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Nov 06

Posts: 1122

admin says:

You Ask/You Answer: What armour do I need?

"I've been riding for 8 years, and all my kit has some form (or in some case, foam) of armour in the arms, legs, shoulders, back areas. I find some of it uncomfortable, and am surprised that the one bit I'd really like – proper back protection – is just a bit of foam I wouldn't use as a kneeling...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (03 January 2013 12:31)

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Oct 11

Posts: 87

Learn to Ride

Learn to Ride your bike properly, then you can do away without all the silly body armour.

You really only need it for racing.

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Mar 06

Posts: 262

Fazerpod says:


I know a guy who always wore boots but failed to do so one time when popping out for the paper, riding in a pair of trainers.  A car side swiped him and his bike landed on top of him with the peg through his foot.  Took him many months to recover, I don't even know what the out come was in the end.

I suppose the question is would proper boots have saved his foot?  I'd personally not like to be the one to test the theory....

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Aug 11

Posts: 7

trig78 says:

For me helmet and gloves are mandatory even for shortest rides. Preferably a back protector too. For any serious riding (faster, out of the city, track) I wear full leather suit.

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Jul 11

Posts: 27

fevs says:


FFS! It's too easy to put on a simple jacket with minimal protection. A lid is compulsory. Kevlar jeans are like wearing normal jeans. A pair of short boots like TCX street boots look normal on and off the bike! C'mon, get a grip...

And who the fugg rides to the corner shop for a paper??? You lazy fugk!

This is basic stuff! If you don't wear basic simple protection, even on short rides your a fool.

ChimneyPortions your a total dick!

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Aug 02

Posts: 7

rikhurst says:

Apart from full set of leathers and lid / gloves etc I use the Stern Protection Motocross Body Armour. I know its for Motocross but fits nicely under my leathers and is very comfy. About the same price as a normal back protector. View @

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Oct 05

Posts: 133

romford4 says:

2 Points -

1. During summer in many EU countries, motorcycle police will often be seen wearing nothing more protective than normal trousers and a short-sleeved shirt, the idea being that all the protective gear will make them too hot and is more likely to result in an accident;

2. I regularly used to cycle a 25 mile circuit around the town I used to live in.  Returning to the town, the final mile & a half was a downhill section where I regularly did speeds of around 50mph wearing no more protection than a t-short and shorts.  Most other cyclists can regularly achieve speeds of 30+mph on the flat on regular weekly ride-outs.  How many of them wear 'full protection'?

I've never understood why so many bikers and other Health & Safety hanger on'ers make such an issue about protective gear.  We live in a pathetic nanny state.  I've even been 'chastised' at the local petrol station for not wearing full protective gear by a total stranger.  If I want to ride into the city centre (30mph limits) with my only protective gear being a helmet, that's my decision.  I asked the guy if he knew where I was going and what speeds I'd be travelling at.  When he replied it made no difference I told him to f**k off and go and annoy the group of cyclists who were passing at the time.

Like a couple of old bikers I used to work with told me one day... There's far too much talk about accidents and 'offs' made not only by the health & safety brigade, but by bikers themselves - like it's an occupational hazard and a certainty it will at some point happen.  Reckoned it was all a load of old bollocks from magazine journalists pushing bikes to their limits even in unsuitable conditions, and bikers riding beyond their capabilities.  They did annual mileages that would take half the people on here a decade to notch up and the biggest spill either of them had ever had was when one slid out on gravel whilst on a tour of the Highlands of Scotland - admitted it was his own fault for not paying attention and reading the road surface.

End of day, it's a personal choice and one which may vary hugely depending on the temperature, weather, location, likely speeds, and personal attitude to risk.  No-one can advise you.  You just need to do what you feel is appropriate for your needs.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2646

Piglet2010 says:

Not Needed

Leather and CE approved armor is not needed - I have even done a couple of track schools without them. ;)

Enough crash history that my textile Roadcrafter suit (with the optional pad set and back protector) will be my choice for longer trips at highway speeds.

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Aug 12

Posts: 3

JSKawasaki says:

I believe its a case of personal choice. I quite like my skin and the general set up of my bone structure so I wear all I can afford which is 2-piece RST leathers with built in armour, helmet as standard and some decent gloves and hopefully that will minimise damage if the worst happens. Comfort is a definite issue, being uncomfortable/too cold/too hot on a ride can take away your concentration and cause problems (nobody likes betty swollocks!!). So if what you've got isn't working for you, have a look around, try some new gear and if possible sit on your own bike with it on to see how it feels when riding. I'd never tell anyone what they should/should'nt wear, totally up to them!

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Jan 10

Posts: 126

romford 4

Couldn't have put it better if I tried. here here.Too much nanny state mentality and too much focus on accidents etc.If you are that worried drive a car.

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Mar 04

Posts: 55

ivanhoe says:


I have tried and tried to crash and land on my knuckles. Thats the part of my gloves that are armour plated. However I keep landing on my palms the part of the glove that is soft and supple.


I would appreciate tips on the correct way to land on the knuckle part of the glove.

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