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Dec 12

Posts: 7

patja says:

bike as only vehicle

i have a car - volvo s80 - with heated leather seats, abs brakes, 2,4 engine and about 20 mpg. Its nice and warm to drive whatever the weather. But I miss my bike - xtz750 super tenere, which was too high for me, too heavy in town, too uncomfortable to drive with passenger, was a bit too heavy with petrol. and it wasnt too pleasant to drive in uk - it is a bike for driving on the bad roads fast, and there are no roads for this kind of bike. I was driving every day. when its cold outside - i was freezing, when it was rainy i was wet. you find a lot of bike minuses when you have to ride it every day. thats why I`ve bought a car - to keep my ass warm. and now i want to sacrifice with comfort  to biking. I never drove bike all year round.  So, if somebody driving bike all year and use it as only vehicle could you share your experience how is it. how to dress warm enough and still look casual? how to fight rain drops on visor? can actually bike replace car as only vehicle?i need bike for everything - commuting, shopping, driving out for long weekend with girlfriend. and i cant afford bike and a car. 

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  • Posted 2 years ago (23 December 2012 20:28)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2760

spondonste says:

It's your choice but.....

This is going to open up a can of worms but getting clad up in one piece leathers every time you get on a bike might work for some but doesn't have to be the norm for everyone.

If you want to go banzai on a bike then full leathers are the sensible choice. If you're going to moderate your riding to ride with a reasonable safety marging then full leathers aint always essential. Anybody that is commuting at banzai speeds is a death waiting to happen. I chose to commute in paddock jacket, work boots (often with steel toe caps), work trousers and waterproof over trousers (with full length side zips). If it's really wet then I'll wear a one piece waterproof oversuit and if it's really cold I'll plug in my heated gloves. This is my choice and takes next to no additional time to get this kit on. For every commute I'll therefore be quicker on the bike than I could ever be in a car (or as it should be called - a four wheel congestion causer).


Patja, in answer to some of your questions I have 2 road helmets both with clear and tinted visors plus the girlfriend's helmet is an additional back up. I have one piece race leathers/ boots etc but really only ever need to wear them when I'm on the track. I also have winter and summer gloves depending on how warm it is. My bikes get around 45-55mpg and I can insure 4 sportsbike for less than 1 tin box car (eg Vauxhall Agila) and my bikes hold their value better than a car. Road tax is just over £70 per year for the bigger bikes but less for the smaller bikes (I do think mega cheap road tax for cars but not bikes is a perversion of common sense - if you use common sense and look at life time emissions from producing running and disposing of cars/ bikes then next to no car can match a bike that is actually used regularly for green credentials.

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Apr 12

Posts: 320

DazLoczy says:


I have a 100 mile commute twice a week and 12 mile round trip four times a week. In the summer I often opt for:

  • Kevlar jeans (Sartso or the like) which cost me £120 including the armour.
  • An all season bike jacket (with zip out thermal layer) which cost me about £150 three years ago and still going strong.
  • Summer Gloves (£50)
  • All season waterproof boots (£100)
  • Summer Buff (neck tube) £3 for £10 from TK Maxx
  • Flip-up helmet £120
  • Lightweight two piece waterproofs £20
  • Total Late Spring/Summer/early Autumn Gear: £570 bought over a period of time
In the winter I wear the same boots and helmet (although I will be upgrading the helmet soon to a Shark Evo3 at £299) but substitute the rest for:
  • Winter Balaclava £30
  • All-in-one bike textile suit £300 (in sale)
  • Thermals (long johns, long sleeve vest) £20
  • Lightweight walking/winter sports fleece £50 (only for those really, REALLY cold days)
  • Winter socks (walking socks) £20 for 3 (x2 - £40)
  • Total extra for full winter gear £440
I have never wanted for more clothing on any ride including a 200 mile motorway blast at between -1 and -3 (not including wind chill factor at 70mph). Total cost for all my gear £1010, though this wasn't a bulk purchase as it was accumilated over time.

My car used to cost me £230 a year to tax, my bike costs £70. The car cost me at least £60 a week (often more) in petrol, my bike costs about £25 to do the same distances PER WEEK. Insurance for my car used to cost over £650 fully comp, my bike costs £300 for better cover (includes breakdown service, £1000 gear insurance etc). The car was owned outright and lost me over £7k second hand since it was bought over 5 years (as sold it for scrap), the bike cost just under £6k NEW with finance costing little over £100 per month (which the fuel cost saving is more than paying for).

Journey times: My car could take between 10-30 minutes depending on traffic (mostly nearer 30 min) for the 6 mile drive and at least 2.5 hours for the 100 miles twice a week though usually this would be between 3 to 3.5 as there was almost always some big delay. Including getting geared up in full winter gear the bike takes 20 minutes for the 6 mile ride regardless of traffic and between 1.5 and 2 hours for the 100 mile ride.

Bike security, when I'm at home I'm lucky to have a garage to store the bike but at work it's parked on a busy high street with a disc lock on the front brake. In addition to this I carry a lightweight cover which I always put over the bike if leaving it for more than an hour. I find it helps security because people are unsure what's under it and it also means they need to take the cover off in order to see what sort of security I have. I am also planning to add an alarm soon for extra peace of mind.

All in all it's horses for courses but I'm much happier riding my motorcycle in all weathers than I ever was commuting in the car.:wink:

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Jul 06

Posts: 8

marayder says:

bike as only vehicle

:smileAll you need is the right kit, I suggest you go to any reputable dealer and ask for their advice on what to buy, once you've explained your needs.

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Dec 12

Posts: 7

patja says:


so...i`ve bought fazer 600 this weekend. needed to drive 70 miles in snow and wind, but here i am. the right gear is ordered - pants and gloves first( i`ve got 2 jackets), then boots probably. so far safety shoes and woolen sock are doing their job keeping my foot warm.     

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brutale r


Dec 07

Posts: 3258

brutale r says:



why dont you get off the grog polish up your s trip ready for summer

and stop pulling your pud over these ppl thinking your real

should have saved it for April 1st lol good 1



FUK HAVE YOU LOT BEEN HAD :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::biggrin:

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Jan 11

Posts: 8491

snev says:


careful m8 This Patia may Vanish.....It happens:roll eyes:

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Dec 12

Posts: 1456

Diablere says:

i'm too busy

riding my bike all year round to post on this subject:tongue:

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:


have two bikes and two cars...married a lass who earns shit

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