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Dec 12

Posts: 7

patja says:

bike as only vehicle

i have a car - volvo s80 - with heated leather seats, abs brakes, 2,4 engine and about 20 mpg. Its nice and warm to drive whatever the weather. But I miss my bike - xtz750 super tenere, which was too high for me, too heavy in town, too uncomfortable to drive with passenger, was a bit too heavy with petrol. and it wasnt too pleasant to drive in uk - it is a bike for driving on the bad roads fast, and there are no roads for this kind of bike. I was driving every day. when its cold outside - i was freezing, when it was rainy i was wet. you find a lot of bike minuses when you have to ride it every day. thats why I`ve bought a car - to keep my ass warm. and now i want to sacrifice with comfort  to biking. I never drove bike all year round.  So, if somebody driving bike all year and use it as only vehicle could you share your experience how is it. how to dress warm enough and still look casual? how to fight rain drops on visor? can actually bike replace car as only vehicle?i need bike for everything - commuting, shopping, driving out for long weekend with girlfriend. and i cant afford bike and a car. 

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  • Posted 2 years ago (23 December 2012 20:28)

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Apr 10

Posts: 740

CB13 says:

Bike as only tansport?

Of course you can do it.But then you could probably cut your leg off with a potato peeler but why would you want to?It might be "manly"and make your dick bigger down the pub to ride all year round but if you have the choice not to ride in shit weather and use the car use the f*ecking car!!

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May 12

Posts: 111

LearnerRider says:

It can be doneI

If you dress with wet weather gear in the winter and full leathers in the summer you can't go wrong!

Jut clean off your bike every time you go out in the pissing rain to get rid of all the road muck, there's no easy way to keep dry, but in answer to your question yes you can replace your car with a bike! A mate of mine only has a bike licence but rides his Yamaha YZF 125 all year round and its good for 70mph

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Mar 07

Posts: 3203

weasel64 says:


bike as only vehicle

" tough shit man " , get a car anorl !!!!

failing that " pull a bitch  " with her own car!!!!!

aint fookion rocket science is it ???? :wink::wink:

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Sep 07

Posts: 679

adaytona says:


 Think I've wasted 3 mins of my life reading this thread, it cant be for real, can it ?  :lol:

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Dec 10

Posts: 12021

preunit says:


you'll never get'em back.......them 3 mins :lol::lol::lol:

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Aug 02

Posts: 2751

spondonste says:

Bike as only vehicle

I use a bike all year round as my primary mode of transport and I know other people who have nothing but bikes as transport. The main downside is limited space for shopping but hard or soft luggage (and occasionally rucksacks) goes some way to eleviate that. You'll also limit yourself to only being able to carry one passenger at a time but that's  not a big issue most of the time.

The reality is that for many people bikes are now a summer toy to play on the roads and pretend they could make it in international race series. These people scoff at anything outside of their personal choices.


It is certainly possible to have a bike as your only vehicle but it does have some benefits and negatives. Get warm waterproof clothing for winter (heated gloves are particularly good) and moderate your riding for the lack of grip. Bikes from the 90's tend to be reasonably hard wearing and cheap to run. Keep the drive chain correctly tensioned and lubed, change the transmission oil when needed, try to waterproof the back of electrical connectors to stop water ingresssion, invest in anti-mist visor inserts/ sprays and you'll have a reliable year round ride.

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Dec 12

Posts: 28

georgyspiros says:


not only way to get about innit. Is down to choices of your own heads. I like sikkle of motor but left bollok give me pains in bollok so now think of maybe comfy cart wiv donkee. If it rain get wet, if it sun get dry, if it cold get furlined sheepskin jacket, my ma says it cost a packet. Aaahh, Irish dance band. Likey likey.
Roseyeric say patja want car share but I no car and donkee share never. My donkee.:mad:
Car, motorsikkle, donkee or walking. Is all good and depend on wether you weather weather.
English only my 17 and half language so still a bit of sikpunz at use.
Happy 27 decmberness peepsness.:biggrin:

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May 12

Posts: 130

Valko says:

girlfriend weekend?

you need a car mate :biggrin:

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Jun 12

Posts: 3626

calamityjane says:

will he have to

hijack her with an ak47 first :laugh:

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Feb 08

Posts: 1952


Do women find being hijacked with a loaded weapon appealing then? :smile

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