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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner memories: Andy Dawson

In the second part of MCN’s exclusive series of Stoner memories, Ohlins suspension technician Andy Dawson, who worked with the Australian throughout his MotoGP career at Ducati and Honda, recalls his epic victory over Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa at Catalunya in 2007 as one of the outstanding memories. “In Barcelona in 2007 we were in a bit of a mess...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (20 December 2012 14:38)

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Jul 12

Posts: 3249

wosihound says:


A little treasure of an interview for Stoner fans from the Birt archives..

After the last two years, for whatever's difficult not to respect Casey Stoners on track efforts while at Ducati.

Happy New Year Brothers..

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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:


As all Ducati and Stoner fans know, he was and is something special! Rossi has proved that, after his dismal failure to do amything on the Desmo during 2 years of "trying"? Anyway, Stoner will always be a Ducati legend, whatever may happen, and who knows, maybe he'll come back next year!!!!!!!!!!! Here's wishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year 2013 to all!!!Ciao

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Sep 12

Posts: 192

MandyRamola says:

Make your mind up Wosi

This interview has blown holes in your long standing flakey arguments yet still you bleat on with your usual shite on the Guareschi thread. What's your argument against this line " Nobody really gave him the credit he deserved and everybody was always looking for an excuse on why he was so fast. But there is no excuse, that was his talent." Or this one " Sete (Gibernau) rode that engine and he said that thing was like riding a two-stroke screamer. He said the power was all or nothing and it was just an animal. Casey jumped on it and within half a day he was sliding it around that long left. The data bloke couldn’t believe it." And finally " There’s never been a dull moment working with him. He was either fastest or coming in spitting feathers that the bike is a load of crap. You knew though come 2pm on a Sunday afternoon he will wring its neck." That final section says it all for me and shows why Valentino Rossi failed, because he's lost his bottle.

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Dec 11

Posts: 92

jackinthebox says:


You have got a real cheek slagging someone else after some of the utter shite you come out with on this forum.
I am not a Rossi fan but if you think the guy has lost his bottle you are dumb beyond belief.
I will remind you of your dumb comment at a later date.

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Jan 04

Posts: 287

R6nutter6 says:

Stoner vs Rossi debate. YAWN

Stoner could ride it, Rossi couldn't. We all know that. I just wish Stoner would stay around. One thing you can't deny, Stoner is a whinging sod. If he's always striving for the best he will be.

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Sep 12

Posts: 192

MandyRamola says:


Fuck you you fucking prick.

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Dec 12

Posts: 2

Makrus says:

One of my favourites, shame he is gone. Now I don't know who to back next yr?

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Dec 02

Posts: 1

robbed1 says:

As usual, all of the Stoner critics miss the point about the kid.  He spoke his mind, didn't pull punches, and for some reason that made all of the Rossi fans call him a whinger.  Big difference between speaking your mind and whinging. 

In case you missed it, they commented how he always wanted improvements, so any comments he made were meant to indicate what was needed to improve.  If he was leading by 5 seconds, making comments about where improvements were needed, the Rossi apologists called him a whinger.  Maybe the approach of never accepting the current status as good enough is why he was the only person to ever ride the Ducati well consistently.

Don't forget, Burgess did say he could sort the Ducati in a time frame that was massively shorter than two years.  Guess all of the slander that Burgess, Rossi and all of the Rossities laid upon Stoner has now been proven to be just that, slander.  I do apologize, since posts on here would actually be libel rather than slander, but you get my drift.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3249

wosihound says:

Andy Dawson?

Not being rude..but who the fk is he?

You ever heard of him?..Nah! didn't think so.

He's obviously a big fan though and almost as sad as Ramola, who seems to be getting all possesive over who is allowed to compliment Stoner's riding efforts.

Here's a clue for you Mandy, you big girl's blouse..

"You could see he was special but at that stage we just thought we’d be fixing a lot of crashed bikes." says Andy.

From his debut at Qatar 2007 to Laguna Seca 2008, Ducati didn't have to fix one of rookie Stoners race bikes..he didn't crash and was flawless.

That all stopped after Rossi rattled him good & proper in America. The trail of self-inflicted mistakes increased, rapidly filling the Corse skip.

This..and the fact Stoners results got worse with him finishing lower year upon year until he left Ducati, show that he in actual fact wasn't taming anything. It should have been the other way round with him crashing to start..not at the end? 

Five race crashes in his last season? The bike had taken control and was threatening to kill him. He bailed unsurprisingly..some would say, lost his MR?

He'd definitely lost his bottle by the end at Valencia 2012.

Tricky conditions and the very thought of crashing had him whimpering about not wanting to be there and riding to finish while playing safe so he could retire in one piece, having just been spanked by a team mate.

Ignominious ending for such a brave hero..and one that don't really square up with Birts Andy Who's? one-sided piece, the full details of which can be read in this month's Orange cross-dressing and bottom lip monthly. 




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Jan 12

Posts: 1881

doohanfan says:

stoner's ducati crashes

Allowing that you were actually generous ab initio on this thread and had it thrown back at you, poppycock wosi.


Mistakes in the laguna seca 2008 race balance, except on  both occasions stoner chose not to crash into valentino. Weakness? I can see some argument for this, but perhaps not to Stoner's overall detriment.


The 2 crashes in the races post laguna seca 2008 are the ones that can be attributed to pressure, whether the pressure of the championship situation (he needed to win 6 of the remaining 7 races to win the championship on countback by a superior number of race wins if rossi finished second in those races he didn't win as seemed highly likely), or because he thought rossi could do what he liked and get away with it  (I have never claimed he is not paranoid), as alternative possibilities to the pressure of competing with the great one per se.

Stoner had zero race crashes on the 2009 ducati, and I don't think the last race warm-up crash was attributable to pressure from rossi, strange though it was.

Stoner's 2010 crashes pretty much equal rossi's 2011 crashes, neither due to pressure from other riders imo as we have discussed, although if I wished to be uncharitable stoner at least put the 2010 ducati in positions where pressure from other top riders might be relevant on rather more frequent occasions than rossi did in 2011.

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