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52 Black Shadow


Apr 03

Posts: 720

Depreciation per mile...........

Following on from the "How many miles this year" thread, have you ever bothered to work out the cost of depreciation per mile ridden for your bike(s) and / or car?


I have included some examples below, but generally, if I can get below 10p per mile in depreciation costs I think that's quite reasonable.  This means that a 200 mile pleasure ride on a weekend might cost £ 25.00 in fuel, but a further £ 20.00 in depreciation - a not inconsiderable cost.


To keep this simple I have ignored the cost of any repairs, or consumables, and just taken into account the cost of buying the bike (what I paid, not the new price).  I've also ignored any value left in the vehicle, so in some cases the true cost will be lower.


Example 1:  BMW R1200GS.  I bought this for £ 6,000 a few years ago, with 20k miles on the clock.  It now has 90k miles on it.  Cost per mile works out at £ 6,000 / 70,000  =  8.6p.  For this bike it has cost a few hundred pounds in repairs over the years, but has a thousand or two value left in it, so the two cancel each other out.


Example 2:  BMW R1100GS  I bought this for £ 1,300 last year, with 70k miles on the clock.  It now has 86k miles on it.  Cost per mile works out at £ 1,300 / 16,000  =  8.1p.  For this bike it has cost little in repairs over the year, but has a thousand or so value left in it, so the real cost is probably less.


Example 3:  BMW R1100RT  I bought this for £ 6,000 about 10 years ago, with 5k miles on the clock.  It now has 83k miles on it.  Cost per mile works out at £ 6,000 / 78,000  =  7.7p.  For this bike it has cost a bit in repairs over the year, and has little value remaining, but is now going to be used as spares to keep the 1100 GS on the road.


Example 4:  Ford Fiesta - bought a couple of months ago to teach my daughter to drive - Cost £ 300.00 and has done approx 2,000 miles in the past couple of months - cost per mile = 15p to date.


Would be interested to see how others come out?


Ride safe,



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  • Posted 2 years ago (04 January 2013 11:36)

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52 Black Shadow


Apr 03

Posts: 720


Sam,  I didn't intend to account accurately, but sometime when I'm idly counting the miles to work I like to play number games in my head to keep my concentration up.  I sometimes find myself looking at the milage I've don, and speculating on how much it's costing me to own the bike for each mile I cover.  This question just seemed to follow naturally from the "How many miles" thread.


The cost of running a bike doesn't bother me, but I find it an interesting distraction sometimes.


As for the Black Shadow, I bought mine in 2001 (I'd had a few months overtime and wanted to do something worthwhile with the money instead of just letting it get eaten up in the cost of living.  It cost me £ 14k at the time, and looking at pprices over the past couple of years I guess it's conservatively valued around £ 34k now (for the sake of a round figure).  I suppose this balances out the depreciation on my modern bikes.


Some interesting replies so far, no game, just a simple mans curiosity!

Ride safe,



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Apr 09

Posts: 1927

hawk750 says:

Don't know

About all the maths involved here

But bought mine for £895 in 1980

And at Box hill on new years day was offered £3250 :biggrin:

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Mar 12

Posts: 1286

Hey Shad, interesting thread as I see it....

Just looking at it from different angles eg:

You buy a modern workhorse/commuter/tourer that depreciates very quickly. (but not per mile if you do lots of miles)

While also buying an appreciating classic.

Job sorted, average depreciation = Zero! Or better.

I reckon you and Hawk, got this covered from both angles.

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Nov 09

Posts: 320


If we are to believe , then, allowing for inflation,  £895 in 1980 is equivalent to £3,571.05 now. So depreciation has still cost you £321 and a shilling. Which is presumably still the square root of bog all per mile, obviously, unless you've spent thirty years polishing it in preparation for resale.

If I could get a grand for a tatty T-reg Fazer 6, I'd be looking at about 5p a mile, but it probably won't depreciate much more in the next few thousand miles either; most of the difference between purchase and sale price in that end of the market is down to dealer markup.

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Aug 02

Posts: 3285

eatcs01 says:


Bought my Kawasaki ZZR600 5ish years ago for £500 showing 27k. It's now showing 31k and worth approx £1000-£1500 :biggrin:

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