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MCN  says:

If helmets weren’t compulsory would you still wear one?

Despite studies showing time and time again that helmets save lives, there is still a strong lobby, especially in the USA, who argue that the decision to wear one should be left to the rider and not imposed by law. Indeed, some states have repealed their mandatory helmet laws as recently as this year, with Michigan making helmets optional in April, to...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (03 January 2013 11:39)

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Aug 02

Posts: 2746

spondonste says:


Even if it wasn't mandatory I would choose to wear a helmet most of the time. The only time I wouldn't wear one is when I've been working on the bike and am checking it on a quite private road and then only to look/ listen for any untoward sounds etc (and the speed would be less than about 15mph).

I've ridden in countries with no mandatory helmet law but have chosen to wear one in those countries.

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May 06

Posts: 92

rmbridge says:

On a business trip and visit of the Indianapolis MotoGP last year I was stunned to see how many bikers didnt wear helmets in Indiana.  I'm all for pro-choice and our nanny state would see Hell freeze over before allowing that kind of freedom in the UK.  However given the choice I would wear a helmet.  Always.

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Sep 09

Posts: 893

Rogerborg says:

I don't wear one on a pushbike

Which I can propel at the same legal speed for popping to the shops.

While the stats do say that lots more Yanks get deaded and vegged when they repeal helmet laws, you do have to bear in mind that their idea of motorcycle training is "the thing on the right makes your hawg go louder".

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Aug 11

Posts: 7

trig78 says:

I always wear one

I tried recently to ride without it and it me feel very uneasy. I can almost see my face skidding on the pavement. Same goes for gloves and back protector. That's a minimum even for short rides. Seen too many accidents I guess.

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Apr 12

Posts: 320

DazLoczy says:


Though I'd use one of those non-approved but stylish open lids for light chopper-cruising duties in the heat of summer when I'd never get above 40mph. They still offer protection in the event of an incident it's just they don't come up to the EU standards. Anything more than that I'd feel more comfortable with an approved open-face lid or full-face helmet.

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Jan 12

Posts: 5

rattypete says:

Yup, I would wear one. I know I definately would cos I did pre 73 and so did my mates at the time

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Apr 11

Posts: 14

cbrgaz says:


Surely the idea of your face grinding concrete even at 30 mph speaks for itself. As a child I came off my pushbike many time and always under 20 mph and I have some serious scars even from that. Then add in the trauma to your skull and brain and there really is no sense not wearing them (and I like my head being warn and snug).

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Oct 10

Posts: 186

zoobaz says:


Our lids are the only bit of safety gear required by law, however most of us chose to wear proper boots, leathers, gloves, back protecters etc... and most of us wouldn't  just go for the cheapest lid we can find to comply with the law either - we'd usually go for the best we can afford!

So I guess that implies that most of us would still wear all this gear, regardless of what the law says.

I think this puts us apart from a lot of car drivers, who will routinely opt for the cheapest brake pads, tyres etc for their cars, probably the same group of people who reguarly accuse us lot of being irresponsible and dangerous road users...

Good question MCN - because it opens up a wider discussion - how many of us would fit cheap inferior aftermarket brake pads to our bikes to save a couple of quid? not many i'd guess... It's the same logik.

Cheers - and happy new year to you all!





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Jan 13

Posts: 1


I would but mostly to get the wind out my eyes so i can see where i'm going but if i was only get petrol then i probs wouldn't tbh. Also i don't like that you have to buy a helmet as well as the bike i think you should get one free with it because you don't have to buy seat belts for a car and you have to wear them.

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Jan 04

Posts: 7

To have the choice

To have the choice offered to us would be an awesome thing. I'd still wear one 99% of the time. The other 1% I'd be bringing the bike out of the garage 100 yards from the house or as another commented moving it around after maintenance/cleaning or listening for noises. I've lived in countries without helmet laws and spent months riding without a lid - you get a better sense of what is going on around you without a lid on but obviously even the smallest off can still lead to the most massive trauma. Its not about 'to wear or not to wear' its about the freedom of choice.

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