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Matthew Birt  says:


It’s the Valencia MotoGP test in November, 2010 and the wave of optimism sweeping through Ducati’s factory garage is so powerful it could almost knock you off your feet. Valentino Rossi has arrived to prove the bike was no one-hit wonder in the hands of Casey Stoner and help restore Ducati as a potent threat to the Japanese domination of MotoGP. Two...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (20 December 2012 14:38)

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Apr 11

Posts: 3609

Bultoboy says:

What Audi can do

If they can do this, what might they be able to do for Ducati...

Audi engineers have contributed to a breakthrough of almost miraculous proportions by helping to develop fuels for the TFSI and TDI engines of the very near future using nothing more than lengths of ordinary-looking pipe, waste CO2, sunlight and microscopic organisms suspended in waste water.
The remarkable new ‘wonder-fuels’ have been developed by Audi and its US-based specialist fuels partner Joule. The ‘refineries’ responsible for them are the photosynthetic microorganisms injected into brackish water standing in the lengths of pipe. Measuring around three thousandths of a millimetre in diameter, these organisms have been genetically modified to prevent them from multiplying using the sunlight-aided photosynthesis process as they normally would. Instead, they are stimulated to use this process to convert the waste CO2 and the waste water into liquid fuels which they then secrete, and which can then be easily separated from the water and concentrated without the need for any further manufacturing steps.

The unparalleled global viability of these new fuels lies not only in the exceptionally simple and relatively inexpensive process which creates them, but also in the fact that the ‘feedstock’ used to produce them is entirely renewable. The crop-based biomass that has traditionally been a key constituent of synthetic fuels, and that could often otherwise be used for human consumption, is not required here. This has the added advantage of removing the need to locate the fuel production facility near habitable or arable land – a remote desert facility is entirely feasible.

Already a reality

Proof of this fact can be found in an unfertile, sun-baked region of the US state of New Mexico, where Audi and Joule have commissioned a demonstration facility which is already producing sustainable e-ethanol. This has the same chemical properties as bioethanol, a fuel which is consistently gaining in popularity, but which has the disadvantage of being produced using biomass. It will be possible to blend up to 85 per cent ‘Audi e-ethanol’ with as little as 15% fossil-fuel petrol for use by vehicles capable of running on E85 fuel.

Audi and Joule are also currently in the process of ramping up the same facility to produce a sustainable and exceptionally pure ‘Audi e-diesel’ fuel. In contrast to petroleum-based diesel, which is a mixture of a wide variety of organic compounds, this fuel is not only free of sulphur and aromatics, but is also easy to ignite thanks to its high cetane value, giving it exceptional performance credentials that promote outstanding engine operating efficiency. Audi e-diesel will work highly effectively with existing Audi TDI clean diesel systems without the need for modification.

The partnership between Audi and Joule has been in place since 2011. Joule has protected its technology with patents for which Audi has acquired exclusive rights in the automotive field. Audi engineers with extensive know-how in the areas of fuel and engine testing are helping to further develop these remarkable fuels so that they can genuinely be brought to market.

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Dec 10

Posts: 474

eddl says:

fucking hell bulto how do you expect anyone with adhd read that ?

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Jun 11

Posts: 2568

PaceyCasey says:


''Hey, Bernd Gobmeier,just a tip. Ensure all 4 riders get all access to everything week in and week out.''


Amen to that bud.


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Aug 11

Posts: 700

Bootlegger says:

Thanks Pacey

An evenhanded attack is what Ducati need. Audi need to get to grips with this dynamic. Winning does not encompass markets, fan base nor anything else.

After the wins accumulate,the rest generally fall into place. Sadly, Phillip Morris were short sighted enough to be unable to see where their bread was really buttered within Ducati GP.

Ducati have been hailed as a disastrous failure in GP.  Since when atually ? Fact ! Since Rossi, Fact !.

I never did hear any fancier bemoan the little Borgo Panigalle outfit prior to @46's involvement.

Fact is, Ducati sunk Kawasaki and Suzuki from day 1 four stroke GP era. That is mighty within its own right.

That history has zilch to do with the men that became synonomous with the brand. They being,initially Loris, then Casey aka MGP.  Facts,stats and damn lies. 8 to Loris,23 to Casey,zero to Florence.


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Jul 12

Posts: 3290

wosihound says:

Praise be..

Yes yes..a silly comment indeed mandy, but one that illustrates a point that many orange gimps refuse to lift the black-out blinds for.

Stoner won over half his races in just two seasons.

Less than a third of his 23 at Ducati in the second half of his tenure on the CF bike, which he then used as an excuse for saying Ducati gave him nothing he needed on time and quit?..Doh!

The fact Stoner pleaded for a bike that more than halved his win rate, really ought to give you a clue with regard to his development skills. He did the same at Honda this year.

As for competition..most proper fans reckon the racing was better without all the rider aids and electronics.

Virtually un-aided 500 two-strokes & 990's were dumbed down enough for a rider to make the diffrerence unlike today's bikes.. 

Biaggi is a legend of the sport. He has just retired at 41 as WC of arguably the toughest fought global series. Politics and bad behaviour black-balled him from GP, which is where he should have been.

For you to rate him as a nothing shows just how low an orange belly will stoop to kiss a puckered sheriff's the alter of Casey Stoner.




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Sep 06

Posts: 310

gixercarl says:

Pasta Rockets

finally Ducati have been found out by the masses

what i have been saying for past 15 years

they have only survived by a massage of WSB rules

so mugs consider them as the Ferrari of bikes

no real rider will consider a Ducati after a test ride

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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

I don't know how this will help Bulto

Ducati have just seen two fruitless years experimenting with a micro organism run on sunlight. Perhaps they should have used some ordinary lengths of pipe as Wosi intimates. Although Wosi's piped framed headstock has been known to wobble up to 50mm (Wosi's technical expose, not mine) he still feels this superior to CF?!

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Apr 12

Posts: 586


since when did stoner ask for a carbon frame?......he was given a carbon frame and told to ride it......the riders develop nothing....they say this feels right or that feels wrong,the engineers interprit what the riders say and adjust or make what they feel will cure the problem,nothing to do with the riders,look at vale he`s said how the bike feels to him,the engineers go off and build what they like hence no for the honda,the only reason stoner didn`t win again was a tyre change and added weight just before the season started.....if the rule changes had not been changed and there was some sort of stability in the rulebook stoner would have romped home again.....

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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

Since when Simon

Since Stoner tested the CF mid 2008. Stoner could immediately see the benefit the stiffer chassis provided over the wibbly wobbly steel lattice framed machine. Although the headstock of the piped bike never flexed 50mm as Wosi has previously stated (the poor lad read it somewhere and thought himself smart to repeat it, ha,ha) it did flex and it was inconsistent.

 For whatever reason Stoner had to wait until the 2009 season to get the CF. A year he was right in the thick of things until he started chundering in his hat. The CF worked, but the control tyres thereafter moved away from the Ducati orbit to one more heliocentric.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3290

wosihound says:

..there you go Simon.

Second question in..No need to thank old wosi for doing your homework.

If I remember right Pal, this time last year, you were one of the poor misguided fools predicting a Stoner whitewash for 2012?

Rulebook, tyres, weight, (blub blub)..he would have romped it! sad monkey.


There's little doubt the the lattice-pie framed bike - giggle - was more competitive in Stoners hands than the CF bastard Nostro?

It couldn't be..that the bike was actually better but the results got worse because the competition improved exponentially by comparison could it?

Nah..that might mean the ALU beam frame - that every other racing bike uses - might actually be better than the fucko-brained CF monocoque that Prezel got sacked for!



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