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Matthew Birt  says:

Casey Stoner memories: Lucio Cecchinello

In the sixth part of MCN’s exclusive series of Stoner memories, Lucio Cecchinello, who gave Stoner his first Grand Prix ride and big break into MotoGP in 2006, talks about their time together. “We played a big part in the early story of Casey when we worked with him for one season in 125s, two in 250s and one in MotoGP. "At...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (20 December 2012 15:38)

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Jan 13

Posts: 98

Farnarkle says:

Denial is a river, not a debating technique

Yes, Wosi, the works Honda with control tyres gave Stoner the opportunity to employ different race strategies - ie. use racecraft.  If you bothered to watch in 2011, Stoner frequently did not take the lead until several laps into the races, and when he did, he opened a gap and simply maintained it; P.I. aside where he simply loves the fastest track on the schedule and rides for the joy of wringing the neck of a motorcycle faster than anybody.

However, the way he rode the Ducati was the way it demanded to be ridden. You constantly criticise his 'work ethic', for not doing enough (as you see it) laps in practice. How well did that work for Hayden in '09  and '10 who consistently did more laps everywhere than anybody, with Lorenzo a close second? Remind me of the comparative podium tallies.  Rossi saw all of Stoner's data, and recently said that even after two years on the damn bike, still did not understand how Stoner could ride it so fast.

If, in order to win, you have to ride the thing so that it is technically crashing several times a lap (as Burgess, I believe, has said he could see from the data that Stoner was doing), that is on average around 60 - 65 'saved' crashes per race.  Times 18 races per season:  the damn bike is 'crashing' over 1000 times in a season.  5  DNFs in a season is 0.2% unsaved crashes.  

Alternatively, you could ride it, as Rossi did, mainly within its limitations and finish typically 30 seconds down on the winner, because you cannot - by your own admission - ride it on the edge. And you still end up with 3 DNFs in a season, and around 5th loser. 

You - and others - constantly refer to L.S '08 as the pinnacle of Stoner's 'racecraft' lacking, yet Stoner's record on the Ducati at L.S is four finishes out of four starts: one win, two seconds, one fourth. Rossi's record on the Ducati at L.S is one 6th and one DNF out of two starts.  Stoner's record on the Ducati at P.I. is four wins from four starts; Rossi's (the next-best P.I. winner of all time) is one 7th and one DNF from two starts. Those are the two best 'rider' circuits on the calendar. Should I go further?  Aragon: Stoner 1 win from 1 start, Rossi one 10th and one 7th from 2 starts. Qatar: Stoner 3 wins, one DNF from four starts, Rossi one 7th, one 10th from two starts.   

Or should we just settle for 23 wins and one WC from Stoner on a Ducati and 0 wins, 0 WC's from Rossi on a Ducati?

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Dec 10

Posts: 474

eddl says:


jesus wtf fella

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Jul 12

Posts: 3047

wosihound says:


By your reckoning, Farnarkle..Casey is 23 times better than Rossi?

Well done're obviously an insider?

How come he got beat..and was getting beat by Dani Pedrosa on the same bike, before he crashed himself out of contention again, if he's so shit hot?

I doesn't add up Pal does it?

Stoner, pre-kid, took lots of risks and never got smacked up.

As a Dad, his style of pushing to the extreme, was not conducive.

He lost his bottle and bailed.

The 4 aliens on the best bikes would have settled it..but he bailed.

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Aug 11

Posts: 697

Bootlegger says:

Not so

23 divided by 0 = infinity. So that non existent figure makes Stoner not 23 times better than Rossi but infinitely better. Take heart Wosi. It only applies to their respective Ducati years.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3345

Bultoboy says:


You need help

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Jun 11

Posts: 2552

PaceyCasey says:


The idea is to win..yes. But this IS a team sport. There is considerable investment and kudos at stake.

Sometimes you have to ride for points.

So you would be quite happy to have a grid full of JLo's riding half the season for points?

You and yours constantly refer to 'the show' but earlier you again took a large swipe at Casey and his 'win it or bin it attitude'. You want to make your f-----g mind up bud.

Anyone but Casey.....................just admit it.




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Jul 12

Posts: 3047

wosihound says:

No ambition..

Gone Fishing..




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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:


Usual useless comment!

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Jan 13

Posts: 98

Farnarkle says:

Do the maths, Wosi

38 wins in 6 seasons = 6.33  Jeez, not so brilliant, really. 

And how did the other aliens fare in head-to-head combat?

Lorenzo: 23 wins in 5 seasons: 4.6

Rossi: 21 wins in 6 seasons:  3.5

Pedrosa: 20 wins in 6 seasons: 3.3


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Jan 12

Posts: 1611

doohanfan says:

stoner should have won more titles

The only problem with your argument, wosi, is that the 2 races most pivotal by your own account in him not winning further championships, laguna seca 2008 and sachsenring 2012 ( with a practice crash which may have been related to a poor track surface and the fortunes of racing rather than anything else also obviously influential in 2012) were not lost because he attempted to skeedaddle in front early in the race. A fairly good case can be made for him underestimating his opponents in these races and losing them because he didn't skeedaddle in front.

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