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MCN  says:

You Ask/You Answer: Which exhaust?

I've just got my first 'big' bike – a 2002 Honda CBR900RR-2 – which is currently completely standard, and I really want to pull some power out of the motor. I've got a Power Commander for it, and am looking to buy an exhaust end can, but the choices are baffling. I've found loads of cans from £100 to £500, but have...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (07 January 2013 14:06)

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Aug 09

Posts: 2726

MarcusMarsh says:

Blade enhancements

Why would you want more power from a Fireblade?  It's fast enough and good enough as it is.  Rather than spend money on performance that you can't use on the road spend it on fuel and tyres instead and go rack up some miles on your bike.  

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Mar 09

Posts: 66

cyfer83 says:


As with the other comment listed here...

MCN: What an utterly pointless page filler this is... I'm gonna put my visor down...



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Aug 02

Posts: 359

wings1372 says:


Why Marcus?  ..Because they sound like a sewing machine with the OEM can on and it doesn't look the best. I do agree though, blades are plenty fast enough as they come and a can and PC3 isn't going to make it much quicker in reality.:sunglasses:

For me, it depends on the colour of your bike, some bikes look better with carbon and other look better with Titanium or Aluminium and its also down to your choice of what you think looks nice. Pretty much all after market cans will sound loads better than the OEM can and let it make a few more BHP.:tongue:

As for make, yes you certainly pay a bit more for the name on some makes, like Akro, Yoshi, Arrow but from my experience they also hold better value if you come to sell it later and they are well made. I had a micron on a blade I had many years ago but they are not in business now. It really depends on how much you can afford. I'd be looking on ebay and blade forums to find a good condition used can as on a 10 year old bike worth about £2.5k it's not good sense to spend £500 for a can, that'll pay for insurance, tax, and some petrol.

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Oct 08

Posts: 47


'...the choices are baffling'.

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Dec 10

Posts: 12077

preunit says:


"the choices are baffling"  Yep, they sure are.

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Jan 12

Posts: 57

Preadator says:

Dead Money

An exhaust end can won't make any noticeable performance improvement, but what it will do is make the bike look and sound a bit different from every other fireblade. Why have a ten year old bike and throw hundreds of pounds at it, your better off saving up for a more modern one with bags more power instead if its just power that you are after. I've seen people spend as much as three thousand pounds to gain 14 BHP when they could have traded up for a much newer and bigger bike for less money.

Only buy an end can for a new look and sound, performance upgrade it is not.

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May 10

Posts: 102

Bebobobob says:

Mostly Brand Name

they're all pretty much just reducing back pressure, which drops power on a motor with no other mods, check out undamaged second hand end cans, something that looks nice and is light (you will notice the weight save if you have a heavy cat converter) and then get the engine rejetted/mapped/whatever to work with the can and you'll probably get an extra few tiny unnoticable bhp's out of it :) they do sound nice though, plus cops can year you a mile off! easy points on your licence

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Aug 09

Posts: 2726

MarcusMarsh says:

End cans

I have nothing against end cans.  I have one on my FZS1000 it looks much better than the original as well as giving it a better sound - although I always run it with the baffle in.  My point is that an 02' Fireblade does not need any more performance than Mr Baba gave it. 

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Sep 10

Posts: 837

CBR11X says:

Don't listen to the naysayers below. You can pick up a nice and light end can quite cheap and with the power commander you have, it will free up the engine quite a bit. Look at replacing the air filter with a K&N, or similar, they are much cheaper in the long run and give the engine greater air volume. May have to fiddle around with the settings to optimize the PC, but check for forums online and a lot of guys can help you out with settings. For about $1000  Australian (600 quid), I was able to increase my Bandits power output by over 30%, (99 bhp -> 129 bhp). Torque also increased significantly (10.5kg*m -> 13.7 kg*m). This included a TFi box, K&N, Full Arrow headers, Delkevic end can and TRE box. The weight savings were over 10kg as well. If you're handy with a spanner, you'll save lots of money. A new bike is not necessarily the best option. New bikes require professional maintenance for the duration of the warranty period, which can be costly. Better to get a good second hand bike IMO.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

First, get consistent lap times with it as stock

Oh, wait, you mean on the road? Put anything on it then, it's just fantasy pimping a bike that's already far beyond your ability.

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