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MCN  says:

Should Suzi Perry be doing MotoGP instead of F1 in 2013?

Suzi Perry will be presenting the BBC'S F1 coverage in 2013. Suzi has previously presented the BBC's MotoGP coverage, before stepping down in 2010.   pollcomment

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  • Posted 2 years ago (07 January 2013 13:22)

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Dec 05

Posts: 24

bob9t9 says:


Suzi announced that she wasn't doing moto GP anymore because the travelling was putting a strain on her family life or some such waffle. Does this new urge to to globe trotting have anything to do with the fact that she's been dropped from 'The Gadget Show' for a younger model? How life imitates tech eh Suzi...

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Mar 09

Posts: 1

moto6t says:


Suzi 'eye candy'?? I think you lot need to go to spec savers!!She's got a figure like a sack of spuds.Azi will do for now till the BBC come to their senses & employ Mamola.And as for those two sycophantics,Moody & Ryder,I wish there was a button to turn them off!I always think of Alan Patridge when I listen to Toby.Rant over!....

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bob the builder


Feb 03

Posts: 197

No! she deserted bike racing, saying it caused problems in her family life, now she wants to come crawling back, NO, there younger presenters out there that deserve a chance to cover bike racing.

Look you slippers and nighdress out Suzie and stay at home.

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May 12

Posts: 26

records1990 says:

TV Presenter.

What's the point moaning because she's gone to F1, after all she's a TV presenter, she presents motor-sports, and it's her job and lucky for her she gets paid for obviously enjoying her job.

If she thinks it's a step up the ladder to go to F1 then good for her, and if people think were the under-dogs of motor-sports after F1 then so be it, every-one in what ever job they do will climb the ladder if they want, and I say good luck to her, and look forward to a new presenter "hopefully as good lucking as her" comes along and gives a good account of our sport on TV.

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Jan 09

Posts: 6

DBunts46 says:

Grow Up!

Wow there's some bitching on here, so sad that people cant articulate an opinion without being abusive. Good luck to her by the way, not like the haters have never changed their mind on anything eh!

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Nov 03

Posts: 471

kl595 says:

Politics not Personalities

No doubt the financial rewards of doing F1 were too tempting to turn down. When push comes to shove, it will have been done for the money not for family loyalties. I dare say Azi, like Suzi and Jenny, will go to formula 1 in the future.

That said, as good a job as Azi is doing, I do prefer Suzi. Nothing against Azi but I just prefer Suzi's style, it was more personal. It all seems a bit corporate these days. It's all about the BBC and not about providing entertainment for bike fans. Maybe I'm wrong but it's just my view. 

The real thorn in the backside of MotoGP coverage is it comes second best to F1, golf, cricket and tiddlywinks on the BBC. They need to show some commitment and cover ALL the races live with a build up and not slot it in before Eastenders omnibus edition or after Match Of The Day 2. It is, afterall, the 2 wheel equivalent of Formula1 and has a large following. Do it justice BBC.

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Jan 11

Posts: 661

carloslavado says:

Suzi, i remember her when she intervieuwed my Hero Nori Haga when Wsbk was on BBC! Suzi, How was the first race Nori? Nori, Yeah i was 3rd but gave 100%. Suzi: what about the next race Nori? Nori: 110% .Great times. I Reckon Suzi is a Real Petrol head. So an 18.000 reving F1 engine is pretty cool as well.. Go Suzi.

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Nov 09

Posts: 39

Jarrefan says:

BBC all the way

I enjoy BBC's coverage of the MotoGp far better than Eurosport, Miss Suzi,but its probably gonna make me watch F1.

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Aug 07

Posts: 6169

stevebaldy says:

get real !!

...she was never going to turn the F1 gig down in favour of going back to MotoGP..................not until the BBC put it on the same standing as F1, and that is never !!

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Sep 07

Posts: 2877

James600zx says:


Suzi seemed to have the knowledge and contacts in bike racing which made her fit in. Her replacement, Jenny Gow, was nice enough but didn't have the same grasp. Good luck to Suzi with F1. I just hope she does her homework.

Talking of F1, all that popping in and out of the pits helps to mix things up and it's a bit more interesting these days, but can you tell who's winning?

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