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MCN  says:

If helmets weren’t compulsory would you still wear one?

Despite studies showing time and time again that helmets save lives, there is still a strong lobby, especially in the USA, who argue that the decision to wear one should be left to the rider and not imposed by law. Indeed, some states have repealed their mandatory helmet laws as recently as this year, with Michigan making helmets optional in April, to...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (03 January 2013 11:39)

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Nov 11

Posts: 19

akaDan says:

Natural Selection

I've had accidents both on the road and on the race track in which I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for my helmets. I think it comes down to a simple rule; you wear a helmet if you've got something worth protecting. If you choose not to wear one, you've clearly got no brains to protect.

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Aug 02

Posts: 69

slparry says:

helmet yes, compulsion no

I've ridden in the South of France when the Bol used to be on at Paul Ricard without a lid as French police used to turn a blind eye. Really liked it, and as an adult I think that the choice to do so should be mine to make not the States.

Pointless poll though, as it's never going to be repealed, you'd have more chance of legalising guns etc again :)

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Aug 07

Posts: 6

firestorm115 says:


I would never go without, i had an accident 10 weeks ago the helmet was destroyed and i didnt even have conncusion, did break my neck though

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Aug 09

Posts: 2721

MarcusMarsh says:

Helmet Law

My instinct is to say that the rider should have the choice as I believe in freedom of choice.  However my worry would be that, if helmets were not mandatory, the increased accident statistics would be used to bring even stricter controls on our biking lives.  Perhaps what we have now in a helmet law but no legal requirements in respect of other safety equipment (armor, gloves, boots etc) is not a bad compromise.

Either way I would always wear a helmet.  I did try riding without one some years ago in Spain when the rule was not enforced but I wasn't comfortable without it.  

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Jun 12

Posts: 15

F0ulOli says:

Its about Choice!

Even before 1973, about 90% of UK riders who a helmet, and they still took the choice away from us. It makes no sense to say that it should be the law that helmets are worn because its safer, as the logical conclusion of that argument is that nobody should ever be allowed to leave their homes without a padded suit! I would still wear a helmet most of the time, but when I am travelling at pedaling speed on a nice quite road in summer, I might like to take my helmet off. Wouldn't that be nice?

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Oct 12

Posts: 64

Room101 says:

when ;

When car drivers stop pulling out on us, when trucks stop dumping diesel on the roads, when all the potholes are fixed, when all the grids are non skid and when I stop enjoying riding at any decent speed above 30mph, that’s when I’ll stop wearing my lid.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8486

snev says:

bit of a "no Brainer"...

I can't really see an argument for not wearing one, it has to be one of the best pieces of safety equipment ever devised Why on earth would you even want to go without one? with all the rain, wind, bugs, fag butts, cold, birds, gravel flung up from the road ect ect.

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Mar 10

Posts: 32

cetdac says:


Its really up to ourselves whether to wear or not. While the majority of us would most of the time it should be a choice an informed decision. I absolutely do not like having a bunch of law makers making the decision for me taking my decisions in life away from me. Next it will be helmets for walking because God knows falls do happen!

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Mar 10

Posts: 43

tourx4 says:


After hearing from my mum who is a a and e nurse and seeing some of her nursing text books, i will never ever  ride my bike without a helmet and full gear. Some of those pictures made me heave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nov 02

Posts: 1340

norris says:

Sikh's don't have to wear an helmet, not all Sikh's wear a turban so it a traditional dress rather than religious, so if there is a law it should apply to all.

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