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Matthew Birt  says:

Penalty points for dangerous riding in MotoGP from 2013

Dangerous and aggressive riding will be dealt with by a new penalty points system that will be introduced across all three classes in the MotoGP world championship from next season. Points will be awarded between one and 10 depending on the severity of the offence and if a rider accumulates 10 points then he is immediately banned for one race. Any rider...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (20 December 2012 11:45)

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Nov 03

Posts: 2232

saturn392 says:

Has anyone else

got a thread at the top of the list which says = dec2612-2012-MOTOGP-MOMENTS-DUCATI-DISASTER  - I can't get into it - first I was asked for a password and now it's an inernal server error 500. ???   Is this you MCN ??

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Oct 11

Posts: 253

redracer46 says:


Yeah I tried to open that too mate, got the same response.  Perhaps Ducati Corse have been on the blower and the stories gone... :P hahah !!!

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Nov 03

Posts: 2232

saturn392 says:

Thanks RedRacer

Had a few problems  lately and as it asked for a password thought I might have been hacked.

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Dec 12

Posts: 4

Poxy rule!

Can't believe I'm reading this. This rule is ridiculous! The riders are going to be riding around like a bunch of pansies in fear of getting penalised for an overtake that looked to close in the eyes of race direction. I'm all for the riders to get penalised for abuse on marshals and officials but this is just killing the sport. We want more people to watch gp not less! The riders knew what to expect when they signed up I say just let them race. That's what it's all about at the end of the day. RACING!

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Apr 11

Posts: 3472

Bultoboy says:

Needed or not?

If it discourages one rider from pushing another to the edge of the track at 180mph along a straight, or discourages a rider from deliberately using another as a berm in a corner and punting them into the gravel, then it could be deemed plausible.

But measures already exist to deal with that type of thing. If necessary the FIM can ban a rider for as many races as deemed fit, or throw them to the back of the grid for as many races as they see fit, if they ar perceived to have ridden recklessly or deliberately tried to shove another rier off track

So is there any need for a new rule?

With the way it reads, that the penalties won't be carried over into next season, imagine the last race and a title showdown. A couple of points seperate the two riders gunning for it, rider A being 2 ahead of rider B. Whoever finishes in front wins the title. Rider A deliberately (albeit subjectively...) takes rider B out of the race. He gets 10 penalty points which means a ban, effective next race. But wait, there isn't a next race, so there is no penalty and rider A wins the title.

The new rules will have no affect on that....

The current system has sufficient rules to deal with whatever happens on track, if the FIM have the balls to use them. This is more meddling for no gain

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Mar 10

Posts: 100

jahagon says:

Fantastic, just what was needed to make an already dull procession even more dull.

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Apr 05

Posts: 76

velopete says:

poxy rule?

Rizlagixxer says he can't believe the new rule, it should be about racing.

OK Ritz get out there and race, if someone pushes you off the track to get you out of the way are you gonna think thats racing? you were in front and he couldn't get past so he rams you, kills you, puts you in a wheelchair, sends you to la la land for the rest of your days, thats all OK is it.                                                                     Thats not racing in my book, thats dangerous riding and the sport could do without it. Shits who ride like that need locking up, sometimes natural justice comes along and takes them away before they hurt others but if it doesn't they need dealing with. If you want to see that kind of crap go watch a bullfight or take up foxhunting and leave racing to those who appreciate watching skill and talent. 

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Jul 06

Posts: 2049

buelligan272 says:

good in a way....

or discourages a rider from deliberately using another as a berm in a corner and punting them into the gravel, then it could be deemed plausible.

Now bulto who on earth are we talking about?
You just have to always have your little dig but it makes me laugh....

Riders make genuine mistakes sometimes which is only to be expected at the speeds they do but as we have seen there has also been a few very dangerous moves by certain riders over the last few years in all classes.Also rider rage has occurred but I think that problem has already been resolved.
The problem will be how to differentiate between the mistake or a reckless move..Of course some are far more blatant than others.Obviously with the bikes being so closely matched these days with the exception of Ducati this makes overtaking a far harder task.
I do not think it will discourage riders from overtaking but hopefully just make them think a little bit harder before doing anything really rash.
Good point about the last race bulto but I am sure they will rectify that before the end of the season.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5416

Nostrodamus says:

A good ruler has an iron fist in a velvet glove

An interesting string of comments. Bulto sagely touches on the Capirossi / Harada incident to display how potentially farcical this rule could be.

Is it going to affect the racing? Highly unlikely. How many of the top guys ride dirty? Even old Rossi has only pulled four or five highly questionable passes in his entire career. And as so amply displayed at San Marino this year starting fast guys from the back of the grid is courting even more potential disaster and making the racing less safe - which is ostensibly what Dorna and the F.I.M are trying to avoid?!

Yes O.K MM brings a record with him (as Simoncell did before him) to the premier class. However much race direction have got things wrong in the past I feel the status quo of their judgement with time or placing deductions to be the most suitable penalty - even if the indiscretion occured in practice as Marquez' tend to do!

Mandy. All I know about F1 is that Ezpeleta and Eccelstone were once co-joined garden gnome twins separated in body, but not in spirit. Cars don't lean - and by virtue this makes them (and their drivers) way less cool and exciting than bikes and bike racers.

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Oct 10

Posts: 112

whemy says:

omg what next !!

that screws rossi up now then lol..

what a dog shit idea this is no one will want to overtake anymore.and why point the finger at marquez before he has even begun to ride in the top class. loris capirossi was no angel in his early years, but in moto gp he was like the rest.this really is the worst idea ive heard since watching 500gps through to moto gp. the rules are a joke as it is without this crap.was casey wrong to leave so soon after all !!

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