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Nov 06

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admin says:

You Ask/You Answer: What armour do I need?

"I've been riding for 8 years, and all my kit has some form (or in some case, foam) of armour in the arms, legs, shoulders, back areas. I find some of it uncomfortable, and am surprised that the one bit I'd really like – proper back protection – is just a bit of foam I wouldn't use as a kneeling...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (03 January 2013 12:31)

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Aug 09

Posts: 2726

MarcusMarsh says:

Riding kit

The first thing to consider is that your riding kit must be comfortable.  You cannot ride properly if you are being distracted by uncomfortable kit.  If the armor you have fitted already is not comfortable then take you kit to your local dealer and see what can be changed to improve the situation.  If you cannot retro-fit a back protector to your jacket you can always buy one that can be worn seperately under your jacket. 

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:

It depends on....

how often you intend falling off and what you may hit. No seriously it does.

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Jul 06

Posts: 23

arnunn says:


I passed out whilst riding the bike, too much to explain! anyway the accident was probably a low-side/slide and could have been at very high speed (given it was the only straight after the hill up from Marbella). there was 100m between me and the bike, I slid for quite a while, demolished my collar bone and a few ribs. The shoulder pads/elbow pads/hip pad and right knee pad took the brunt, helmet was cracked (Shuberth R1), the textile summer jacket (was august) and trousers were worn right through as was my shirt etc, but not me! The hard armour (Revit gear) certainly helped, but the soft foam pad in the back of the jacket was worn through and of no use, but TBH it didn't really come into play. The more hard armour you have the better, soft foam is really of no use. Without hard armour I would have needed a knee-cap, a shoulder and an elbow, as it is I just have a plate/screws holding my clavicle together. To be honest,once you have had the initial impact with the ground (thank you gravity!) it just depends what you slide into! and how you reached the ground.

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Dec 12

Posts: 1456

Diablere says:

never enough

But even if you end up looking like King Arthur every time you get on your "horse" all you're doing is reducing the risk. Ask your self how much do i "feel" i need? there is a strong argument that says more protection makes you ride quicker, or as i'd prefer to say "confidently". so if thats something you want then look at a one piece with a full compliment of armour! if like some you feel less armour makes you ride more protectively and therefore safer then thats your answer! there is no right or wrong only personal preference.

as to if it helps in a crash? can't answer that, all my offs have been low speed and caused by other people and always always when i've not had the race suit on:wacko:

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:

With the state of driving on UK roads, to be confident, you need to go out suited up like Iron Man!

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Jul 09

Posts: 149

burningbush says:

Lots after I had an accident

I wrote off my bike in the Lake district last year, I also almost wrote off my body. Now I ride with armour, more if I could afford it! Will it make a difference? I dunno but it makes me feel a little safer. CB-)

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Jan 13

Posts: 1

wally1977 says:


Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

My view

is that armour which is uncomfortable is a distraction - which in turn detracts from your riding by taking your mind off the road (thereby increasing the chance that you'll need it).


I personally don't bother with armour because I find much of it uncomfortable (except for a set of RST leathers which are OK).


Some argue that more protection can be negated by riders taking increased risks which they wouldn't otherwise.

There will inevitably be the ATGATT (all the gear all the time) brigade who will no doubt flame me for not using armour - but I'm a believer in choice (and comfort).

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Apr 12

Posts: 24

momomomo says:

think about it...

Armour is mostly effective for low speed spills and abrasion injuries. The force of any impact at speed would go well beyond what an armour can do. I am not saying that they are useless but a friend doctor once was taking the piss put of me because apparently he spends his time stitching back up motorcyclists balls. The most common injury! Allegedly! Injuries to neck, chest and abdomen are the most common cause of death in an accident yet we spend hundreds protecting knees and elbows. Are we been taken for a ride by the industry or are we just become all ninnies?

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May 10

Posts: 102

Bebobobob says:

depends on the crash

after losing the front and slamming my bike and myself into the ground i found inspection of both myself and the kit i was wearing rather interesting, the biggest impact on me was my right knee which went down hard, and turned yellow, but the armour prevented any real damage, it didn't even hurt despite being driven into the ground, i'm almost certain i'd have needed surgery without it, other impact points (ground and sliding only) were my right shoulder, the knuckle armour on my right glove was ground down but that kept my hand away from the ground, my boots toes area was ground down to the fabric, and i propped myself up on my elbows while sliding down the road resulting in some abrasive marks, i walked away with 2 bruises and carried on riding another 100 miles after some minor botch repairs to make my bike legal again, i do wear a G2 back protector built into the jacket, there wasn't a mark on the back at all but i'm sure it helped me slide, if it's comfortable and non-restrictive i'd much rather be wearing it, obviously direct impacts into objects are another story but it's going to help spread the load

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