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Nov 06

Posts: 1154

admin says:

Should there be just one UK rider federation/action group?

News this week has emerged that the BMF has lost their vital European lobby after falling into arrears with their fees to the Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations, the central body which represents national rider groups across Europe. This raised questions about whether or not motorcyclists in the UK are best represented by having multiple lobbies, with the BMF and...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (03 January 2013 11:39)

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Jun 12

Posts: 15

F0ulOli says:

There used to be just one

The problem is that everyone wants to bash the lobbyists because its easy to complain that what you want isn't happening. Originally, the BMF was the only rights group, then MAG was created because they didn't like what BMF were doing. Its what always happens!

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Apr 12

Posts: 320

DazLoczy says:

A difficult one

You could argue that two groups are better than one, it might work better if one group concentrated on one aspect of motorcyclists rights, say domestic and the other on lobbying say Europe? Although I am a fully-paid MAG member and have attended a few rallies I have to admit that I'm not clued up enough on the politics behind it all to really have an truly objective opinion. I suspect that this question has arising because of the recent 'problems' with BMF and FEMA?

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Can't say that I'd pay to join either

I get the email alerts and newsletters and do the activism stuff anyway.  Dafuq would I put £26 into a BMF or MAG tank rather than mine?

It's a daft question to start with, since there will always be a Judean Bikers' Front and a Bikers' Front of Judea.  The only thing that nature abhors more than a vacuum is a single coherent special interest group.

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Oct 11

Posts: 34

Typhon219 says:



"there will always be a Judean Bikers' Front and a Bikers' Front of Judea" - priceless

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Apr 12

Posts: 320

DazLoczy says:


Interesting "Life of Brian" thought there.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:

Lots of trade unions have been amalgamating over the last few years and I think bikers groups should do the same. We all have the same enemies so we should join up and fight them, rather than fight each others groups before we take on the politicians. Smaller individual groups are more likely to go under in the long term than one powerful body. I'm not a member of the BMF or MAG as I don't know which group would serve my interests best, but if they became one voice, I would join tomorrow, and it would be a powerful arguement for others to do the same.

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Sep 12

Posts: 52

Discopoo says:

one loud voice

is better than many quiter ones

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Aug 09

Posts: 2726

MarcusMarsh says:

Representative Groups

As a fairly small country I would argue that one group is probably better - providing it is properly representative of the whole biking community and not just focused on a narrow band of particular issues. One thing is for certain - we do need a voice! 

I was a BMF member for many years but they seemed to loose their way.  Internal politics and aguments I think made them less effective so, believeing that someone needs to fight our cause, I joined MAG instead.          

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Feb 04

Posts: 46

vibro says:


one united voice sounds lovely but if you mould the two powers into one instead trying to point score from opposing corners if you will theyll be doing it from the same table.Power struggles are rife as backstabbing in committees,and it will never change because no matter how noble a cause and how hard working and honest the vast majority of folk are who tryto improve our lot its always the turds that float to the top,i mean how big a clout could the motorcycle manufacturers have deafened by their silence, i mean if we rode push bikes the government would only to happy to give you reach round,but step on a motorbike and your satan,on a personal note yes i do support bikers right attend rallies,rideouts etc and if i had to choose itd definately be mag,for my liking bmf dont seem honest enough.Maybe im wrong after all this is only my opinion and we all know what they say about them.RIDE HARD RIDE FREE. 

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Aug 02

Posts: 54

Tetley says:

If we only have one voice, and only one vote at the table, then we are easily out-voted.

We need at least TWO voices, so each can support the other.

BMF should pay their dues and represent us properly. That's what riders pay for when they join.



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