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MCN  says:

If helmets weren’t compulsory would you still wear one?

Despite studies showing time and time again that helmets save lives, there is still a strong lobby, especially in the USA, who argue that the decision to wear one should be left to the rider and not imposed by law. Indeed, some states have repealed their mandatory helmet laws as recently as this year, with Michigan making helmets optional in April, to...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (03 January 2013 11:39)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1324

SatNavSteve says:

Quite a few interesting comments here, not that I agree with them all though. As for the rider being allowed to make the choice and the law should not interfere, what about speed limits?. I'm an IAM member and have been for many years and a one-time instructor, why can't I ride at 80mph on A roads? I have the proven skills and experience and my bike is well capable. Should that not be my decision? The fact is that the laws of the road have to take into consideration the worst drivers whether they are incompetent or simply irresponsible. Its well known that people have been punched in the face outside pubs and died simply from falling and hitting their head on the floor and thats a lot slower than falling off a bike at any speed. People should take into account that a head injury could lead to a life in a wheelchair being spoon-fed, and a resultant compensation claim for millions is'nt going to put you on your feet and will raise insurance for everyone else. And its amazing how many times I see people who have done something irresponsible and suffered badly for it then go on a campaign to warn everyone of the dangers. If you are riding slowly in hot weather, open your bloody visor and vents and if thats not enough, buy an open faced or flip lid. I've ridden all over Europe in baking weather but never felt the need to rip my lid off. Your head is a very important part of your body whch needs protection at all times and not just when anyone arrogantly thinks they are above wearing one.

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Feb 09

Posts: 84

brevav2 says:

Freedom of Choice

Helmets Yes  Compulsion No

Seatbelts Yes   Compulsion  No


Freedom of choice,  not the E.U controlled 'Big Brother Risk Averse Nanny State' 

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Oct 11

Posts: 87

The same reasons for wearing a helmet can easily be extended to not riding a motorcycle.

Why would anyone do something as dangerous as riding a motorcycle and risk their life and limbs when there are safer modes of transport.

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is a great exerience and gives you a sense of freedom that having your head stuck in a box can't give.

Although to permanently ride around at 150mph without a helmet would be asking for trouble.

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Jan 13

Posts: 1

battyesbikes says:

It's fabulous to ride without a helmet. We've all done it at some time in our life but, fair suck of the sav, you only get one brain... legs, arms, hell, the odd rib can be mended in time but the ol' grey matter can't be replaced. Why risk it??!!! I've been riding since I was 14yo and I'm now in my mid 40's and I will educate my kids, and their kids, and anyone else who will listen to me,  that riding with a helmet doesn't restrict your thrill and your passion for riding at any level and, shit, it may just save your life.  If it weren't for a bloody good Aria helmet, my beloved husband would not be here today. Helmets may not be compulsory but, considering us motorcyclists are a minority, lets keep the population strong by wearing one!!

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Mar 08

Posts: 315

vmax4steve says:

I'm all for freedom of choice as long as that choice doesn't impinge on my own freedom.

SatNavSteve and Rukster are spot on. An idiot given two choices will inevitably make the wrong one and fuck somebody up because of it. That somebody could be them or it could be me and that would be the end of my freedom.

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May 12

Posts: 130

Valko says:

freedom of choice

if you ride on private road or track fair enough you can ride naked as far as I am concern, however on public road you are not alone and there should be rules nothing to do with freedom of choice if you choose to endanger other road users by your shitty choice - for example you do 70mph on the highway without helmet a bug hits you in the eye and you kill me - what kind of stupid question is this?

Apparently Michigan lawmakers had a rice grain sized brains.


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Aug 07

Posts: 55

smartroad says:

Wearing a helmet isn't just about your own life, it is how your head injury, or worse, death would affect those around you. Unlike most of the rest of your body your brain generally doesn't self heal very well. Once its gone it is gone and your family/friends are helping you get dressed/cleaned/eat... You can be the best rider ever but you may not be the cause of your accident - it only takes one SMIDSY to ruin your life.

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Jan 13

Posts: 1

riftrider says:

Helmet law

We would all like to have fewer laws and the helmet one has always been hotly debated. Let the rider decide was a cool mantra at one time, however, let's put it another way. Would you insist on your pillion always wearing one? Visiting a loved one in hospital with a head injury caused by you is no fun. Furthermore, the memory of one's stupidity stays with you. For ever! Also, has anyone considered the field day insurance companies will have? They already sting us hard!

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Jan 11

Posts: 8491

snev says:

helmets are a good idea.

whichever way you look at it, they keep you warm and dry and offer the best possible protection in the event of a spill and have done for many years now. In fact much credit should be given to the doctor who dealt with the aftermath of one crash which claimed the life of T.E. Lawrence, who probably would have survived if he was wearing one of todays Helmets.

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Sep 11

Posts: 48

sovrec says:

Daft Not Too...

...on one of the biking forums someone took a tumble with a flip up Helmet on - it was flipped up and they fell on their face at only 10-15 mph - hospitalised lost teeth, black eyes and scarred face but thankfully ok ...that was with a helmet on ! There's an argument that you should ride/dress NOT expecting to fall off and another that says dress to crash ... For me the basic minimum rule is always helmet, gloves, jacket, boots and sturdy pants - I normally wear a mix of leathers textiles and the best helmet I can afford - I'd rather return home to my kids with a smashed up bike than no face or in a coffin - the risk being some other road user would try to kill me, if not the council with their 6" pot holes... so...the answer is yes - plus I have no hair so it gets a bit cold over 30mph...!

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