expecting certain objects, cars don't surprise me anymore, "Look twice" tell that to the SMIDSY driver, not us and the final banality "This is why fighter pilots attack with the sun behind them", durrr... fucking moron - we don't have 3D freedom of movement, only the road and where its headed.

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Sep 12

Posts: 52

Discopoo says:


I think you missed the point about riding with the sun behind you, it can make you near invisible to other road users and to actually think all of this article is purely aimed at motorcyclists is a bit silly, it is an expericened persons veiw on observation whish we can read and draw our own conclusions from. If it doesn't appaer to be of use to you then move on and go to the next article, to sit there and knock the author and call him names is really an insult and you wonder why no one likes "bikers"?

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Dec 12

Posts: 1

MBrundle says:

I thought this was a good article and I've emailed a link to members of my family who ride and drive. Much of it you end up doing instinctively with experience but it helps to know why. Whilst I'm sure there are more layers of complexity on the subject it's the kind of practical information which should be part of instruction/tests . I ride, drive and fly and I have no doubt that the lookout and peripheral awareness challenges are similar.    

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:

Being seen

Problem I've had lately isn't that the buggers haven't seen me, but they appear to decide that I can slow/ swerve in time, and pull out in front anyway.

The thinking seems to be "It's only a bike, and they'll be able to stop.   It's more their risk than mine."

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