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MCN  says:

If helmets weren’t compulsory would you still wear one?

Despite studies showing time and time again that helmets save lives, there is still a strong lobby, especially in the USA, who argue that the decision to wear one should be left to the rider and not imposed by law. Indeed, some states have repealed their mandatory helmet laws as recently as this year, with Michigan making helmets optional in April, to...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (03 January 2013 11:39)

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Apr 12

Posts: 143

69Fastback says:

Russian Roulette?

How many of us who agree with the helmet law, should it not be compulsory, would be tempted to nip round the corner shop 'un-protected' if a lid wasn't to hand? I remember my nephew having a low speed high-side, about fifteen years ago and ended up with a nasty concussion, even though he was wearing a helmet. Without the helmet, he would have likely ended up with a fractured skull.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:


In aceh women have been banned from riding pillion "Straddling" the rider and must now ride "Side Saddle". what do you make of that?

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:

Well I think the helmet law should stay as some people need to be protected from themselves. There are people who would like to ride helmetless simply because they could. But lets face it, you can live without an arm or leg but not without a head. Have you noticed how many people who ride trikes like to ride without a lid because they can. But I hate to think what their head would look like after a head-on (pardon the pun) crash. I've had birds (the flying kind) hit my helmet and shoulders in the past and without a lid, I might not be here to talk about it.

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Aug 11

Posts: 43

muddy686 says:

On a warm sunny day I quite like wearing an open face with shades, or occasionally ride with my flip front helmet flipped up.  But I'd never ride without a helmet, freedom of choice or not.  It doesn't take much of a knock to do some serious damage!

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bob the builder


Feb 03

Posts: 197

Helmets at all times. I have seen what can happen from "not" wearing one. Not nice.


I rode without one, once when I was 17 way back in the 70`s didnt like it at all, I felt vunerable.

I even wear a helmet when using my mountain bike, just as well, I had a crash on it on the rough, came away with a bruised arm and leg, helmet scratched, no head injury at all.


Honestly, if you dont wear one, your asking for trouble.

I dont fancy being a vegetable through a head injury, by not wearing one, just so you  look Cool.

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Feb 09

Posts: 50

daveyboy79 says:

Personally I would wear one 99% of the time, obviously for touring, track days and spirited sunday ride outs, but test riding/listening for noises after doing some maintenance or popping down the road then probably not. Would wear something over my eyes though like sunglasses or at least clear cycling goggles. TBH, riding without a lid is quite liberating, it certainly is riding a drop bar road bicycle at speeds up to 40mph (which is a lot less stable than on a modern road based motorbike at twice that in my opinion). When you're aware of the extra danger, your senses are heightened, perhaps even take more care, but at the same time, it feels rebellious and gives you a buzz, isn't that partly why some people ride motorbikes in the first place? When boarding ferries, at least 1/2 the bikers I see are boarding without a lid and I include myself in that, when I rode in Florida, I only had a German Army style lid, wouldn't have done much if I'd have crashed I'm sure. Slightly controversial, but I think in a low speed crash (more likely to happen than a high speed crash although consequences are often less), it can be more important to wear gloves as it's natural human instinct to put your hands out to protect your face, the only 2 wheeled crashes I've had are disc lock incidents, one slow speed swerve (when I was a new rider) and pedal bike crashes where my hands instinctively went out, and hurt them instead, not once hitting my head or crash helmet.

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Jun 04

Posts: 9

JonWilmer says:

Who's Head is it Anyway?

Personally I've just about had enough of bureaucrats telling me what's good for me. Whether or not I wore a non-compulsory helmet would be my choice depending on any number of factors. The point is that I would be allowed to make an informed and adult decision about my own personal safety. Anyone that claims that mandatory helmets save lives, needs to recognise that it's the helmet, not the compulsion, that provides the protection. If you are so worried about being "safe" shouldn't you consider hanging up your leathers and getting a nice comfy pair of slippers instead? There is something fundamentally wrong when a government has the right to enforce the safer of two personal choices. Anyone that accepts helmet compulsion is giving the government tacit permission to mandate cars over bikes. If the state can ban riding helmetless, by the same logic, they can ban motorbikes.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2792

Piglet2010 says:

Speedo® only?

Where I live one can legally ride as long as the naughty bits are covered - was passed in the cage by a guy on a black ZX-10R going about 90 mph who was dressed like Rollie Free.  Lids are rarely worn (you do not even need to wear one when taking the riding test), and full gear is almost never seen.

That said, I wear more gear on the Honda Elite (Lead ) 110 than most people do around here on bikes with 2 to 3 times the speed potential, and always wear a lid, except when moving a bike less than a couple of hundred feet at barely more than walking speed.

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Nov 02

Posts: 1340

norris says:


Knocked off the bike in June


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Jan 13

Posts: 2

Rukster says:

Freedom Misconceptions

People who use the argument of 'freedom of choice' should look at the bigger picture when considering that they should have the choice whether or not to wear a helmet. 'Freedom' comes in many different forms, however it works (mostly) because we live in a relatively civilised society which wouldn't exist without the rule of law. Therefore, paradoxically we live in a free society because of the binding laws we must adhere to. For example, speed limits are imposed to protect, without them, given the 'freedom' to do whatever speed we wish, many more people would die. Most people don't have the ability to self regulate in any given situation. Also know as human nature. So basically what I'm trying to say is that Helmets should be and always be mandatory.

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